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Kevin Smith Was Kicked Off An Airplane For Being Too Fat

I know that airlines are being jerks about how much their passenger’s luggage weighs, but how much the actual passengers weigh? I didn’t think we were there yet.

Director Kevin Smith had quite the example made of himself on a Southwest flight the other day. He was told, when he was already buckled in to his seat aboard the plane, that his weight was a safety issue and that they’d have to put him on another flight. One outlet that covered the story reported the following:

According to Smith, a flight attendant told him the flight captain had deemed him a safety risk and requested that he leave the flight.

“I broke no regulation, offered no ‘safety risk,’ (what, was I gonna roll on a fellow passenger?),” he wrote. “I’m way fat… But I’m not THERE just yet.”

Smith’s followers (numbering more than 1.6 million) flooded Twitter with support for the filmmaker and insults for Southwest Airlines’ official Twitter page.

Ugh. I am not exactly crazy about Kevin Smith, but this has to be humiliating for the guy. Do you think that airlines, in order to prevent embarrassments like this in the future, should try to make arrangements for any possible situations like this in advance?

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  • I don’t know who he is, but he doesn’t look huge in that picture. Maybe it’s an old picture?

    Look, I feel bad for obese people that get kicked off of a plane, but not bad enough to sit next to someone spilling into my space. It is a safety issue if said spilling-over person cannot leave their seat quickly and efficiently in the case of an emergency. Not only is it not safe from them, but it creates an obstacle for people trying to exit the plane.

    The worst flight of my life was a non stop from Orlando to Seattle. First of all, that is A LONG ASS FLIGHT. Second, I had to sit next to a woman that was extremely obese and completely spilled into my seat. Her fat folds were literally hanging over and covering my arm rest. Because of her girth I was left with half a seat. And, to top all of that off, she had some kind of medical condition that made her STINK. I mean really STINK. She wasn’t dirty or poorly groomed, she just emanated a metallic, musty, and meaty smell that was overwhelming. It oozed from her pores. It was awful and unfair…I paid $750 for that damn ticket and I shouldn’t have had to suffer like that.

    • Lisa, I enjoy telling you this but you’re just a little fucking cunt ass bitch cocksucker. Obese people have feelings too and don’t need to be bashed like this.

      • You’re so clearly fat.

        Obesity isn’t a “disease”, you brought it on yourself by having no self control. If obese people want to get on planes and want to stop being made fun of, LOSE WEIGHT. It’s not a new idea, and compared to what some people do every day (people surviving in poverty in third world countries, people who are fighting abroad in the military), I wouldn’t exactly call it a hard task.

      • Actually, some forms of obesity are related to thyroid conditions, so nyah. Some people (like me!) are just fat, but there are some people who are plus size because of medical conditions, so… I realize the internet is FULL of uninformed opinions, but stfu.

      • I know that. But over 145 MILLION people in America ALONE are obese. Are you saying that is all down to thyroid conditions? No.

        And I was clearly talking about those who do not have any medical ailments relating to their health.

      • Hey, Anonn. Suddenly develop PCOS and let me know how you like gaining 40 lbs in one month. Enjoy the not-being-able-to-have-children thing, too. Oh, and the baseball-sized cysts!

        What I’m saying is, you’re already taking up too much space as it is, you worthless (but so skinny!) sack of shit.

      • P.S.

        And I was clearly talking about those who do not have any medical ailments relating to their weight.

        Everyone says that. “I didn’t mean you!”

        I’m sure you “didn’t mean me” when you judged my suddenly-barren, suddenly-fat ass on the street. So: fuck you.

      • I’m not saying that all 145 million fat people are fat because of medical conditions. In fact, I clearly said that I’m a fatty, and I hands down admit that it’s because of a love of chocolate and McDonald’s.

        You were not CLEARLY talking about people who are just fat, because what you said? Is this: Obesity isn’t a “disease”, you brought it on yourself by having no self control. So… back to my original opinion, which has something to do with you and shutting up, kthxbye.

