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Love It or Leave It: Blake Lively Plays Dress Up!

A photo of Blake Lively

Blake Lively’s little ensemble here is what we like to refer to as a “hot damn mess.”  See how that belt looks like such ridiculous slapdashery? See how the dress shirt peeks out below that skirt?  And I know that skirt, by the way.  That’s your niece’s/little sister’s/super skinny BFF”s skirt that you know would never fit you, but hey, it’s a skirt, it’ll just flare right over those hips as long as you can squeeze it over your boobs to fit on the smallest part of your waist.  In Blake’s case, I think it may be part of a child’s Halloween costume.

What do you guys think?  Acceptable comments include “yeah wtf is blake thinkin” and “nice boots, though.”

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