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I Need To Know What You Think About The Whole Jill v. Bethenny Thing

Bethenny and Jill: Who's Right and Who's Wrong?

I am an avid watcher of all of The Real Housewives shows, but New York City and New Jersey are my all-time faves. I was devastated by the rift between Jill and Bethenny on NYC this season and it’s almost ruined the show for me. While I wouldn’t say that their friendship was a highlight of the program, its demise is definitely a low point. Let’s face it: These broads are too old to be fighting like teenage girls and it’s completely depressing to watch two women with so much going for them destroy their bond over what seems to be a serious of miscommunications and overreactions.

Since season one, Jill and Bethenny always stood out to me as the best characters on the show. Jill you had to love because she is such a Yenta and her husband Bobby is adorable and she seems to be a fairly generous and loving person. Bethenny was great because she was the sassy sidekick that often shined the brightest because of her quick wit and short temper. Then Bethenny’s shtick began to wear on me. Big time. By the end of season two, I began to see her as a shit-talking coward with a chip on her shoulder. Jill I continued to love, although I did think that she clung to Bethenny for her natural business smarts and would feel wrongfully left out when Bethenny didn’t include her.

Cut to this third season and Jill and Bethenny aren’t on speaking terms. I went into the season thinking that it was surly Bethenny’s fault, but as the season unraveled I found myself sympathizing with her. Jill Zarin was using her popularity with the other housewives to cut out Bethenny, and all because Bethenny finally spoke to Jill the way she speaks to everyone else: completely abrasively. Did Jill have a right to feel hurt? Sure! But her pride got in the way of her reason and she spent the rest of the season behaving like Regina George. Also, as I said, Bethenny’s a bitch to everyone and at least you know what you get with her. Jill shouldn’t have been shocked that Bethenny would finally snap at her in a way she didn’t like some day. I mean, duh.

After last night’s episode when Jill and Bethenny finally sat down to hash things out, I’m certain that Jill is at fault here. 100%. While Bethenny repeatedly tried to be civil with Jill and was turned away in a cruel fashion. Jill had to turn at least three people against her before she caught up to the fact that she was being a bitch. And I’m not sure that she ever had that realization, to be honest. It was her husband Bobby who told her she needed to give up her grudge.

The meeting between Jill and Bethenny seemed so forced. Their pleasantries sounded like they were meeting up with a random person they met on craigslist. Jill showed up with potato pancakes in a bag and played all nice-nice while Bethenny sat there, clearly shaken by the fact that her former BFF who had so viciously turned on her was now showing her such kindness and claiming she wanted a truce.

I’m not a fan of everything Bethenny’s done on the show, but I’m giving her a pass on this one. She handled this all like an adult for the most part. Jill Zarin better grow the fuck up and stop thinking she’s the queen bee.

Who do you think is to blame here and do you think there’s a chance that Team Jethenny will reunite?

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  • The person Jill became this year totally turned me off. I loved her last season but the backstabbing and making the other ladies take sides was lousy. “You can’t be her friend and still be my friend.” Jesus. Grow the eff up! Jill was a world class bitch every episode this season. I wonder if this is the “real” Jill that finally came out. Or maybe she felt she needed to be more abrasive to get more air time….that she was jealous of Bethenny’s popularity and spin-off show. Her habit of running away rather than give others the common decency of speaking to them is obnoxious. And, finally, Jill’s “poor me” bullshit this entire season was the icing on the cake. I really like that Alex grew a pair of balls this season. I did not care for her at all until this year. I enjoyed Alex taking Jill on face-to-face. “You’re a mean girl!” Yeah, baby.

    But, seriously, isn’t the real story of this season the off the charts ape shit crazy episode where Kelly lost her mind? “Al Sharpton, Al Sharpton!” “Free to be you and me, 1979!” Sobbing uncontrollably over a gift bag? I read someplace that we only saw a small part of the crazy. Actually, I began to feel uncomfortable about the whole thing as Kelly obviously was melting into a puddle of nutball. She has been in total denial ever since the episode aired. From what I saw on TV, the woman really seemed to be in serious need of some professional help. I hope Bravo is not taking advantage of a sick lady.

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        me and your dad will work it out soon. just bear with us. i’ll become a kinder and gentler person before you know it.