      • Hey, I didn’t bash her. I sat next to her for almost 6 hours without complaint. I gave her half of my seat without complaint. And, I held my piss for almost six hours without complaint because there was no getting around her. She should have been forced to purchase two tickets. You can call that cunt ass bitch cocksucker, but I call that unfair.

        But, hey, thanks for so eloquently expressing yourself.

      • Hey Lisa, nothing you said was untrue or intentional bashing. Don’t worry about the other commenters, I don’t think you were being rude. That experience sounds unpleasant to say the least.

      • Hey Max, Don’t be such an asshole. Lisa didn’t say anything mean. I too have had the joy of having half a seat due to an obese person. If you’re going to take up more than one seat, buy two tickets. Lisa didn’t bash anyone. Go eat a cake.

    • What’s really funny about all this is that Southwest offered him a $100 voucher….. and get this – the fat fuck took it.

    • Lisa’s point was that if she is going to pay $750 for a seat on an airplane she should get her FULL seat.

      It is not to much to ask when you are paying big bucks to be somewhat comfortable which is almost impossible as it is on an airplane and then on top of that you have to share your personal space and seat with the obese person sitting in the seat next to you.

      They should start making larger rows available for those over a certain circumference so that they can be comfortable and not have to sit in the regular seats.

      Also, i did not see Lisa bashing anyone, only relating her experience….i guess that is not allowed or politically correct!?! No one said obese people did not have feelings and on top of that those of us sitting next to them on an airplane have feelings too.
      WTF MAX!

  • This is really sad for him. The issue is the fat epidemic, not the airlines. It’s not okay to be obese, it’s a massive medical problem that needs to be addressed -the world shouldn’t change to accomodate obese people. I hope this is a wake up call for him that he needs to do something.

    • Let’s play a game:

      “The issue is the [cancer] epidemic, not the airlines. It’s not okay to have [cancer], it’s a major medical problem that needs to be addressed -the world shouldn’t change to accommodate [people with cancer]. I hope this is a wake up call for him that he needs to do something.”

      Do you notice anything wrong with the above statement?

      Listen, I think there IS a burden of responsibility on the obese to help address their problem, but given that you admit that obesity is “a major medical problem,” it hardly seems fair to suggest that the world should just say “f you, fatties!”

      Also, (and I am playing Devil’s advocate here) how do we know Mr. Smith (or the big lady next to Lisa) isn’t “doing something”? For all we know they’re on a diet, exercising, and working with their physicians…but weight takes time to go away. Should all the fat people just stop traveling until they’re down to size?

      *Note: I ABSOLUTELY believe it’s fair to charge them for an extra ticket, and I ABSOLUTELY believe it’s ridiculous to expect even a very thin person to cede half the seat they paid for just because the person next to them is huge. My point in all this rambling is that, while obesity is a problem, and sometimes annoying to you, it is not an excuse to treat obese people like second-class citizens.

      • Cancer wouldn’t be a problem if you were on a plane. And yes, fat people should stop travelling until they’re down to size. If the world changes to accomodate people who are overweight – as a society we are saying that we accept it and that it’s okay.

        It’s not!

  • A lot of airlines DO make obese people buy 2 seats. The problem is that it’s up to the discretion of the staff and supervisors whether they qualify as large enough to require a 2nd seat or not. They offer to refund the 2nd ticket price if they have any open seats on the flight. I would hate to be stuck next to someone large on a flight, it’s just a matter of comfort. Those seats are small enough to begin with.

  • There was an airline reality show a few years back featuring South West Airlines and they would take obese people aside and if they couldn’t fit in a seat without spilling over, they were forced to buy 2 seats. Only fair I think. What happened to Lisa would piss me off too, and it’s not a matter of “fat bashing.”

    • Last time I flew Southwest, I saw it happen to the (fat) lady in front of me. It was painful and cringeworthy, and she looked like she was going to cry. I wanted to die.

    • Have you seen a recent picture of Kevin Smith? He’s obese by any reasonable metric. His doctors have even deemed him “morbidly obese,” the major leagues of obesity.
      He’s a funny & talented guy, but let’s not gloss over the fact that dude has a serious weight problem.

