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See? I Told You This Chick Was Bad News.

photo of january jones in a green dress at an awards show clapping

But no. No one ever heeds my advice. And look what happens. The hottest man in the world ends up shagging a woman who wrecks a bunch of cars and walks away (literally), shrugging her shoulders.

Yep, January Jones, star of Mad Men and alleged girl-thing of my main squeeze, Adrien Brody, was involved in four-car smashup earlier last night. The LAPD stated that Jones hit three cars with her own Range Rover, causing substantial damages. After a witness called the accident in, Jones was reported to take off on foot, claiming that she couldn’t stick around for this kind of madness (no pun intended). Jones later returned to the scene and told police officers that she’d taken off because the paparazzi had been hounding her. Likely.

Currently, there are no factors of drugs or alcohol to consider, but one never really knows, do they?

See, Adrien? I’m not gonna say ‘I told you so,’ but, damn, boyfriend. I told you so.

Changed your mind yet, have you?

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  • wow sarah you're so annoying. because guys love the girl saying “i told you so” for option number two anyway. get a grip.

    • You’re probably right. I should call Adrien up right now and apologize for the distasteful “I told you so.” I hope I haven’t ruined my chances with him.

  • 1- If you don't like what Sarah writes…move the FK on!!!

    2-Caroline, YOU'RE so effing anoying…why don't you start your own blog and…move the FK on!!!

    3- Cat…if you gotta start a sentence with “I'm not trying to rag on you” guess what trick? You're ragging on her…move THE FK ON!!!

    4- Sarah is right…Adrien could do a THOUSAND time better than some trick who crashes into 4 cars and walks away (literally)…and I quote.

  • I'm in agreement with you on her being full of the ho-bagginess. She's creeping into homewrecker territory with Bobby Flay. That is all kinds of deplorable.. If I were that Law and Order lady I would beat that bitch down..

    PS I find your obsession with my motherland(nola) quite endearing.. It is the most awesome place on Earth, so the fact that you recognize that speaks to your coolness:)

    • The motherland! Love it! Yeah … I’m in the process of trying to move my ass down there. :)

  • When you witness the incident, Jones told to take off on foot, claiming that he could not stick around for the madness (no pun intended). Jones later returned to the scene and told police he was taken away because the paparazzi were harassing him. Probably.
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