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Angelina Jolie Confirms That Shiloh is Transgendered

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Living as a Little Boy

It’s been rumored for awhile now that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt lives her life at home as a boy, demanding that she be called James and that she dress like her brothers, and now we have confirmation from Angelina Jolie that this is true.

Angelina spoke to Vanity Fair this month about many aspects of her life, but particularly her children and her relationships with them. Corageously, Angelina spoke quite casually about her daughter’s demands to live her life as a boy, simply saying, “She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So, we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.”

Shiloh is young enough that her preference to live life as a boy might be a phase, but if not, I think that it’s wonderful that Angelina is so open and “whatever” about her daughter’s sexuality. So many families deal with raising a child that feels it was born in the wrong body, and a mainstream celebrity saying that they are going through the same thing at home gives those families a sense of normalcy. Granted, it’s sad to think that a celebrity saying they have a transgendered child would make all that big of a difference, but it does feel like a cultural milestone. While someone like Chaz Bono lived his life as a disappointment to his parents, Shiloh’s being embraced in the public eye. That feels like kind of a big deal.

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  • This is CHILD ABUSE.
    A child at 3 years of age needs to be nurtured and encouraged to be who they ARE: Shiloh was born a GIRL.
    Many girls & boys muck around with dress ups etc.
    How shallow that this mother wishes to use her own child as a Social Experiment.
    Many girls who were given boys clothes, called a boy, treated as a boy etc became suicidal as they never felt like a boy due to not having a penis or feeling as an authentic person.
    You never find cases of gender confusion in the jungle or outback etc due to no bullshit about “boys toys/boys clothes” etc.
    let Shiloh be a girl.

    It’s a trendy social experiment that will end in tragedy and confusion all because of an indulgent mother who wants to make a political statement. It’s a very sad story as depression and and anxiety come later on- whilst the parents find it all so “cutting edge” & liberating.

    I hope that Shiloh will be given some space from her narcissistic mother and leave the castle tower and break out.. Like repunzle- and be free to be a beautiful girl that she was born to be.

    But not a chance right now as her identity at 8 years of age is being cemented.

    I hope that a nanny or someone- a school can pass on some sort of sanity to this poor abused child.

    Shiloh- you are a Girl- a beautiful girl. You will always be a girl- it’s what you were made to be. Sorry that you had to be used as a social political statement by your indulgent and narcissistic parents.
    Hope you get a chance to break free and be you one day – you will have to wait 10 years til that day but when you do- embrace your womanhood and make up for all the years lost living a lie and a myth that your blinded, deluded parents lived through you.

    • Transgender people are born that way. It is just the way that it is. We realized that Shilo was transgender when she was three years old. There is no shame in this. Having parents who understand this, are a blessing. Best wishes to the whole Jolie-Pitt family.

  • I agree with Vivienne.
    They are not born transgendered. They are either born with a penis or vagina. A boy or a girl.
    Confusing the child by encouraging certain clothes/hair is a sad political statement by parents with too much time on their hands.

    I cut my hair to be a boy like my brothers at 4 and wanted to wear clothes like them and did boy activities (up trees/billy carts etc) and cried when I got my period because I was not like my brothers.

    But my parents gave me the sanity and chance to be a GIRL. They never urged or bought boy clothes for me.
    I did boy stuff – wanted to be a boy- but was given BALANCE/ a balanced chance at gender.

    Poor Shiloh has never been given that chance. Whilst Angie waltzes around in gorgeous couture clothes/hair/makeup- Shiloh grunges out in ACDC tops and home boy clothes.

    Shiloh has a vagina – she is a GIRL and always will be.

    All it is a bit of social engineering by the mega rich. Extreme political views to boot.

    I’m with Vivienne- Child abuse is setting up an environment & persona & permanent gender of a child when they have never even had the chance to just be themselves – a girl.

    I hope that Shiloh grows up and explores herself – who she is- without the mother Gothel glaring at her making sure she fits the groovey transgender kid that would make her family complete.

    There has never been a transgendered child at birth – and put one in a forest – grow up in an environment where there is no pressure re Clothes- ie no money… And they children play & be who they are – no one defines a child by cutting their hair & putting boys clothes on..

    It’s tragic as the consequences – based on the many accounts of transsexuals. Many regret surgery and are silenced when they try to share their pain and the stories of being brainwashed as kids and told they were a boy etc when they were a girl..,

    Takes years of healing.

    In the meantime – the parents swan around in their defined gendered clothing – whilst they clearly define the opposite gender in their daughter Shiloh.

    She is a beautiful GIRL and always will be.

  • You fuckers are dumb your not transgender so shut the fuck up. by not showing your kid love and bring them up as who they feel they are that ruining their life that’s not child abuse you fucking retards you people need to mind your fucking business that’s why your children are all probably all seeming therapist cause they switched their hips the wrong way stupid fucks.

    • Really intelligent response, “fed up”.

      How about thinking about the children in these families who are the victims.

      Try talking to kids who were brainwashed into thinking they were “transgendered” and even went as far as surgery- only to regret it years down the track.

      No one here deserves to be sworn at the way you did.

      You belong elsewhere on the net- nasty-land.

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