  • Jill, your problem is that you can’t truly do anything for anyone or say anything about or to someone unless the motivation is the feelings YOU get out of that something. You are very full of yourself. That is what Bethany was trying to tell you and she was trying to do it in a nice way.

  • I had a friend who pulled exactly what Jill did on me. She decided her feelings were hurt when I didn’t seem to care enough once she got home from studying abroad. Everyone was doting on her when she returned and she never had time to meet up with me. I finally stopped trying. She turned most of our mutual friends against me while she continued to hold the grudge. She needed people on her “side” and I didn’t try to recruit them. Watching Jill and Bethenny was like watching my life. The only difference is that my old friend is still holding the grudge and we haven’t spoken in years. Jill doesn’t deserve Bethenny’s friendship.

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      • Not same person. Only here to stand up to dickwads who insult people who just want to add their voice to the discussion. Our fearless leaders don’t give a fuck.

  • I don’t watch the show but whenever I see that chick with the dark hair I think she looks like an older Alexa Ray Joel.

  • Thanks for a fresh take on this subject…very thoughtful. I think Jill was always this way, but when they were still friends Bethenny could find a funny way to say what the audience was thinking about Jill’s behavior. Remember: “Baawwwby, GET MY POCKETBOOK, BAWWWBBBY!” Cut to Jill, laughing helplessly at the dead on impersonation of her kvetching at her hapless husband. She softened Jill and when Jill took the teasing with good humor it helped to endear her to her fans. Ramona and even LuAnn call Jill on her stuff but those scenes are fraught with tension and defenseness. The best way to disarm a yenta is with a perfectly delivered witty remark that pierces the self-absorption and holds up a mirror.

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  • Uhhh – scripted folks! It’s TV, not reality, just TV.

    Whoever produces this series is a misogynist. What a miserable bunch of characters – in each one of the casts.

    The series does a great job of demeaning American women, whether it’s acting or “real” – whatever that means when you are being paid to act out childish dramas.

  • I have to agree with Bethanny on this one—Jill was a total bitch this whole season–and Luann was no help—talk about CLASSLESS—she proved herself right–money can’t buy you class–or friends. And don’t even get me started on Kelly—what a WHACKJOB!!! She needs some help or pills or something–a brain maybe would be good—every time she says hiiiiiiiii i just want to PUKE—soooo fake—-and obviously no brain cells either! Betthany was right the whole time about her and everybody else got to see it this season!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE these shows!!!

  • team jethenny? how totally stupid.

    jill is the one who ruined the season. she was jealous of all that is happening in bethenny’s life (before marriage and pregnancy) and threw a hissy fit because bethenny ignored her for three months, then proceeded to create histrionics at every gathering. the way these women behave in public is atrocious, for such “classy” gals. Jill expected some big time ass kissing and eventually she realized that she wasnt going to get it and was now being shut out. her remaining posse of luann and kelly make them my three least favorite ladies of the bunch. luann is fake and obnoxious and kelly has the brains of a rock.

    bethenny is not my favorite either. she’s very funny and inspiring, but truth be told her voice drives me nuts and i can’t really stand to be around people like her for too long. she’s ALWAYS on 10, as if the world is simply just a stage for her wannabe standup comic bit.

    after 3 seasons, ramona is now my girl and sonja has been a breath of fresh air. without those two this entire season would have sucked and i would have tuned out after 3 or for episodes!

    all that said, i too love the new york and new jersey shows. i wish they would do one here in scottsdale – Real Housewives of Paradise Valley.

  • “…she spent the rest of the season behaving like Regina George.”

    HAHAHAHA. Love the Mean Girls reference!!! Way to go Molls!!

  • i have a lot to say on this subject…but i’ve already said it 100x to all my friends who watch, so i’m kinda spent by now. i’m totally on team bethanny though. jill was immature and held a grudge and ruined that friendship on her own, even though bethenny tried to save it multiple times before she just gave up. and now that everyone is turning on jill, she’s suddenly sorry and wants to play nice again.
    but the hurt she caused bethenny is hard to forgive and forget – especially since jill thinks she is admitting fault, but she’s really not. ultimately she is all like, this is who i am, love it or leave it. and bethenny is choosing to leave it! sorry jill, you lose.

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