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Josh Duhamel Wants Kids With Fergie But Not Anytime Soon Because He’s Still Enjoying His Sexual Freedoms

You see how Tiger ended up, don’t you?  Tcha.  Come on.

Duhamel wants to make sure that there’re no kids in the picture while he’s still porking other women, ’cause that doesn’t set a good “family example” naturally.

Nah, but really … Josh Duhamel recently sat down for an interview with People magazine where he was asked the obligatory-just-married question of whether or not he and Fergie are going to pump out a litter of kids in the next few hours or so.  Duhamel stated that he does, indeed, want Fergie’s children, but not anytime soon.

The 37 year-old actor and his wife, Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson, are apparently not getting any younger … and he’s not getting any better looking, either, so maybe that means he’ll start reining in that trouser snake of his a little bit more and y’know, settle down some more.  After that, maybe, just maybe, they’ll be able to consider children.  One step at a time, guys, one step at a time.

And if mine eyes do not deceive me, Fergie looks absolutely slamming in this photo.  On second thought, Josh, you better get up on that baby train before Fergie sucks the remaining lifeblood out of you, before you do end up looking more like the Cryptkeeper and before she does leave your philandering at-a-loss-for-words ass.


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  • I’m not even gay and I can honestly say that I would have sex with that dude before I ever fucked that bitch. He actually looks more feminine than she does. She is ugly as sin.

    Look at that ugly fucking, plastic, stiff, fucking face of hers. She is talentless and fucking UGLY!!!!!!

  • If I were married to Fuggie Fug, I’d get some side action. How can he be so hot yet marry that Butterface? She’s got a good body, it’s just when you get to her face that you just have to cringe.

    Fugg Fug make you love me long time. Until you sleep with some skank you met up with in Vegas.

    I hear the only thing they have in common is herpes.

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  • won’t it be weird when they have kids and they all come out with Fergie’s old pre-surgery face?? haha he better take a look at her old pictures before deciding to reproduce with that chick!

  • You are all entitled to your own opinion, but for fuck sake are you all blind?! Fergie is absolutely stunning and I’ve heard her perform live; she’s a fantastic singer. How the hell would you like it if people sat behind a computer and talked shit about you all day?

  • Obvious haters! She’s a hottie with talent. She has hits out the wahzoo! He is absolutely delicious. He’s too hot for his own good w/ or w/out clothes. I don’t know if I would have kids with a spouse who had sex with the same sex. He should move on cause he’s not getting younger. He’s pushin 40. Find the one and get her pregnant. Be a daddy already!