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Love It Or Leave It: Jess Simpson’s Romper

The newly-thirty Jessica Simpson took it to the streets yesterday, wearing what can only be described as a really, really unfortunate-looking romper.

Rompers are cool. Both figuratively and literally. And I’m sure it looked great, folded up crisply on a stained teak shelf in an expensive boutique. That’s always the most appealing part of shopping — the way the newness of the fabric looks, draped over complementary-colored woods and tiles. Many times you don’t see the price tag, and let me tell you: it’s one good fucking marketing ploy. It gets me every damned time. But many of those times, that particular article of clothing should have just stayed on the shelves — and especially in this, Jess’s, case.

I love you girl, but FAY-UL on the romper. Sheesh.

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