  • Here’s the question I have….if he was deemed a “safety” risk on the first flight….why was he promptly placed on a second flight on the same carrier??

  • If the airline didn’t give him the option of buying two seats, or moving up to first class, then the plane was approaching max weight that it could carry. Airlines ship TONS of cargo daily. Its quite profitable especially when people are buying fewer tickets.

  • Listen to Kevin Smith’s SModcast (#106), he goes through the whole thing, it seems like what pissed him off is more that he fit in the seat, he was on the plane, the people next to him weren’t bothered, and that he dealt with several people SWA people before he even got on the plane, who cleared him.

    And honestly, plane seats are way too small, my hips are close to not fitting in a seat, I have a healthy BMI. And I’m only 5’2″.

  • It’s a design flaw. With all the genius designers and engineers out there, I find it crazy that nobody has redesigned airline seating to solve this problem. It’s not fair to be one person and have to pay for the transport of two people. People who hate fat people bug me – if only your flaws could be so visible, you should all read the Picture of Dorian Gray.

  • I do not feel bad for the necessity of obese people to purchase two seats. With all of the cost issues airlines are facing today consumers being required to pay to send their luggage (yes, with the exception of Southwest). Weight is an issue in the airline industry… it’s not something that bothers me in terms of the physical obstacles but rather the financial. NOT making someone financially responsible for their size means that everyone else will be.

  • I travel all the time for my work and there’s nothing worse than getting stuck sitting next to someone who is not only encroaching on your personal space, but acts like everyone should accomodate THEM.

    I remember several years ago being stuck between two very large men. I was stuck in the middle and had to lean slightly forward in order to not be overtaken by the human sludge spilling over from each mans seat. It was a booked flight so there was no where else for me to go. It’s a sad day when the roomiest seat you get is in the lavatory.

  • Just an aside, but I took a flight once where I had to get on the scale along with my carry-on luggage. Now THAT’S embarrassing.

    By the way, am not unduly large, but the plane was small. Promise.

  • This is complete bullshit!!!!! What a stupid move on SW’s part, booting a semi-celebrity and creating a PR nightmare for them. BTW, Kevin is not really fat! OMG Hasn’t he lost a bunch of weight. Unbelievably heinous story!

    And, Lisa, you are a truly disgusting and awful individual. Your posting is so offensive. Obviously, the woman next you had some sort of medical condition and you have no idea why she was overweight or what her situation was. You could have easily asked if another seat was available. Fight crews will often seat you in first class if it’s available in a situation like that. Life’s a bitch, take some action, and please for the love of humanity, NEVER post again, you horrible, horrible woman!!!!

    • There was no available seat. And, I don’t feel bad for posting a horrible flight experience. Look, I’m actually not a cold heartless bitch. Maybe she had a medical problem, maybe she didn’t. Here is one fact: she was in excess of 350 pounds. I was forced to sit next to her for almost six hours, non-stop. When I say she took up half of my seat, I was not exaggerating. In the slightest. I bet you wouldn’t put your money where your mouth is. I bet you would have been MISERABLE sitting next to her for almost 6 hours. If you say otherwise you are a BIG FAT LIAR. Period.

      So, take off your Mother Theresa facade and get over it. What makes you think it is acceptable to take more than your allotted space? Why do you think other people, who have paid good money, have to sacrifice their comfort and well being? Un-Fucking-Believable. Utterly Un-Fucking-Believable. The only thing that is heinous is that there are people like you who condone forcing other people to be miserable and uncomfortable and expect them to be happy about it. Well, guess what. I wasn’t happy. And I don’t give a SHIT about your over zealous PC mentality of obese people having rights too. Guess what? Tall skinny bitches have rights too. So keep your 350 pound, overflowing ass out of my fucking seat. Simple, really. And if you weigh that much, you KNOW you need 2 seats. There is no fucking excuse. Suck it up and pay for two seats before you board the flight.

      YOU are a truly disgusting and awful individual. You really are. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say you are morbidly obese. I may be wrong, but I really doubt it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something to change your life. And don’t blame people for not wanting to support your excess weight.

