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Kirsten Dunst is Retarded


I love how, in her latest quote to make the Internet rounds, Kirsten Dunst not only admits to using drugs and recommends that the whole world use drugs, but also totally calls out Carl Sagan on his drug use. Like, really, Kirsten? That’s how we’re going to justify our drug use? By throwing a dead, world-renowned astronomer under the bus? She must have been high. Here’s the quote:

“I drink moderately, I’ve tried drugs. I do like weed. I have a different outlook on marijuana than America does. My best friend Sasha’s dad was Carl Sagan, the astronomer. He was the biggest pot smoker in the world and he was a genius.

I’ve never been a major smoker, but I think America’s view on weed is ridiculous. I mean – are you kidding me? If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place.I’m not talking about being stoned all day, though. I think if it’s not used properly, it can hamper your creativity and close you up inside.”

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  • What happened? Is she under so much stress, she became like this!!! I used to like her alot but look at her now she looks awful in the picture!!!

  • She does NOT look awful and retarded. God, how do you really know she said something like this? Give me proof please. I´ve heard about this as well, maybe she said it differently and was making some kind of joke. You never know if you did not see her when she talked about it. Give me proof and then I will believe you… True or not I still like her as an actress.

  • Carl Sagan was very straightforward during his life about his fairly frequent use of marijuana; he also advocated decriminalization.

    So for Kirsten Dunst to remind people of these facts is HARDLY throwing Carl “under the bus”. She is simply citing a fact already on the public record.

    Kirsten is also absolutely correct when she says US views on marijuana, especially as they are reflected in US laws and US arrests for simple possession (750,000 last year alone, an all time record) are grossly unrealistic.

    The facts are that smoked marijuana has a lower toxicity than aspirin or tylenol, and completely lacks the effect on brain chemistry, the mechanism causing chemical addiction, common to alcohol, nicotine, methamphetamine, barbiturates, amphetamines, opiates, and cocaine. Marijuana has roughly the same addictive potential as television, or video games, or sex.

    And so for this we arrest three quarters of a million people a year???

    C’MON!!! Just as Kirsten says, This Is Ridiculous!

  • i think the weed already ate up the little bit of brain she had left,i feel sorry 4 her she will get dummer &slower mind you plus forgetful, just cause somepeople think weed is good for some thingor 4 medication it dosent mean it wont mess up your brain in the long run ,im speaking with expirenece.listen to me say no to weed and all other drugs god bless you all. thank nana &trouble lee.

  • oh and ‘nana&trouble lee’ – you’re gonna talk about how marijuana ate up the little bit of brain she had left. dude, you can’t even spell. kirsten has something going for her, clearly you don’t.

  • nothings wrong with pot ppl if u dont like it then dont do it but if ur gunna taalkk shit about it then GO KILL YOUR SELF

  • Uhm, you fagasses, she’s right. If everyone smoked weed this world would be a better place. I have an awesome job, a two bedroom house, a new car, i go to college and I still smoke weed. It lays you back man, it doesn’t make you retarded or make you go crazy and kill someone. America’s views are fucking ridiculous and so are all yours that don’t like pot. nuf said.

  • she is right though if EVERYONE smoked weed
    then there would be no wars or whatever
    the world would actually be better with weed!!!
    and it not like pot gets you all crazy and shit
    it just calms you down
    I smoked it, and you feel free and shit

    pots a plant, so how is it dangerous??


  • Weed Should hardly be classified as a drug, it grows in the ground..If it grows in the ground its good!

  • Haha, go Kiki!

    I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, and I would definitely toke up with her, if I had the chance. Teehee :)

  • Although she sounds a bit juvenile here ( I’m sure she’s a very jaded actress because of her upbringing as a child star), I like her edgy attitude. She’s totally going through adolescent rebellion, and this makes me feel like I’m better than her. Because I TOTALLY did that whole “smoke up it’s 420” shit through high school. And now, while I smoke occasionally ( i find it much better than having a hangover the next day), it’s almost “cute” to hear people talk about how it should be legalized, how smart people do it and how its actually good for you. It’s not good for you. Neither is alcohol, fast food, nor the sun. But it is enjoyable. Everything in moderation, folks.

