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Kirsten Dunst: “I Don’t Smoke Pot,” But I’m Going to Throw My Assistant Under the Bus Because She Does

photo of kirsten dunst outside wearing sunglasses and a black blazer

Kirsten Dunst attended a court hearing yesterday afternoon in NYC, regarding a burglary incident that took place back in 2007.   A man had allegedly broken into the star’s hotel suite, and ended up with both Kirsten’s and her assistant’s purses.

Dunst’s assistant, Liat Baruch, was said to have a considerable marijuana stash lodged away in her purse (… and why her purse? The stuff still is illegal, aren’t there better hideyholes for such things?) and when Dunst was questioned on the stand she claimed that she did not smoke pot … but knew for a fact that her assistant did.

Come on, now. Let’s be real. Some of these ensembles that Kirsten hits the down in have to be chosen while stoned. Nothing else makes sense. Aside from that pretty scathing evidence (oh, and the fact that she positively squawked about her weed-love back in ’07), Dunst always struck me as a pothead, anyway. She just looks like she’d get on famously with both Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, but maybe it’s the wads of unbrushed blonde hair. Hey … Birds of a feather and all that.

The alleged thief, James Jiminez, has pled not guilty, but this is his second trial; the first was held back in October of 2009 and he was convicted. What a weird situation. Looks like someone’s been hitting up the Mary Jane pretty hard. Doesn’t seem like anyone involved with this case knows what the hell is going on. Still. Must have been some pretty killer bud, guys.

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    • Ha! Thanks … the funny thing is that I read and re-read the headline twice after I saw your comment and still couldn’t see the missing word. It’s amazing how your brain automatically fills in the blank.

  • She had to go back and fix the title… What an idiot. This is why she doesn’t have a real job as a writer.

      • Professionals don’t make mistakes. And I paid my 8 yr old nephew once to write “Happy Birthday” on a cake. I guess he’s a ‘real writer’ now.

        Just shut the fuck up and go away Cooper… Atleast Sarah gets paid to publicize her stupidity.

      • “Professionals don’t make mistakes”? I’m willing to bet even the most celebrated writers make mistakes in their work! Sarah is correct in saying that it’s amazing how your brain fills in the blanks, especially when you know what it was supposed to say. I vote that you be the one to ‘Just shut the fuck up and go away’, as you so articulately put it. Your comments are unnecessary, if you’re bothered enough to leave them….. then just leave.

      • @ Ennie Mennie Minie Hoe

        You accept mistakes because you’re a loser and this makes it easier for you to accept your own abundance of flaws. Sorry if the truth hurts.

        If you don’t like my comments then do me and your parents a favor and go kill yourself.

      • But sweetheart, if professionals didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t be able to troll the internet being a douchebag! Then what would you do with your time?

  • @TSS

    It’s pronounced ‘Any’.
    Thank you for pointing that out for me, it’s great how you know that about me from one comment on a gossip blog! You should charge for the service! I accept that human beings are not perfect and will make mistakes, this does not make me a loser.
    It’s funny, i’d have thought you would have been more accepting of mistakes seeing as you were one to your parents, but hey ho, guess you never know which way a person will swing. You must really hate yourself.
    Oh and my parents were killed in a car accident last year, thanks.

      • Thank you.
        I’m new to the site so I don’t know if this person is known on the comments but people like that just really get my goat, you know?
        “If you don’t like my comments then do me and your parents a favor and go kill yourself.” Saying things like that, whatever the circumstances, I just do not understand. It’s not big and clever and it isn’t funny, well obviously to some people it is but not to me. Also, I should kill myself because I didn’t like their comment, yet their comment was them not liking somebody else’s comment!! But whatever, if they have to act like this on a gossip blog then I pity what their life must be like. I’d much rather be a ‘loser’ with an ‘abundance of flaws’ than them.

      • I’m sorry people are picking on you. I’m also sorry that your parents died after you were born. Welcome to the Internet hate machine. /b/ got nothing on this crowd.

  • assistants frequently carry things for their bosses. credit cards, money, whatever. i firmly believe that the weed belonged to dunst and the assistant taking the responsibility so kirsten keeps her image tidy.

  • tell me, do you drink alcohol, probably. did you know that alcohol is worse than pot, probably but you pretend it isn't. screw you

  • Anyone complaining about a word the writer may have left out is a loser and needs to get out of there cave and enjoy life instead of picking fights on the internet.. I can’t stand Internet tough guys.. If your so perfect why aren’t you writing & if you are show us your work so we can judge everything you write.