      • Right on Lisa! As a ‘normal weighted’ person, I too have had the displeasure of being seated in between two large people on flights. Airline travel has become, in a general, a fight to see how small they can make the damn seats in order to squish more bodies on to a plane. I just saw the comedian Ralphie May (even after his bypass he is 350 lbs), and he said that as a self-aware overweight person – he ALWAYS buys an extra seat so he doesn’t infringe upon the people next to him. We all know that there are many people who cannot afford two seats – so maybe it’s incumbent upon the airlines to add 3-4 inches to their seats. They are really the target here – not the overweight people.

    • Oh, and one more thing LMH. I actually practice what I preach.

      I had a flight from Las Vegas to Florida directly following a motor-cross event that I attended. I was with a friend and we had to rush to the airport. We both were sweating like cut pigs after being in the hot sun all day. Both of us STUNK. We had no opportunity to go to a hotel and clean up before boarding our plane. We tried to wash up in the airport bathroom, but there is only so much you can do in an airport bathroom. Out of common courtesy and decency for anyone that had to sit next to us, we both spent $600 EACH to upgrade our tickets to first class so we could sit side by side and not bother anyone else. That’s how courteous, decent human beings roll. You might try and learn a lesson here.

      • that makes complete and total sense, considering that if your at the front of the plane, no one else on the plane can smell your stench. Not like the air is circulated the entire flight. Not like there are other people in first class right? Your just concerned with how people will perceive you because you smelled.

      • You’ve probably have never flown first class, have you? The seats are two by two. The isles are extra deep. My friend and I had our own deep isle. Nobody had to be bothered by us and nobody had to sit next to us. I GUARANTEE you the other first class passengers didn’t get a whiff of us.

        It wasn’t like we were rolling around in shit. We were sweaty, grimy (do you even know what motor-cross is and how it works?), and I wouldn’t have wanted to sit next to me.

        By the way, you look exactly like Lisa Loeb. Has anyone ever told you that?

      • you were running. not motor-crossing. I get that, but trust me, I’ve been in first class on the majority of the flights that i’ve taken (first flight at 14 days old, over 200 since) and I can smell the people around me. I can smell people in first class on the occasions that i’m in the back of the bus. It’s not tough to smell someone if they smell. Also no, I get a lot of Kat Denning because I usually wear contacts and a red tone of lipstick/gloss/chap.

      • Your picture is really small, but I can see the Kat Dennings resemblance. I really do think you look like Lisa Loeb in your photo. BTW, that wasn’t meant as an insult. Lisa Loeb was really pretty back in the day.

  • So, he must have been in an economy seat? He can’t afford at least business class?
    Too bad for Kevin that he recently discovered the joys of pot smoking. He’s always been unhealthily large and I can only imagine that smoking pot is not going to improve his physique.
    The question now is whether he plays the “I’m large and I make a fine barge” card or he actually backs off on the self indulgence and shows his family that less is more.

  • Why aren’t people up in arms with the airline? Its funny how we all love to bash each other and blame and judge each other but what about the airlines who are sticking it to us? I’ve been flying all of my life and seats are smaller and spaces between rows are smaller. It’s their way of cutting costs. And aren’t gas prices down now? And no changes. Instead more charges and more inconveniences. But I realize that’s just mechanics/design of airplanes and the economy.

    Whether or not Kevin is fat is not the issue. The issue is the incompetence of the staff. He checked in at a counter. He handed his boarding pass to someone and apparently all of those people thought he would be fine. It was only *AFTER* he was seated that it became a problem. Maybe airlines need to be stricter with their employees about protocols in these situations. You don’t let someone on a plane and put them through that (its embarrassing for EVERYONE, not just the obese person). You take care of the issue beforehand and privately.

    So IMHO, Southwest = huge FAIL in this situation.

    • It’s totally so much worse than that: people are forgetting to report that motherfucker TOTALLY BOUGHT TWO TICKETS ALSO. Poor, poor guy.