  • and one more thing:
    it’s also cute that people think that the world would be better if everyone smoked weed.
    ……………. um, no.
    i know of many people who couldn’t handle their shit if they smoked weed. Humanity as a whole would probably become lazy and fat. And lots of dumb shit would occur all the time. Crazy shit.

  • Its funny how so many people that dont know a shit posts “OH MY GOD SHES RETARDED” and stuff. Get your facts right, do some sience. Weed damages your brain way less than alcohol does, and is way less addictive, In fact weed is less damaging than most legal prescripted drugs. Weed isnt really bad for you exept for echonomicly, and being as rich as she is I wouldnt say thats a problem. What Kirsten says here is absolutly correct, and in no way retarded. I’m not saying everone who wrote “shes retarded” is stupid, just get your facts right before you write something like that.

  • Its funny how so many people that dont know a shit posts “OH MY GOD SHES RETARDED” and stuff. Get your facts right, do some sience. Weed damages your brain way less than alcohol does, and is way less addictive, in fact weed is less damaging than most legal prescripted drugs. Weed isnt really bad for you exept for echonomicly, and being as rich as she is I wouldnt say thats a problem. Ofcourse you it can be bad if you do it to much, but what Is’nt? What Kirsten says here is absolutly correct, and in no way retarded. I’m not saying everone who wrote “shes retarded” is stupid, just get your facts right before you write something like that.

  • Carl Sagan’s marijuana use was directly related to his long battle with cancer. He advocated decriminalization before, mostly because he saw the “war on crime” as a waste of money that could be better spent educating our children and raising brighter, more peaceful youth of tomorrow, but it was his suffering that led him to more frequent use.
    It was so well documented and something he spoke frequently about that for her to mention it is hardly “throwing him under the bus”.
    Smoking weed hardly makes one retarded. It’s the actions one does one or off pot that warrants consideration.
    George W Bush = retarded war-monger a-hole off pot.
    Carl Sagan = genius peaceful nice-guy while stoned. GET ME SOME WEED!

  • Anonymous shut up and im talking about the frist one who has not life but call everyone ugly. your the one who is ugly

  • I’m in treatment for drug abuse including maryjane, and I totally agree with cutie Kirsten. The world would be a better place if everyone would chill out with a spliff once in a while. But she’s right- it CAN kill your creativity and make preexisting emotional pain worse if used too much. And speaking from a junkie’s pov, addiction to pot is much more insiduous and sneaky than addiction to anything else. That said, this sobriety thing is tough. I wish I could fuckin blaze right now!

  • It doesn’t matter if Kirsten Dunst posted this or not. The fact is, is that whoever did, made a point. Marijuana is overexaggerated constantly by society. It is a plant. It’s not like meth or cocaine that has to be altered by man to create the correct controlled substance. If you were to find it in the middle of nowhere and you had a smoking device on you (pipe, papers, bong etc) you could just straight up pick it, and smoke it. Right there on the spot. If anything, I think that alcohol should be illegal. I have never heard of someone getting violent from the effects of marijuana. Or getting in a huge car accident or crash because they were supposedly “Driving Under the Influence” That’s just rediculous. Cigarettes are more harmful for you body than pot. I think, that if anything, It should be legalized for medicinal purposes. I think it would be great for treating ailments such as bulimia, anorexia, anxiety, stress, depression, pain and more….There are definately more positives than negatives in this situation. And I have some news for all you people who think that America will end drugs use. There will always be drug trafficking. One way or another, there will always be those people out there who risk having a shitload of drugs in their vehicle, just for money from people who want to get high. I would have thought that America would have realized this after looking at how inneffective the prohibition was. I’m not defending drugs, just marijuana. In God we trust right? Well, Marijuana is 100% natural. Alcohol is man made. Ponder that in your brain for a minute. Maybe you’ll a lightbulb above your head.

  • I give her credit endorsing something that America considers bad…and her saying what she wants about this subject…she gives her opinion and reinforces her idea on a dry snitch/genius. That’s got to be bold to say something about a man with a true vision – whether I believe her is irrelevent. Sagan can captivate thousands of movie folks based on his writer’s ability and his philosophy about technology and people -the idea about man’s true nature and evolutionary phase (to go beyond the need to learn and understand nature and order/time mastering it will provide the means for us to disclose nature itself- disclosure I believe we’ll never actually time travel huh… It’s a personal belief of mine not to put it out there and say that you get high but isn’t that what she’s saying in essence…I just wonder if that’s her therapy, or addiction.

