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Well, Hello Friends. We Meet Again.

photo of lindsay lohan exercising and boxing while wearing a white sports bra

Lindsay Lohan, dare I say it, is looking good. I mean, you know, if you can look beyond the bleached hair that just isn’t the right shade of blonde and the coked-out, shiny, red eyes. Oh, and are those cigarette burns on her stomach?

Lohan was photographed in the above picture (from the ankles up, naturally, but I’m willing to bet that her “stretch pants” have flared legs, and then I LOL for real) “working out” and learning some “boxing techniques.” And by “working out” and “boxing techniques,” I actually mean “she needs to be photographed doing something other than falling out of clubs with her eyes half-closed and her over-worked cooch saluting random paparazzi.”

Lindsay attended the MuscleMilk Light Retreat this past weekend and her boobs posed for photos with those in attendance.

All in all, she does — she looks OK. She’s not ridiculously scary-thin like she was a few months ago and yeah, while I hate the hair and wish to death that she’d go back to her gorgeous ginger-headedness, I don’t have a whole lot of negative to spew about the way she looks.

Oh, and those boobs freckles? To die for, man.

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  • Stay somewhat sane, clean and sober for a few weeks to please the law and back at the joy of numbed self-destruction.. because she is an addictive personality with addicted friends and relatives involved in an easy to stay addicted career.

  • Perhaps. But you know, if she really is an addict, as you/the world says (and I say if not because I don't think she is, but because I can't really judge a person I don't know), she can't really stay sober for long unless she is staying sober for HERSELF (not the law, not friends, not family) and truly WANTS to get sober. So yeah, perhaps she will stay sober for the law and then go back to her old ways. But that makes sense, doesn't it? That is how addiction works. It's sad, but it's true.