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Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard Finally Brought That Baby of Hers Out

photo of bryce dallas howard pictures post pregnancy photo
Guys, did you know that Bryce Dallas Howard gave birth to her second child? Because she did. Four months ago, I’m hearing. Why did we not hear much about this? I’ve said in the past that BDH is one of my favorite Hollywood ladies (and not even because she’s Richie Cunningham’s daughter, and that’s a Happy Days reference for all of you who were born after, like, 1987), but because she’s so pure and sweet and talented.

Anyway, according to TMZ, this is the first time Bryce has been captured out in public with her baby since its birth, back in January, and I’m disappointed that we hadn’t really heard anything about this little baby or seen a real photo in all this time.

You slipped under the radar this time, girl, but you watch out—we’re going to be looking for you and that adorable little baby (Beatrice! How cute! Her name is Beatrice!) a little bit more vigilantly than we have in the past, friend.

Also, like I said, TMZ ran the initial photos of mom and Baby Beatrice, and I really thought that their titling of the post “It Takes a Village,” to be kind of … I don’t know, maybe rude. And the commenters over on TMZ have only further reinforced that fact as they’ve joined in on the discussion of Bryce’s body, and naturally, you can imagine that they have a lot of really f-cking wonderful* things to say, too. Like say, oh … this:

Damn! I think they left a baby in there.

Or this one:

DAMN!!! Most of these actress’ work to lose the load pretty fast. She seems to be playing “universe”. She’s ever expanding… Sorry Bryce, but you have cowed out, BIG TIME! Those thighs could feed a village of cannibals for a few weeks!

And then this:

1 word=LAXATIVES!!! STAT!!!

(That’s actually two words, you dumb shit.)

And then the crowning jewel; the pièce de résistance:

They forgot a triplet in each a$$ cheek. Get off your lazy behind and get your self in respectable shape. Disgusting

You know, it’s things like this that really make me fear for us as a society, all joking and snark aside. When the hell did we all become so physically perfect that we can belittle another person because of what they look like only months post-f-cking-partum?

*Sarcasm. Complete and utter sarcasm, guys.

Some Photos of a Bunch of Attractive People at The Help Premiere

photo of emma stone at the help premiere photos pictures pics

Is it me, or does this movie look insanely good? What? You’ve never even heard of it? Well it hits theaters today, so you better check out this trailer and GET SOME:

Seriously. Awesome. And could Emma Stone be any more lovable? And this movie. I saw the trailer the other day for the first time while I was sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting for my husband to get a colonoscopy. Good times, huh? So, I don’t know if it was the effect of all that anesthesia running through the air purification system or what, but this movie looks like it could end up being one shelved next to the others in my massive “favorite movie” collection.

You guys going to go see this business?

Love It or Leave It: Bryce Dallas Howard for Kate Spade

photo of bryce dallas howard for kate spade pictures

Love it here on this end. I mean, the Bryce Dallas Howard part, anyway. I could give a crap less about Kate Spade or her cheesy one-step-up-from-Hello-Kitty accessories (I KNOW.  Crazy, right?), but Bryce here is looking just fine.

I wish girlfriend would do more prolific films, though. I do. And by ‘more prolific films,’ I don’t mean films that are seen by a lot of people and everyone and their mother hops on the bandwagon to dish on the flick, I mean that she needs to get on the acting stick and crank out another few movies so my BDH appetite can be sated for a little while. I just loved her in The Village, which, incidentally, Adrien Brody starred in also, and what a coincidence, this morning’s first post featured the Brodemeister, too. My Brodemeister, in case you didn’t get the point of that post the first time around, but that’s aside from this point.

This point is that Bryce Dallas Howard is smoking, smoking hot – even if she did sign with Kate Spade – and despite the fact that Lady in the Water wasn’t all that great, The Village was, and I’ll forever be a fan. Unless, of course, she starts dating Adrien Brody. Then the love affair is over abruptly, guys.

Bryce Dallas Howard Looks the Part

Howard Gets a New Haircut and a Deeper Dye

Here’s someone whose IMDB popularity ranking went up 1,045% last week: Bryce Dallas Howard. Summit entertainment announced that Howard would be replacing Rachelle LeFevre in the role of Victoria in the Twilight movies, starting with Eclipse.

I really liked her in The Village, but this new hairdo engenders an unreasonable amount of hatred in me. Don’t get me wrong– the deeper color and fierce bangs look great on her.  I suppose that’s good for her new part (hairdo pun intended),  it’s just that she now looks waaaay too much like a woman I know who has never been anything but sneaky, manipulative girl trouble. In short, she looks like a total bitch.

My emotional baggage could be coloring (hairdo pun intended) my judgment, but what do you think?