    NOTE:If my run-on sentence isn’t perfect I don’t care cause I don’t expect it too…nor anyone else. Ms. Dunn – we consider your still on top of your game – a natural. If that makes any sense, I give her some applause for her truth and williness to make a statement. There is her the right to speak up about her beliefs about pot even in America. clap clap clap


  • Yo, marijuana is the greatest thing to ever be discovered.
    Marijuana isn’t bad for you really. It’s about as bad as anything else, to much of anything will mess ya up. Smoking Marijuana is the worse way for your health, but there’s many other ways to “take” the plant.
    Oh yea, and fuck everyone that has a problem with smokers. It’s our god-damn choice, if your a super paranoid fuck that hasn’t even tried it and is ready to pass judgement onto someone else than…….fuck you, your nothing but a virus meant to crush peoples self esteem. And if you have tried it and don’t like it, thats your fucking opinion. You like chocolate, I like vanilla, get over it.

  • Oh yea, one more thing….weed doesn’t kill brain cells, it damages them. Which means that they naturally repair themselves. SO. Smoke a joint, sit back, have your fun being stupid, cause in the next day or two, you’ll be just as smart as before, trust me.

  • u all have never smoked a joint then it opens ur mind to see what the gov and all the rest of this fucked up world is doing to u and u just sit back and obey there rules ur all sheep bitches

  • I can’t say it better than Jack (Nov. 9th ’07) said it. So, I’m saying “ditto” times a trillion… Marijuana is misunderstood by most of America – it’s called the “gateway drug”. Come on, people – the real “gateway” drug is the ever legal, family destroying, life-ruining, evil alcohol – if we need to label things. And there is another ever legal, potentially life ruining/taking drug – tobacco – it has been said to be the most addictive substance ever. Isn’t it ironic that the two most harmful drugs known to man are legal? It’s all about the money… So let’s legalize marijuana and tax it. Farmers would have a great cash crop and the government would make a pile of money and we – the American people – wouldn’t have to worry about a budget deficit perhaps – or maybe the government could put the pot tax money into some health care program for the millions of us who don’t have it cuz we can’t afford it – or maybe they could boost the social security system – you know the system I mean – the one that I’ve paid into my whole life with the money I’ve earned from working my ass of my whole life that will be BROKE when I reach the eligible age to collect… Idk, call me crazy or retarded or whatever – it’s all so really very ridiculous…

  • you know what! I think all that pot she’s been smoking gone to her hed! She stupid! I pefer Mary Jane over her!

  • Being retarded can hamper your creativity and close you up inside. This has nothing to do with how much pot you smoke. Carl Sagan smoked weed all day…everyday. SMPeace

  • After reading these posts, it would appear many people smoke weed. The government should really take heed of how much money they waste prosecuting the relaxed stoners. Perhaps weed would help out Bush, and maybe he would make a good decision for once. Personally, I believe government should only ban drugs that are actually proven to be harmful. Perhaps local state wide initiatives would be a way to at least decriminalize it. Fact, weed is less toxic than tylenol, fact, smokings not the best for you. HOWEVER- nobody should say no to brownies. THANKS

  • america
    try sweden
    potheads here are 3x as paranoid. swedish people seem to think that weed is equivalent to crack! :S if you ever have to smoke outside its not a relaxing experience like it should be, you have to find a good hidden place or hide in a bush or something. its illegal here just to have THC in your system! prices are awfully high and its very hard to actually find weed, hash is much more common and not the nice hash, the kind of hash that is fucking hard and looks like dirt when its crumbled. if your school finds out your doing drugs they piss test you and put you in therapy, which lead to my dropping out.
    you think u guys have it bad over-there, at-least its possible for sick people to get it as medicine.

  • Maybe it’s me, but I don’t get it. Any drug whether it is alcohol, tobacco, pot, speed, cocaine or any other drug (chemical or natural) is being used today for people to escape learning how to live without trying to hide their pain, sadness, lonliness or separation from people during everyday life.

    I for one am still happy this drug is illegal. Don’t tell me it is not a drug! Just because it grows naturally on the face of the earth does not mean it is not a drug. ANY chemical change in your brain cells is caused by a drug.

