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Lohan: Too Depressed to Party?

Yeah, Lindsay was supposed to celebrate her birthday last night at Las Palmas, but according to, well, everyone, the guest of honor didn’t even show up at the bash being thrown in her name.

In what many thought was sure to be a huge, drug-and-alcohol-fueled night with Lindsay and her cohorts tripping the lights fantastic — or just trippin’ — her no-show came as a surprise to even some of her closest friends who were in attendance at the non-party:

“Lindsay was planning to celebrate her birthday with the owners of Las Palmas, who are like family to her, and her friend Ferras, who was also celebrating his birthday that night.”

But after she didn’t show, another friend came to the rescue, explaining her absence:

“Lindsay is not having her birthday @laspalmas!!!” her close pal Marcus Molinari Tweeted around midnight Thursday. “She is at home with friends and family!!! We wish her well and love her!!!”

I wonder if her rumored new gal-pal was there, at home, celebrating with Lindsay, and if she was all wet. From tears, you know. Because Lindsay’s been doing nothing but crying on the new girlfriend, supposedly.

Well, at any rate, I’m glad you decided to take a good night in, Linds. I think if you had gone out, it wouldn’t have turned out very well, anyway.

Happy, uh, birthday?