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Emma Watson Is Doing Pretty Well For Herself

A photo of Emma Watson

Emma Watson has been pretty busy lately.  She just wrapped up filming for the last Harry Potter movie, she was in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair, and she just finished up her freshman year at Brown University.  She also has a new boyfriend – George Craig, frontman of One Night Only and fellow Burberry model (he’s the guy that was in that photo shoot with her).  Emma even made an appearance in One Night Only’s latest music video, “Say You Don’t Want It.”  The song is actually pretty good, and Emma and George came up with the Lady and the Tramp theme together (super cute!).

Now Emma’s at the Glastonbury Festival.  After taking a moment to be completely jealous as I have every time I read about the Glastonbury Festival, I saw that she looks incredible.  The shorts, the boots, the bustier – all of it, fantastic.  It’s one thing to be really attractive, but to be really attractive and also aware of how to dress and how to handle yourself?  That’s special.

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  • Wow! Really? This is how I know I'm getting old because although I think she's super cute, I think her outfit is ridiculous.

  • I think her outfit is down right terrifying. The bustier? I've always thought she looked smelly.

  • Eh I think her outfits pretty cute. And at least her ass isn't hanging out of those shorts..

  • She gorgeous. I just checked out the music video… that better be faux fur Ms. Watson.

  • the bustier really isn't all too flattering….she's flat-chested & she's also no stunner…just your typical plain jane.

  • She is very cute. Some of us don't like huge ugly boobs, her chest is nice. All you need is a mouth full!

  • The rubber boots can be excused though, wellies are a must-wear at Glasto because it usually rains a lot during the festival and if you wear any other kind of shoes they get wrecked. This year, however, is being exceptionally hot.

  • Whatever. She's the only female star that hasn't cracked while transitioning into adulthood in a long time (and maybe Dakota Fanning).

    Seriously, try to name another.

    As long as she keeps herself together and keeps herself from looking like a slut I am happy.

  • She's very cute and even better, apparently sane, but the outfit looks very uptight, except for the bag, which looks like it's going to eat her.

    But who cares, she's a real-life Hermione and not a good-girl-in-image-only, two-faced, closet alcoholic and drug addict, so she can wear whatever she damn well pleases.

  • it was 90 degrees and unbroken sunshine at glastonbury – i've just got back. there is no excuse for those boots.