    I don’t care who uses drugs, but for so many people to say “THE WORLD SHOULD ALL BE STONED AND THEN PEACE WOULD REIGN” are completely out of their minds. I highly doubt Adolph Hitler would have stopped killing so many Jews or invading other countries in his quest to conquer the world just because he was high on marijuana. If you truly believe that, let me give you a challenge… the next time you get stoned, make sure beforehand you set up a brand new bag of Tostitos Chips in a large ceramic bowl with a nice cold jar of Tostitos Salsa – and make sure you pop the lid off so you can smell all the seasonings and spices.

    After you are completely lit. Walk over to the coffee table and grab a chip, dunk that crispy corn chip in the fresh salsa jar and then bring it to your nose. Take a big sniff and make sure the complete aroma permiates your olfactory nerves (this is your nose for those of you who do not understand correct spelling and labeling of one of the 5 senses of your body). Just after your mouth starts to water for the salty, tangy flavor of that crunchy snack and your mind can imagine the flavors bursting in your mouth with all the tomatoes, garlic, onions and the perfect level of spicyness, throw it away. Do not touch that chip to your tongue, lips or teeth – just throw it away.

    If you cannot throw it away and walk away from the perfect stoner snack, imagine yourself as Hitler. Your mouth watering to taste the sweet victory and smell the blood of death at your feet as you conquer the world. You stand on the steps of the richest palace in the world and everyone is under your authority. Do you really think he will throw it all away just because he was stoned? I think not!!!

  • @Chris wow….well thought out and totally devoid of any facts. I mean wow…hitler, that’s like…totally why weed should be illegal. Sure, it’s a drug, so is freaking aspirin and coffee you silly silly person.

    You could read this: but I doubt that you will considering you already know it all…

  • Yeah!! I Love Kristen And I Really Love Weed!! C’mon world let’s smoke weed to be a better place!! (She Kills Me but i love her).

  • hey kids. listen up: kirsten dunst is a gorgeous young lady and i am a fan. i absolutely positvely l♥ve her, but yes she has to stop. but seriously, she is a human, she is a beautiful actress, and i love her in crazy/beautiful. check it out ppl. shes a beauty. you wanna gimme a shout, my hotmails cj359@live kids. lets talk.

  • weed’s very spiritual.

    if people would open their eyes…it’s a cure-all.

    headache? smoke weed.

    upset stomache? smoke weed.

    insomnia? smoke the fuckin’ weed!

    don’t hold it against people who smoke it, you dumb closed-minded assholes.

    • totally agree!!!
      i’m motivated, i’m smart and happy! i do enjoy a joint now and again, i’m a business owner-im 21 and i’m doing better than the majority of people i know older and the same age as me!! Marijauna is completey been cast in the wrong light, its brilliant-chills you, mellows the mind so your not stressed all the time, i dont care if you all blast me for saying this, its my opinion and im happy smoking it now and again, go ed’ Kirsten ;D

      • Yeah, you’re successful now…

        so the fuck what? you think your life is just gonna keep going onward and upward without any wavering? ok, then. good plan.

        jealous? um, no. successful at 18 through 35/ yeah, I was. things change – usually. don’t be such a cocky fuck.

      • You’ve obviously never smoked weed. Gotta love how worked up you get about it though, hahaha! Dont have a heart attack in the Walmart break room, man.

      • Anonymous, a fantastic slam on fletch. He’s obviously a sensitive whorebag who hates his life and is worthless overall. He could definitely use a spliffy of ganja. Then again, more open-minded people could be smoking his share.

      • How many people have died of of weed dick none so suck it how many people die off cigs hundreds and thousands a day around the world so fuck week hating fags cigs is the real drug of and ask your selves can u get lung cancer from weed no dumb bitches and if u say yes your a dumb shit read web md about weed then cigs tell me which is fucking worse

      • lmfao you fucked man .. he wasnt being cocky at all.. he simply said you can smoke pot and still have a good life and never said anything about ppl being jelous over him..
        Clearly from how pissed you got about that comment you truly are jelous haha

    • lol weed can cause headaches and stomache aches… also alters your mind a bit lolz when eva any one high drives they aways so bad it… not like to bad but like lol bad… also most people who smoke pot are “pot heads”… smokein weed not so bad but bein a pot head is cuz you 1 you spend alot of your money and time on it…. pot affects “pot heads” life in alot of different ways that dont even need to be said… but lolz me high so? who knows?

