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Demi Lovato Involved in Fender Bender, is “Totally Fine”

Must have been the photos we posted yesterday of boyfriend Joe Jonas smooching it up with another lady that “drove” Lovato over the edge. I’m so sure.

Evidently, tween star Demi Lovato got up tired and on the wrong side of the bed yesterday and it ultimately resulted in a car crash that “shook” the singer/actress/girlfriend of one of the horsemen Joe Jonas.

However, Lovato claims that her bender was only minor and took to her Twitter to address the outpouring of concern from her hoards of fans, stating she was “totally fine.”

No details regarding the crash have been released, you know, like if it involved another person, car, animal or boyfriend traffic violation and reps for Lovato currently have no comment. As per normal.

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  • Wow what’s with all the hatin’ on the JoBros? So they don’t have sex (or at least say they don’t). Why does that bother so much?

  • Gawd!!!!!!!!!! Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe she’s OK.

  • I hoped someone checked her immigration status….she looks a little suspect….