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I Can Never Tell if Kirsten Dunst Looks Better or Worse

Kristen in Cannes

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I love Kirsten Dunst. I feel like I’m always hearing people say they can’t stand her, but I’ve loved her since she was a kid in Interview With a Vampire and wanted to be her when she was Amy in Little Women and thought she was seriously funny in All I Wanna Do! (I don’t think enough people know about that movie, BTW. It’s mad campy and funny. Netflix it.) But you know, people are always saying she’s a drunk and she looks like crap, and I can see that, I guess. But then I see pictures like this of her from Cannes and I’m like, “What’s going on with her? Her hair is kind of cute but it’s messy and her skin looks nice but too pale? And that outfit is kind of cute but also not really?”

I don’t know. What’s your verdict?

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  • She looks sickly. I never liked her as an actress because I think she seriously sucks at it. I wish her the best though.

  • i love All I wanna Do!!! such a good, underrated movie! i try to tell people about it all the time, it definitely should have been more popular

  • My verdict is that I can only dream of being that skinny while I retain my current love of cheese, chocolate and crisps so I am in awe of people with that kind of self-discipline!

    I don’t understand why her arms are so disproportionate to her legs? (or vice-versa, whichever way you see it!)

  • i adore her and think her acting is brilliant.
    i also like that fact that she dresses for herself and doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck what everyone else thinks.

  • by the way molls,
    back off the whole too pale thing! there are those of us who have naturally porcelain skin and have decided that we deserve the right to show our limbs au naturale in public just as much as everyone else.

    for a good bit of us pale faces the only option (b/c we burn easily and tan horribly) would be to get a fake tan …which openly gets mocked on here all the time b/c it looks ridiculous and….fake!

    And when we are older and have fabulous skin all the tan faces will regret their choice of baking their skin into deep creased leather with a side of melanoma.

  • DUDES Y DUDETTES Drop Dead Gorgeous is one of the best movies ever. see it SEE IT NOOOOWWWW

    • That’s what I was going to write! My favorite movie ever and KD is wonderful in it – so is every one else.

    • I love that movie. Its the only role she played well. I find her voice irritating and lucky for her, she had to put on an accent in her role in Drop Dead Gorgeous. I can’t stand her in Spiderman and Marie Antoinette.

  • I love her pale skin. It is very pretty. But, her hair looks over dyed and very thin. Also, the outfit isn’t for me and I especially hate the shoes. It is soooo hard to find a cute pair of flats. They look like something from Payless my mom forced me to wear in middle school…yuck!!!

  • too pale? would you say someone was “too dark” as well? its hard being very fair skinned, but the only thing we can do is just flaunt what we’ve got and be proud of it :D

  • “What’s going on with her? Her hair is kind of cute but it’s messy and her skin looks nice but too pale? And that outfit is kind of cute but also not really?”

    REALLY? Those are the comments you make about her looks? Cute but messy; nice but too pale; cut outfit but not really? WHAT? That is so nit-picky. I wish I could see picture of you Molls and I’m sure 10,000 of these type of comments could be said about you…cute hair but too flat? cute body but too much fat? These type of comments could be made about anyone because no one is perfect! Angelina Jolie: nice lips but too big? cute hair but too brunette? nice body but too skinny? nice height but too tall? too short?

    Another situation where you’ve made a story out of NOTHING.