      • First of all, You type like a retard.
        Second of all, A “Pot Head”s life isn’t affected by smoking bud, It all matters on the person doing the smoking, if they decide to let it affect their lives, then thats their problem. Same with any other kind of drug. I’ve used alot of drugs over the last 10 years. And same with coke, I did coke non stop for almost 3 years, It all depends on how you let it control your life, I did coke, i worked, i kept up my house, I still hung out with friends. I did it secretivly, and still got everything done.

  • I agree w Kirsten. Not only do i think smoking weed makes you a genius, but, i also believe that its not bad for you… I, myself, am a huge pothead, and a nerd, so i know what im talking about…

      • carcinogens dont affect how you think, it just has the potential to cause cancer, try not to act like such a moron. and if youd read anything on THC and CBDs effects on tumor growth, or the statistics regarding cancers reported from smoking cannabis, youd know thats really not a common problem with weed. try to find some lung cancer patients who say they got emphazima because they smoked weed instead of tobacco.

      • you my friend are ignorant. the anti-cancerous properties found in thc counter acts with the carcinogens.


    • smoking weed does not make you smart. it damages your brain cells. it can make things more interesting though. and i also think the world would be better if weed was legal.

      • actually, marijuana does not damage your brain cells. nor has there ever been a study to show it does

      • Weed does have good and bad qualities. I enjoy smoking, but like anything else, in moderation. Many things kill brain cells, even holding your breath. Statically, marijuana is safer in many ways than alcohol. As for carcinogens, it does have more than cigarettes, but there are No known cases where weed caused cancer, ZERO! It amazes me how people who think it’s bad for you have no real understanding of the true negative and positive effects. When it was made illegal, it was based on information that was not even true; the only reason it was not reversed back to legal was because they were not sure how the effects really were, and since research now tells us, many states have begun legalizing it, and many more will come. Those with such a negative view, use your brain and do legitimate research, you will find that just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it bad. Hell almost all research shows us that it is safer than alcohol, and even has medical usage.

  • wow. “if it grows in the ground it’s good”. go eat some wild mushrooms and experience rotting from the inside out.
    i agree that pot should be decriminalized, and that for most people it can be therapeutic. but jesus christ, the whole stoner mentality f**ks it up for everyone. carl sagan was a scientist first, stoner second; not the other way around.
    america is a brainwashed, christianized, fearful, uneducated, ignorant place. unfortunately it will take a few more generations for the effects of anslinger’s propaganda to fade away, and then perhaps we can come up with some compassionate, reasonable drug legislation. our biggest problem as a country is lack of education, as evidenced by some of the dumb-ass replies left here. alcohol and cigarettes kill more people than all the illicit substances combined. go USA!

  • LEGALIZE IT!! There is nothing wrong with Marijuana…. the government is brain washing you ppl!! PPl smoke cigs and no one says anything wrong & thats is wrong, it causes CANCER!

    • ….Dont legalize it…
      im a huge pot head my self.. smoke a shit load…
      do you know Why cigarettes are legal? because the goverment has huge tax on them and makes huge bucks..
      Weed become legal they will do the excact same thing and Most likely still be illegal to home grow it because then they couldnt tax you if you dont buy it

  • i knw wat m gonna say now ill not be followed by many, but those some of u …who will truly understand what i mean…hear and imagine!…i couldn’t care less to explain…so analyze and figure it out!…trust me if u get this …life will be a breeze!

    “the real world is whr v r not at, whr v r is a channeled life formed by those who came before us, they organized and set ‘protocol’ to everything. Dont be the one living the protocol, explore new lights”

    if u get wat this meant contact:

  • I agree that the view on weed is ridiculous because if alchohol and tobacco (which are definately worse than weed in general) are legal, then weed should be legal. Her comment saying “the world would be a better place if everyone smokes weed” is retarded though. How could it possibly make the world a better place if it is a gateway drug?! A lot more people would be using other substances that are pretty bad if everybody smoked weed.

