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photo of michael jackson accepting numerous music awards

“Evan Chandler, the father of Michael’s first accuser, recently committed suicide. Though I can’t comment on why, I want to believe his conscience finally caught up with him and he was not able to live with himself after destroying an innocent person’s career and breaking his spirit.”

Katherine Jackson in an exclusive excerpt from unreleased book, Never Can Say Goodbye, on son Michael Jackson’s child molestation accuser.

Jackson’s one-year death anniversary is today. RIP, MJ. We had a lot of good times together, and you won’t be forgotten soon.

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  • That is so rude, how dare she!
    Maybe YOUR son over-medicated himself to death because HIS conscience finally caught up with HIM and he was not able to live with himself after ruining the lives of SEVERAL FUCKING INNOCENT CHILDREN.
    Look, I understand wanting to believe the best of your children, really I do, but at some point you need to look at the way he was living and realize that maybe, just maybe, your precious little baby wasn't perfect. It's okay to be doubtful of his guilt, but to be so convinced of his innocence is just insane, even for his own mother.
    I'm really disgusted by this comment; it really shows how fucked up this family is when the matriarch can make such depraved remarks about someone's suicide.
    Forgive me, as I know this will garner a lot of bad reactions, but that woman can rot in Hell with her pervert son.

  • While some may find your response to be bit harsh (especially about wishing two people will rot in hell), I'm not so sure you're too off the mark. When the first accusation came in, I was a bit skeptical, as Jackson was very wealthy and he was a perfect target for a shakedown. However, when the second accusation from a different child and parents came about…well, to quote Chris Rock: “I'm fuckin done! What the fuck? Another kid? Another… That's like another dead white woman showing up at O.J.'s house, and O.J. going 'I know what you're thinking…'”

  • Yeah, I realized after I posted that first comment that what I said at the end was also very rude, but I can't help it, I'm glad he's dead. I'm always glad when i hear a dangerous individual is off the streets one way or another, and I'm glad that he will never hurt another child.
    And to quote Kat Williams: “I got shit in my house to make bitches feel comfortable. I got 2 pillows with silk covers on 'em so if a bitch come over and fuck around with a nigga she don't gotta mess up her god damn hair. I got alize at my house. I don't drink no mothafuckin' alize but bitches do. Now what would Michael need to make lil boys feel comfortable… maybe a god damn amusement park? A zoo and free candy?”

  • Just because MJ is dead doesn't mean he's innocent.
    Maybe the father couldn't live with what happened to his son and felt responsible he allowed him see Jackson?
    I love Michael Jackson, he was entertainer like no other and he brought joy and pleasure to millions of people, but I also believe he was a sexual predator.

  • I agree with your comments. He was a drug addict who finally had to pay his bill. His kids were basically kept away from all other kids and the rest of the world, so who knows how they'll wind up.
    As for his mother, well, what can you say. She knew her idiot husband Joe beat the crap out of Michael and never divorced that jerk, so what do you expect.
    No sympathy for MJ here either.

  • The person that Michael Jackson ultimately became, relative to who he appeared to be as a younger man is one of Entertainment's greatest tragedies. How a person who was so handsome, profoundly talented, and who literally, had it all, could end up both morally and financially bankrupt tears at the heart and boggles the mind. I loved Michael Jackson during his “Thriller” years. Soon thereafter, he appeared to be trying to morph into a Japanese girl. As time passed, I can remember wondering if he was gay – and realized he did not appear to be gay. I then wondered if he was “transgender” but was trapped in his male body, due to his fame. Then I wondered if he was simply a-sexual but realized that such a classification was incorrect as well. The “Aha” moment came when he was accused of having relationships with adolescent boys. The mystery that was Michael Jackson suddenly made sense. His marriage to that strange woman who bore his children, his bizarre and almost repulsive appearance as he aged (due to all of those surgeries), his reported financial situation and apparent willingness to “mooch” off of wealthy Sheiks reflected a person whose life had spiraled so way out of control that hitting rock bottom was evident. That he, ultimately, perished of drugs and egomania makes one realize how wretched his life had truly become. He was one of the most talented men in the world, and was also one of the most pitiful, and least happy. Nevertheless, he was a consummate entertainer and will be viewed as one of the “greats.” We look upon today as the 1st anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Actually the real Michael Jackson died many, many years ago, and it is the passing of the person that he was, is ultimately is the person whom I mourn.

  • Michael was one of the most talented performers of all time and he always tried to make a change with his music. He tried to help a boy who was sick by paying everything for him and being there for him.. and the parents of this boy got greedy and lied to get more money. I will never believe that he molested that boy and you Meslerjl should be ashamed of your self. You are disgusting and should rot in hell

  • Hey, like I said, it's okay to doubt his guilt. Everyone has their own opinion of whether or not he was guilty and now we'll never know for sure. But just because he was a fantastic musician doesn't mean he was faultless.
    And I noticed that you only mentioned the first accuser. What about the others?

  • Gross. That man had no reason to feel guilty. He was protecting his child, like any parent would. It ruined his life doing so, too. Which is why many victims took a payoff and never reported. 15 or so other victims, ma’am. Do your research. Michael is the one who offered the kid 22 million in hush money, doll. And another victim 3.2 mill.. Innocent men pay people off, huh? Evan had cancer, btw… He was also tormented by MJ fans, not his own conscience. I suppose if I were you, I would worry about karma after making such half-witted allegations about anyone who protects their child. Funny to me how you nonsensical freaks can excuse a mans behavior who surrounds himself with children ( Like that isn’t suspicious) and make disgusting comments about a parent who reports abuse. Nothing that has been said about Evan or Jordan in trash blogs is true. Only trashy blogs report the idiocy.. haven’t you noticed? No credible journalist has ever spread one of the idiotic rumors such as: Jordan admits to lying. It never happened, and never will. He knew exactly what Jacksons penis looked like, with all the ugly markings and all. I guess Jordan or Evan is also psychic, right? You want to talk about disgusting, dishonest and irresponsible? How about Michael leaving his kids to his mother, who happens to share a home with the man Michael said beat him and molested his sisters? You wanna quote that woman on your blog? Nasty. You ARE obviously like minded – defending jackson – as she defends Michael and her husband Joe. She would never defend a pedo tho, right?