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Oprah Unveils Her OWN Logo

OWN Logo

Oprah Winfrey is shutting down her talk show at the end of this year and starting her own network called, wait for it, OWN. That stands for Oprah Winfrey Network for any of you who can’t read what the image above but can read what I’m writing here. What a strange disability to have. I’m glad I was mindful of your differences today.

What do you think about this logo? I’m thinking that it’s nowhere near as offensive as that stunt that GAP pulled a few weeks ago, but that she could have gone with less… obnoxious colors. I mean, I get it. It’s orange, purple and green AKA the secondary colors AKA what you get when you blend the primary colors together in pairs. In that way I guess it’s kind of a “deep” color selection, but it also looks a little bit like a candy wrapper. You know Oprah’s audience isn’t going to be appreciative of that…

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  • cack
    too bright
    esp. the green

    and just ugly

    looks like a word art job

    wats with the 0 looks outta place with the red / orange + a whole ring of bright yellow

    wheras pretty much single colors on the w and n
    -W – shades of green (with tinge of yellow)
    -N – shades of purple, (with tinge of pink)

    the 0 shoulda been shades of red with a tinge of orange for consistency. maybe she wants the 0 to be ‘special’ (0prah), but it doesnt fit 4 me

    i dun like it