  • RETARDED??? How fucking rude, you don’t know her and a statement like that is so juvenile. The down side to pot though is the amount of tar and crap it leaves in the lungs. Most things in moderation I suppose and of course the illegal aspect of it all is the most dangerous. It should be legalized as a controlled substance like alcohol. No doubt it would be a hell of alot cheaper as well.

  • OK NOW…….

    Have ANY of you people ever smoked weed on a moderate to normal basis? Any of you? Ok then. Those of you who have know what I’m talking about. Weed alters the way you percieve things. Which in turn, will leave you to ponder and admire or stare at whatever. Like a very young child, your brain processes the new imformation, making numerous new neuron connections throughout your brain, connecting what you do know to what you just experienced. It is a great substance for artists and people trying to make a difference or solve problems in any way. Studying with weed ( just a little mind you) can help you focus more on the issue or project, given you only had a few puffs. The more the weed, the bigger the learning experience ( emotional, visual, sensational and otherwise.) And as for Kirsten being retarded (which means slow), she’s very smart. And bold for stating her true thoughts, which are true. New studies indicate that weed does not damage the lungs dangerously if used in moderation and periods of time for the lungs to heal up and become stronger. You’ll all understand eventually…..


    • I wish I had read this IMMEDIATELY after you posted you comment. The fucked up part is that some poor bastards will believe all of your crap. One tiny problem with your “study tip”….If you study stoned then you need to test while stoned. Your brain associates things and stores them differently when “enhanced” by weed. So do you only get stoned to study & test? What about when you need to use the knowledge you supposedly learned while stoned. Stay stoned all the time? Oh well, you’re probably already hooked on meth (another great drug to help you study) or heroin and laying in a gudder in a puddle of your own puke. Or dead from overdose…

      • INFORMED, you may be one the most ignorant people I’ve read on here. 1st of all, the whole thing about association (study when you are high, you must test when high) that is a complete misconception. New studies have supported previously done studies showing that some people concentrate better after smoking a small quantity, and tested sober very well. But some people respond to different stimuli. The most ignorant comment is the meth comment…you are still stuck to your school days aren’t you? Like when teachers had to tell us all that “weed is a gateway drug and will make you do others!” I find that pretty funny, since that is no different than saying alcohol or cigarettes are one. Weed being a gateway drug is an old concept based on the old school of thought, before research was done without personal opinion stuck within the results. Oh and your comments about puking and being in a gutter, yeah those drugs you mentioned could cause you to be in those situations, but weed has nothing to do with that. Have you ever had too much alcohol? That could do exactly that as well, weed, lol, not so much. It’s fine for you not to like marijuana, but you should try and not be ignorant and comment with facts and not opinions.

  • i do too. weed makes you forget about whatever stresses you out or whatever problems you have. and it makes you forget hate. weed is a good drug. i dont see how its illegal in comparison to alcohol…

  • I don’t think anyone has ever died from smoking pot:alcohol kills every day, from alcohol poisoning to dui’s_ Kirsten Dunst is very pretty.


  • I admire Carl Sagan for his work and the attributions he has made to the scientific community. I don’t feel comfortable with her name dropping him and his daughter, but I agree with what she has to say on some level.

  • ya . id just like to say …. dam right !! weed indeed . doesnt make you stupid , if you found a dumbass wasted person b4 they were dumassesw b4 they smoked . pot is illeagal but how many people smokin pot has died because of it ,, an over dose ??? never !! … now we can drink our selves to death and drive a car drunk and kill people drunks are the retards and the government cant see because they make the cash from the drugs, guns,military,cartell, must i go on ,,

  • anyone remeber the weed ads from the 80’s? The guy on the couch talking about how he smokes all the time and it doesn’t hurt him at all, and then he yells “yes, Mom, I’m going to look for a job today”

    Personal note, my bro’s a pothead, gets along fine, his ex-wife the crank whore has went to hell

  • I agree that in moderation pot can be good….as long as you dont smoke it.
    The thing I really dont agree with though is the fact that she thinks that if the world smoked it it would be a better place. I dont smoke pot and I am perfectly sane minded, but if i did i personally know i would become very paranoid after smoking any amount of it. The thing that really bugs me though is that alcohol-weed, tobacco-weed argument.
    i think that all of those leagalized drugs destroy you more than pot.
    Also if you think pot would just use up everyones money, if it was legal it wouldent. It is only so expensive because people have to go through the trouble of growing it and hideing it without anyone who is with the law truly( like the police, FBI, and the like.) So no one should smoke pot, but some should still take it.( like pot brownies….sister pulled a prank on me once [ thats how i know i get paranoid]) If marajuana IS legalized it would not mean the end of the world, it would not mean the end of our families, it would mean the pot heads out there might get a chance to become economicly stable, plus it would give some of the farmers today would finally get a leaglized job, and it would be classified as a job to the american government and many people would finally get honest pay.

