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Bret Michaels Gets Busted For Drugs …

And I am still not going to hate on him.

Here’s what happened.  Bret has two buses, and they got pulled over in Indiana last night because they didn’t have any trailer tag lights.  Bret Michaels let the officers do an open search of the buses, and drug dogs found weed on both buses.  They also found “a quantity of Schedule II controlled substances” on the bus that Bret wasn’t on.  Nobody was arrested, but charges were sent to the prosecutor’s office, so we’ll see how everything turns out.

When I first saw the “Bret Michaels!  Busted!  Drugs!” headlines, I was pretty bummed, I’m not gonna lie.  I had this horrible image of cops rushing on to the bus to find Bret Michaels cowered naked in the tiny bathroom with a lighter and a spoon.  But if he just had weed, then that’s fine.  People can say all they want about how it’s still an illegal substance and you have to respect the law and it can destroy your life, but really?  The dude has a hole in his heart, just let him get high on his bus if he wants to.

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  • If anyone deserves to be smoking pot right now, it’s Bret Michaels. Look at all he’s been through physically recently, the man is probably suffering from chronic pain.
    And nothing helps chronic pain quite like Chronic ;)

  • Brett Michaels pulled that publicity stunt hospitalization bullshit, including selling his hospital coma photos (obviously fake… he was still wearing that bandana to cover his terrible plastic weave), and everyone still eats his shit up.
    Your fifteen minutes have been over a decade or two ago, homie.
    Emily’s writing makes me want to vomit.