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Well, It Wasn’t The Best Show, But…

Late last week I was talking up how well I thought Gabourey Sidibe’s turn at hosting SNL would go, but uh… She was just alright. This Digital Short (consistently one of the high points of the show) Cherry Battle was pretty funny, but Gabby still messed up a few of her lines. Actually, that was consistently her problem on the show. Good improvisational skills are important when you’re hosting the most fast-paced sketch show in the game.

Also a disappointment? MGMT. They weren’t exactly dropping Ke$ha-style suck bombs, but they were definitely “eh” at best.

Next up over at Saturday Night Live is Betty White with musical guest Jay-Z. There’s no question that that will make up for all this mess.

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  • Can anyone be honest? She was awful. Yeah we all wanted her to do a good job but it was beyond bad, not just alright. It’s like everyone is afraid to be truthful. She got winded in her monologue. These are things that affect the overall performance and should be noted. Also, Cherry Battle was lame. Thank god for weekend update

    • You’re right. Awful. People are saying really kind things about Gabby. And I’m bent in that direction too. She seems like a very spirited young woman with a great attitude. But this is a major entertainment show with a 35 year pedigree. She was not up to it, not even close. Gabby was off note from the opening monologue where she couldn’t even sustain a song without getting winded. Then she consistently blew her lines in every skit. It was really just the level of a high school drama club performance. (Cherry Battle was perplexingly awful.)

  • I think the poor quality of SNL as the years go on is an indicator of the lack of raw, diverse talent celebrities have these days. I can’t wait for Betty White.

    • Yeeeah, it seemed more like SNL sucking and less showing of her talent in comedy. I only watch now if I really love the celebrity on. I actually only watched this one because I was home and Molls was talking about it.

  • she fumbled a lot, but i think she did do ok considering she’s a complete amateur. gotta take that into consideration.

  • She sucked. She flubbed at least 2 lines in every skit, and had absolutely no comedic timing. Her voice was annoying and ordinary. Maybe she is a one-hit wonder.

    I watched the Kesha performance again and she was not that awful. Kanye beat her by a mile. There have been plenty of shitty acts over the years on SNL-singing live is a bitch.

    BTW-“that that” is usually frowned upon in a sentence.