  • Maluca got it right. And quit bashing Lisa, people. Spend 6 hours scrunched in an airline seat next to a fat person and then respond.
    I guess SWA doesn’t have first class-or is KS cheap? Was it a full flight so they couldn’t ask him to buy another ticket?
    They have to work this shit out before you get on the plane. Make us pass through a

  • Make us pass through a setup like they have for the carry on bags. Shuffle the seats if they see a problem and there is room on the flight. Have a code for fat and then call these people up to the desk and speak to them privately. Offer them options, do some good PR for your airline.
    I flew the red eye back to NY from Cali 2 weeks ago, paid 40 bucks extra for a seat with a bit more legroom, 7 bucks for the shitty pillow and blanket, and 50 bucks cause my bag was fat.
    But sit me next to Kevin Smith’s fat ass any day of the week. I will make an exception.

  • You’re really missing the point here. Kevin Smith regularly purchases two tickets because he KNOWS he’s fat. He does this on basically every flight he takes. He VOLUNTARILY changed flights to an earlier one, one that did not have two seats. It was HIS CHOICE to change the flight, not Southwest’s.

    As a person who is 5’1″ and less than 100 lbs, I would be offended if someone who required two seats insisted on invading my personal space to prove a point. Throwing a fit because there weren’t enough seats on a flight he wasn’t originally scheduled on is no one’s fault, and Mr. Smith is throwing a fit like an over entitled brat. He shouldn’t expect to inconvenience people who are sticking to their original plans.

    He’s a self-cenetered asshole, and I will not be watching any more of his movies.

    • If you heard the broadcast you’d realize that he expressed his reasons for always buying two seats; He doesn’t want anyone sitting next to him. Not because of his size.

      You might think he is an ego centrist pig for wanting nobody sitting next to him (I may be one too because I’d rather not have anyone sitting next to me if I can help it) but I believe in stating the facts before making blind generalizations.

      • Yeah, well too bad SouthWest doesn’t have assigned seating. If someone wanted to sit next to him (although I can’t imagine why) it would really suck for him, I guess.

        I have no idea if this guy fit in his seat or not. He doesn’t look overly huge. And, if I was obese and kicked from a flight I would be embarrassed and mortified. That would have to be such an excruciatingly painful walk out the door– you know everyone is staring at you. I probably would never fly again. I’m not joking either. It’s not that I don’t feel for people in this circumstance; I just believe it is not fair to make other normal weight people shoulder your weight.

      • I’m still behind Southwest on this because not only did THEY feel it necessary to remove him (and I support their reasoning) but because he also threw a fit about it on Twitter, instead of acting like an adult and taking it up directly with the airline first.

        I dunno, when something’s wrong, I take it up with the person or company. But you probably run to Twitter or your blog first to bitch about the problem, just like Kevin. ;)

      • If the airline knew he needed two seats, and he paid for two seats, why would they approve him on a standby flight with only one seat? Shouldn’t they have said, “Sorry, Mr. Smith, we don’t have enough seats on this flight” rather than seat him and then humiliate him by forcing him off the aircraft? What does he get…”we’re sorry for your inconvenience. Here’s a voucher for a future flight. Typical airline apology….instead of taking responsibility and admitting a mistake.

        Once again, I don’t think its an issue of size per se, more-so how Southwest handled the situation. It’s easier to see it as a fat vs thin argument which just takes the focus off of the real issue here which was how the airline poorly handled the situation.

      • And I don’t believe for one second he buys two seats so no one sits next to him. I bet he buys the seats knowing he’s overweight and won’t fit into just one.

      • I don’t believe he bought two seats just to isolate himself either. Not on SouthWest. Can you imagine sitting next to this guy and he’s like, “Uhm, I totally bought that seat for my imaginary friend. You need to move.” I am sure he buys two seats for his own comfort due to his size. I’m not saying he can’t fit; I’m saying it is probably really uncomfortable. I still have size 4 Tall jeans that I can fit into. They hurt like hell, and I would never wear them in public, but hey, I can button and zip those babies. I don’t know why I save them…size 4 is really too skinny for my height (5’10”), but I just like knowing I could wear them if I really wanted to.

  • I´m a little alarmed that the plane was so full and so heavy, bearing in mind how huge they are and how much they can carry, that an overweight human could have tipped the scales. That seems to be cutting it really fine.