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Lindsay Lohan Got a Special Birthday Present

Lindsay Lohan Claims She Was Hit By a Waitress

Today is Lindsay Lohan’s 24th birthday and in the wee hours of the morning, she Tweeted about the first present she received: A fist in her face. According to Lindsay’s Tweet above, some waitress took it upon herself to do what we all have been dying to do for years: Attempt to knock some sense in to the bitch. Or, you know, the waitress is just as unbalanced as her victim. I can’t be sure. But either way, I’m glad that Lindsay’s spending the first day of her 24th year doing what she does best. You know, creating mad drama?


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  • Waiters/waitresses usually hit their customers for one reason (if they aren't wack-jobs) – above and beyond verbal abuse.
    Since Linds can't celebrate her birthday with her usual supply of happy meds I can only imagine the mood she's in.

    …and only 24? You wouldn't have surprised me if you said 34. Her nonsense feels like it's been going on for well over a decade.

  • Aww really? That's too bad Linds. Sorry Robert Blake was waiting to pick you up from dinner….

  • I know exactly why she did it! THAT WAS FOR GETTING KOMBUCHA TAKEN OFF THE SHELVES BITCH! Don't fuck with my people!