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Jesse James Was a Big Fan of The N-Word

Jesse James Step-Mom Reveals More of His Racist Past

Yesterday Jesse James’ former step mom sold him out and said that the childhood abuse Jesse spoke of in his Nightline interview was totally fictional. Today Janina James Coan further drags her ex-step son’s name through the mud by saying that Jesse’s just about as racist as they’re saying he is… or maybe a lot more.

Janina said:

“I heard him use the N word a bunch of times. I don’t know if I’d call Jesse a white supremacist or not but he’s definitely racist. He didn’t like Mexican people either. He always referred to them as wetbacks.”

Appalling if it’s true, but I have to say that I’ve been to Jesse’s restaurant in Long Beach next to West Coast Choppers (my BFF works across the street. Long Beach, what up!?!) and not only does Jesse pretty much only employ Hispanic people at his place, but they all speak very highly of him and the way he treats them. I’m not saying that I don’t believe the guy has it in him to be a racist, but I also know for a fact that he interacts with people every day that Janina is saying he supposedly dislikes.

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  • I’m not inclined to believe the step mom. She’s pissed at Jesse for calling his dad- her hubby- out on abuse, etc. It’s classic payback and paybacks aren’t always based on truth.

  • Jesse’s sister came out today and said that the step moms allegations are false. That she married their father when they were teenagers and was not a witness to it. His sister said that their father had been abusive to both of them, especially Jesse.

  • I never thought I’d go soft on Jesse but here I am defending the guy. I 100% believe him about his childhood and his sister corroborates. Stepmom has a conscience because she didn’t stop it, making her a poor witness. Let’s leave Jesse alone now, he’s hurting enough.

  • I’ve heard Chris Rock and Richard Pryor also use the n-word. I guess they’re racists, too.