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Love It Or Leave It: Kristen Stewart’s Met Gala Look

Twilight star Kristen Stewart was photographed last night at the Costume Institute Gala Benefit to commemorate the opening of “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity.” The exhibit was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC last night. Stewart was not the only notable guest; Vogue‘s Anna Wintour led the exhibition and Oprah was on hand (naturally) for her co-leading abilities. She was probably pissed that it wasn’t all about her, but hey. I’ve told Oprah numerous times she’s gotta learn to share, but my emails always go unanswered. Whatevs.

You can check out some more photos of other sweet-looking A-list celebrities in attendance at last night’s event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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  • Am i the only one who sees absolutely nothing in this wannabe?, no looks, no talent, she has nada, zip! She falls completely flat on screen.

    i’ll duck now cause the twihards will be here soon.

  • i dont really like it, sort of inappropriate for that kind of thing. but at least she is being different from all those other clones.

  • Well, at least she’s trying to wear high heels these days, which is kind of feminine…..if she could walk in them!

  • Kristen Stewart always manages to look like she just rolled out of bed. Maybe after the Twilight movies when people start to lose interest in her, she finally realize how good she had it and wonder why she was acting so miserable. She reminds me of Taylor Momsen with her snotty attitude.

    None of the pics here show the best dressed at the event. Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and Kerry Washington looked amazing.

  • She’s had someone else picking her dresses since… Twilight came out? And lately she’s been showing more skin, even a bit too much, I think. I just think it’s funny how different she looks on / off red carpet. It doesn’t fit her careless image to use all that make-up and wear designer clothes…

    I think she’s beautiful and she has a great body. But this dress… There’re too much leg, even with that… whatever that is. It’s not flattering. And she’s been wearing a lot of non-flattering dresses lately… But the make-up is flawless, as always.

  • Uglyyyyyy. Too bad the other pictures are small, because some dresses look fabulous !

  • Yea, K Stew does NOT pull off this dress. Blake Lively, J Lo, Nicole Richie, and SJP all look fabulous.

  • She is pretty enough, but I swear it has been a long time since I have seen anyone (in Hollywood or elsewhere) who is so physically awkward. She never seem comfortable in her own skin.

  • very sluttish. I like eva etc etc, she has a nice retro feminine style. It’s a little weird how Oprah turned sideways so as to show her gigantic upper arms.

  • i think the dress is nice and all but it all comes down to her POSTURE. if victoria beckham was wearing that dress i´m sure it would have looked stunning

    • An excellent point. As for the dress, it’s so ugly it’s fabulous. I love it. It pushes the envelope the way Kristen wishes she could. Too bad the dress is wearing her.

  • I’m so glad SJP got it right this time! She could’ve left that hair piece at home… but the gown is juuust gorgeous

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