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Oh, Hey Girl

Mary Kate Olsen Rocks Gaga Shoulders

I don’t know about y’all, but I love me some mother fuckin’ Olsen Twins. And I especially love that melancholy little fruitbat Mary Kate. She’s just the best, ya know? All wild but in a kind of calm way and rich and tiny! What’s not to love? Well, we haven’t seen much of The Twins lately, but Mary Kate was out in NYC today wearing what appears to be some sort of Gaga-inspired jacket with some dominatrix’s belt and some shoes that can’t be comfortable. And dare I say it? I think she put on those five pounds she needed a minute ago. She’s looking good. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any Ashley updates.

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      • It’s official: I’m in love with you. In the immortal words of Genie: “A woman loves a man who can make her laugh.” (even when you know you’re going straight to hell for laughing at what the man says because it’s so inappropriate.)

      • Oh yeah, I have no idea if you’re M/F but it doesn’t matter cuz you really are crazy hilarious.

  • Aw, come on, now. We all know MK was a fashion influence long before Gaga even knew Gaga. Calling any garment that has big shoulders “Gaga-inspired” and not “Edwardian” is a big mistake.

    • this is just what I was thinking. Now everything has to be inspired by Lady Gaga. THERE WAS FASHION BEFORE GAGA PEOPLE! I like Gaga’s music but I’m sick and tired of her ass kissing fans.