    Forever not a pot head,
    well… me!

    • WHO THE HELL, I’d like to thank you. It’s very nice to hear from a person who does not use marijuana but decided to use the facts to comment on this issue. Even though I do on occasions, not smoking is better than smoking anything, but used moderately it is ok, but you are right, it would be better to take eating. Also you are right about farming, and crime reducing by making a legit product. Since the facts now show us that weed is safer than using alcohol, when weed finally is a nation-wide legal substance, which is going to happen within the next 20 years, the government should take advantage of it, and tax it. Even taxing it would make it cheaper for people than it is now. Legalized growing and distribution would create jobs, a lot of money and complete safety. No longer would people go to jail and time could be used to go after real criminals. Once again thanks for providing an intelligent non smokers thoughts.

  • She is a retard and does not know what the fuck shes talking about. America is just being all fascist like they are and controlling weed for more control. Alcohol is a much more harmful substance and the only problem with weeds is that minorities abuse it and cause disorder like with alcohol.

  • Wow, I think I love her. :) It’s true, the smartest people I know love weed. Ask most college professors :)

  • I completely agree with Kristen. Pot makes you stop and realize things that you would never have the time to think about when you are not stoned. I would say that in a way, smoking pot gives you a little bit of common sense. People that have never smoked pot in their life are not going to agree with this wall post, but thats fine. If they would quit being judgmental, maybe they could understand.

    • nooooo i know EXACTLY what you mean. like bob marley said, the herb reveals you to yourself.

  • Umm, yeah- being apathetic and lethargic- great way to exist. YEAH! Let’s all do dope daily, hourly and forget about ambition, real lives- become like the lemmings that just departed the White House. Boy howdy! Pot- the panacea for all the ails, damages, heck- just bothers us. And look what a genius Kirsten Dunst is for using it. Catch her at a soiree sometime- she’s got the most intelligent babble emanating from her gaping maw…. It’s not being judgmental to want to live with all senses alert and cogent, intact and fully ready to deal with life. Spending the time and monies and probable intellect convincing yourself that everything’s better out of the plane of reality- what a sad goal. …might as well “go with god”.

    • MARKIE MARKINSON, you are right, nothing wrong with you not wanting to smoke. I think, or at least hope that she meant that if at the appropriate time everyone smoked (like the times when you would like to have a drink or be creative). There is nothing wrong if you don’t want to smoke but many people function as good or better after smoking. It may make you less ambitious, alert or dealing less with life, if that’s the case, don’t smoke, but for many it helps. People who are anxious, or have minds that go a thousand miles an hour, such as those with ADD, it helps them be on a normal plain of existence. Maybe you are different, if so that’s great, but realize it could help others. I think she also meant that the world would be nice if everyone was chilled out and not such assholes that get worked up over an actresses comments.

  • wow, ‘who the hell?’. you think it’s fine in moderation, but no onw should smoke it? how the fuck does that make sense. and of course, if you’ve only done it once, you’ll think it makes you paranoid all the time. it does, but once you do it more often, you like it. :)

    • KENZIE420, don’t be stupid. They were on those who are for it’s side. Their point was eating is much better for you than smoking anything, and you can’t really argue with that…many things we do would be better if we didn’t do it, like eating fattening foods, it would be better to eat them in moderation. Don’t attack them, they were just saying to eat it and there would be no negative issues. All of us like smoking, but you know eating is the “healthy” way to go. :)

  • All of you saying weed is bad or kills brain cells, stop being so brainwashed. Do some research before you blatantly post lies.

    Weed does not kill brain cells
    It Does NOT cause any kind of cancer
    It IS less harmful than Tobacco and Alcohol.
    It does NOT make you lazy.

    Dont believe me? Look it up? thats what google is for.

    Dunst is correct in her statement about it.

