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Glee‘s Lea Michele Looked Amazingly Hot at Last Night’s 2010 Time “100 Most Influential” Gala

Love, love Lea Michele. She’s a total hit in every way. She’s cute, unassuming, talented and down-to-Earth. She seems like someone who’d be really fun to knock a few back with.

However, Lea goes way beyond “cute” in photos from last night’s 2010 Time 100 Gala held in New York City (Yeah, and I guess 2010 is the year of resurrecting and overusing the word “gala,” since “party,” “celebration,” and “event” are clearly way too déclassé for this new narrow-nosed decade).

Michele was photographed at last night’s event in a floor-length champagne-colored dress and looked way hotter than I ever imagined she could … not that we have much to compare to — she’s the nerdiest ever on Glee. Lea looked shy and unsure of herself during the photo ops but it really only added to her appeal.

All in all, yesterday was a big day for the television actress; she spoke with Ellen DeGeneres before hitting up the, uh, gala and discussed how she almost ran Bon Jovi over in Los Angeles earlier in the week:

“I was reversing on Robertson. I pulled into the intersection and realized I was too late to make a left turn, so I reversed. And my friend was like, ‘Yeah, you almost hit Jon Bon Jovi’.”

Gotta love a girl who can publicly admit to almost killing a superstar of epic proportions. And because I do love this girl, I won’t point out the fact(s) that her dress is a little too snug around the waist and long enough to pull the front part of it between her legs and wrap it around her waist like a toga. Twice.

More photos of Glee‘s lovely Lea in the gallery.

Love you, girl!

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  • “Down-to-earth”? Ha. I’ve heard story after story about her, and they all paint her as a big ole’ bitch.

    • my friend went to high school with her…she was a bitch even back then. also, how the hell does she make the influential list??

      • Can’t even give your name so yea we should take your seriously.

        Bitch move to spread rumor.

      • no, i’m not dumb enough to post my good friend’s name on a website, like this…who the hell would use their real name on here? only an idiot!

    • And there are also a lot of stories about her being nice.

      I think she is probably somewhere in between.

      But unless you have to deal with her, who cares.

  • The dress is beautiful and her figure is superb, but her face is so unattractive in my opinion.

  • She looks like Paula Abdul in that first one. But I love her. I “met” her (got her autograph at the stage door) when she was in Spring Awakening and she seemed like a sweetheart… but then again, she’s not gonna be bitchy to a crowd of people waiting for her autograph.

    • I was actually thinking that the roll was caused by poorly worn spanx! There is another out of place horizontal line above her knee.

  • It weirds me out to see her dressed like this and looking her age, I’m not sure why but i think it’s something to do with the fact that her face is so strong that it doesn’t go with such an elegant dress! Maybe it’s just that big ol’ nose!

  • How the heck did she even walk onto the red carpet? I would have faceplanted first step with a dress that long. Also, I agree with the comment above that spanx would have been a great choice for that little tummy pooch. Satin is totally unforgiving and makes every bulge look 10X bigger. If you have even the smallest fat deposit, it will show it. If you have no fat deposits, it will show your bones. The dress is gorgeous, though. I love it.
    I wish she would stop wearing her hair pin straight. She looks so much more beautiful in Glee with her hair wavy or loose. straight bangs are like a picture frame for the nose – not a good choice if you have a noticeable nose to begin with. I would know, I have to avoid having my nose look big as well.

  • Damn, ya’ll some hatin’ bitches. Let the girl get some, damn.

    “Oh, I knew someone who saw the high school she attended while on a tour and everyone just knew she was a bitch, ’cause they used brown brick on the building instead of red brick.”

    “Gawd, her nose is sooooo big, I’ll bet she has to buy carbon credits.”

    OMG, her gut looks like a German brew master’s.”

    “I’ve heard story after story about her working at a puppy mill, an abortion clinic, a pro-life clinic and as the master of an abattoir.” (look it up)

    • OMGGGGGGGGG! “abattoir” just moved up to 1,333,454,555,329,707,778,445 on the most popular search list.

  • Jealousy is not an attractive trait on anybody. You don’t even know her so stop fuckin hatin on the girl so much.
    She’s GORGEOUS!

  • If you don’t like her that is fine, but you really look the “ugly” person with these comments.

    And as far as being a bitch what a bitch move to spread rumors true or not.

    • God you Europeans are ugly and you all speak in languages that can only understood by goats and other Europeans. Without America you would all be part of Deutschland. That God the Dutch remember this day.

      • *That is Thank. Must be the 11% Belgian beer. Flame away. I stand at the ready for my proper comeuppance.

  • I’ve had two encounters with her and while a little guarded she was friendly and accommodating. She signed some autographs took a few pictures and then excused herself.

    Another times she was at a actually signing so she signed the autographs and made a little chit chat.

    Take what you will but I think the reports are exaggerated, she may do a lot of signing but she isn’t a horrible person either.

    I guess you are either going to like her or not. But I don’t understand what she possible could have done to any of you to be trashed so badly just for being there.

  • she is beautiful and SOOOO FUNNY… i love her? .i think she is super hot and she has a great voice and looks pretty in that dress

    marrie me lea’!!!!!

  • well for all that think this Beauity who can sing dance and act you have good eyes and ears BUT for all that want to cut her downlet me ask DO you have a mirror? DO you sing infront of your friends I am sure you dont that is if you have friends this young lady can do all these things she has already done it she is beauitful and has everything you dont AL