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Josh Duhamel Gets Kicked Off a Plane, Is Burned By

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If you haven’t heard already, Josh Duhamel – or Fergie’s lapdog – was removed from an aircraft this past Thursday for violating flight protocol. Apparently Josh thinks himself as something of an exception to that whole ‘please turn off electronic devices while we try to get this 150-ton hunk of scrap metal off the ground, OK’ thing because when asked to turn his phone off, he said, ‘No thank you,’ and continued texting.

When Josh – or ‘John,’ as refers to him in the top tab as seen here:

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didn’t comply with the steward’s continuous suggestions, then requests, then demands, to turn the phone off, the plane was turned around and Josh was removed by flight staff.

I mean, Josh should know that any variety of things will get you kicked off a plane these days – including being fat – so why would he think that being a douche wouldn’t be one of them? Because even if he didn’t refuse to shut off his mobile, I’m sure they would have figured out another reason to get his smarmy ass off of the aircraft.

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  • What a Douchebag! Can’t believe I used to think he was hot. “Learned my lesson” – Really? He gives ppl with learning disabilities a bad name.

  • “No thank you”…… What a d*ck!!! I too kinda’ thought he was good to look but now I’m thinking.. what a waste of skin.

  • Haha. My dad is a pilot and he said that electronic devices actually don’t mess with the plane one bit. Flight attendants just like to be obnoxious.

    • actually.. we are not being abnoxious. It is a FAA regulation to have all elctronic devices turned off for taxi and take off, If your dad is a pilot he should know that.

  • my father is also a pilot he told me electronic devices have a part to play. flight attendants is very obnoxious.yes my dad told me that before being a pilot they teached him that first