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I…Uh…Um… Can We Talk About Daisy Lowe For a Minute?

Yeah, hey. So you know that daughter that Gavin Rossdale didn’t tell anyone he had for like, 17 years and it turned out she was this hot young thing who was a model named Daisy Lowe? Remember that? OK, well here’s an update: That chick got hotter. I’m not lez, but I will say that this video of her Esquire UK shoot combined with the (NSFW) photos is definitely inspiring me to get my act together fitness-wise. I mean, damn. And you know what? She looks like a fun chick.

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  • If you watch the video with the sound off, it’s kinda funny. And mesmerizingly hot at the same time. Ouch!

  • She seems pretty amazing until you hear her speak. She says shit like this in interviews, and it kind of ruins it for me – “I cheated on my boyfriend, and he hates me for it. I’m like, ‘Well, I haven’t seen you, and I want attention! I’m a model, for fuck’s sake!’ “

  • I love this girl. She is so hot.
    Don’t know if I’d go gay for her, perhaps bi. Cause I’d do her.

  • She looks sort of big boned to me … Or perhaps she’s just a liiiiittle bit chubby. I’d be more likely to go bi for Keira Knightley. :)

      • Haha, no I wouldn’t say so. Unless you believe a woman should have huge breasts in order to look like a woman. If that is your opinion then I suppose Keira could be considered manly… I, on the other hand, think of her as beautiful and elegant. :) But you know, whatever floats your boat and vice versa.

  • she’s not chubby, you complete idiot. I suppose you’d go bi for a wooden plank too.

    she’s hot. she’s tall (like 5’10 or 5’11”?) and my god that hair! her breasts! i want, no need, those legs wrapped around me. i like her style too.

    • I’m not into wooden planks (haha, good one?), but you know, I just happen to think, that there’s a bit too much meat on this woman, for my personal taste. :) I’m entitled to my opinion, right? I’m not saying you’re and idiot, simply because we don’t agree. I think that it is nothing short of fabulous, that you want her to wrap her legs around you. I’m just saying she doesn’t do anything for me. :)

  • a silly, skinny ass white girl with no ass dancing around in her undies. cute, molls…but it would take a real woman for me to go “lez.”