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Love It or Leave It: Bryce Dallas Howard for Kate Spade

photo of bryce dallas howard for kate spade pictures

Love it here on this end. I mean, the Bryce Dallas Howard part, anyway. I could give a crap less about Kate Spade or her cheesy one-step-up-from-Hello-Kitty accessories (I KNOW.  Crazy, right?), but Bryce here is looking just fine.

I wish girlfriend would do more prolific films, though. I do. And by ‘more prolific films,’ I don’t mean films that are seen by a lot of people and everyone and their mother hops on the bandwagon to dish on the flick, I mean that she needs to get on the acting stick and crank out another few movies so my BDH appetite can be sated for a little while. I just loved her in The Village, which, incidentally, Adrien Brody starred in also, and what a coincidence, this morning’s first post featured the Brodemeister, too. My Brodemeister, in case you didn’t get the point of that post the first time around, but that’s aside from this point.

This point is that Bryce Dallas Howard is smoking, smoking hot – even if she did sign with Kate Spade – and despite the fact that Lady in the Water wasn’t all that great, The Village was, and I’ll forever be a fan. Unless, of course, she starts dating Adrien Brody. Then the love affair is over abruptly, guys.