  • guys,smoke weed is dangerous..

    someone who smoke weed lost his/her won control..and starting to do stupid things…

    for example ; if teenages use it then they can do evrything stealing for buy it and others..

    and smoke is smoke..evrybody knows that its killing people :) so it doesnt matter when you have headache and after u smoke it then ur headache goes..

  • I Think the whole world is f’d up, the U.S. government and most others for that matter. Most of the People residing in these countries are just puppets and all in all just another “number” in the eyes of who really runs things. I Truthfully think the whole worlds falling apart as “us” the regular everyday people are tricked and conned into saying and promoting things that the money hungry government and corporations need our good input for in order to be successful. With that said i would now like to provide everyone with a few words of advice, roll up the dro and get high because tomorrow could be the day that you die, weather it be financially, emotionally or literally. Another word of advice the C.I.A. are the biggest cocaine dealers around right now. Im just tired of wakin up everyday and seeing how dumb the world has become. If you got common sense you gotta feel me

  • Weed is fine, most of the people who go “FINE, BE A POTHEAD AND WASTE YUR LIFE THATS WHAT WEED DOES” are mainly people who were too scared to try it, and saw their friends and most other people having a good time smoking together.

    Some of my best childhood memories are sitting around with my friends having spliffs. Dunst is right.

  • That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, pot’s not even that decent of a high anyway….I smoked it all through high school and stopped and can honestly say looking back I don’t get what the big deal is.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. Bud is great and it won’t kill you, unlike cigarettes and alcohol. I totally agree with her. It doesn’t make any sense for it to be illegal. It was the #1 cash crop. And Reed, I love smoking too but it’s just not something a 13 yr old should do very often. Your brain is still developing and you might regret it if you keep smoking or if you don’t cut down. I’m just saying.

  • I get straight A’s (math I have an 88 but other than that all As)
    and smoke pot almost everyday.
    I write a lot of poetry and love art
    and when I’m high my poetry and art is awesome.
    Haha :)

  • Carl Sagan was a very successful astronomer, astrophysicist, and natural science scientist yet he smoked more pot than most people do in their entire lifetimes.
    Now try to tell me it makes you sit and do nothing or screws up your mind.

  • I don’t think weed is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Each to their own -shrugs-. Whatever you decide, I think the important thing is making an informed decision and face up to the consequences of your actions -good and bad.

    I smoked weed daily and heavily from being 12 until I was 18. I also took a lot of other drugs. It didn’t stop me from being ‘succesful’.

    But then, I later (years after stopping smoking weed) became a heroin addict and that didn’t stop me from being ‘succesful’ either. I graduated with a first class Degree in literature, won a full scholarship onto post grad study and wrote novel while I was actively injecting heroin. I never robbed anyone or sold sex to fund my habit and eventually I went cold turkey on my own and never touched heroin again, after years of addiction.

    People are different.

    If you’re intelligent weed won’t make you dumb and if you’re dumb weed won’t make you clever.

  • First of all, pertaining to the article. You cannot judge someone’s intellect on a single comment even if it was slightly stupid. Not that I am saying her comment was. I would not have called anyone out on their weed smoking. I hope whoever wrote this loses their eyesight, gets carpal tunnel syndrome, and gets hit by a car for making such a harsh judgment. Second, marijuana is not a drug and it does not make you stupid unless you let it. This is rare but i have seen it. I myself smoke marijuana. If you are a dumb ass than you are a dumb ass. Do not blame a plant for making one stupid. Third, how dare some of you anti-marijuana people put down pot smokers when half of you cannot even spell. Marijuana helped me through school as well. Before i started smoking i hated school with a passion and i stressed out all the time. For some people it works, for others it can affect you negatively. To each their own. So stifle it before you judge someone thinking you are better than them. I do not care if you have a negative comment about my speech, i will not return to this page to see your comment anyway. Thank you.

  • Wow, IQ 112? thats above average you bastard :-P anywho, i agree with everything you said. Your grammar is umm…. quite remarkable. More people should have your insight. SMOKE WEED!!!…. or dont…. :-D

  • @ “you are all idiots”, people that aren’t up on their facts ( marijuana or anything else) and sit on their throne and call everyone idiots are usually idiots themselves. Just sayin’…a judgmental mind is a blocked mind.