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I know it’s been just forever, but do you guys remember Simon Monjack? Brittany Murphy’s husband? The one who died not six months after Murphy herself passed?

Well, it turns out that the LA County Coroner has got the final word back on Monjack’s autopsy: Monjack’s cause of death was the same as his late wife, Brittany’s. Back in December, Brittany died from what was said ultimately to be pneumonia and anemia, and the coroner has released a statement stating that Monjack, who passed away in May, died of … pneumonia and anemia.

It’s the mom. It’s totally the mom. She’s a vampire who, after sucking her victim’s blood, replaces the lost blood with some kind of watery substitute, which ultimately settles in the lungs — hence, the whole pneumonia thing.

No, I’m joking. I don’t know whether she’s a vampire or not, jeez.

But the whole thing’s pretty weird, if you ask me.

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  • I was just reading about this one another site and it’s all really suspicious. There’s got to be more to it than they both just died of pneumonia and anemia. I wonder if they both had the AIDS.

    • It’s definitely strange, whatever it is. I read on another site that speculation was going around about whether or not the house was infested with toxic mold, because both of them exhibited symptoms of people suffering from toxic mold exposure. The site also said that some people who’d been in the house claimed that there was an awful lot of clutter and an awful lot of dampness, too. If that’s the case, yikes.

  • Oh.. my… god. This is just awful! That house needs to be bulldozed!

    What an awful waste of life. Creepy, creepy, creepy.