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Prediction: Howard Stern Will Be Eating His Words Next Monday Morning

Gabourey Sidibe, the actress who played Precious in the Oscar-winning film Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire is set to host Saturday Night Live this weekend and after seeing these just-released promos starring Andy Samberg, I’m thinking she’s gonna tear that shit up. Seasoned pros often film these SNL spots and can barely get a giggle out of me, but all four of Gabby’s promos show that she’s got great timing and a good amount of confidence, too. What more could you ask for in an SNL host?

I’m thinking that if the show goes as well as I think it will for Gabourey, Howard Stern may have to take back all those things he said about her.

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  • What did he say? Did he say she’s not talented? No. Did he say she couldn’t be funny? No. What he said is that unless she loses the weight her career will be a flash in the pan and, not only that, but she will have a short life span. Now, I know we have had and continue to have some overweight men who are still successful. So there’ s no doubt that this is sexist. However, h’wood is a rough hood. Show business is a cut throat business. Putting Gabourey on SNL was a smart move because she’s interesting to people now. But will that interest be sustained? Can she land parts in a year from now? And as for her health, we have plenty of examples that show that Howard’s predictions about that are spot on.

  • That was hiLARious! I’m actually going to watch SNL now. For real.

    As for Stern’s comments, it’s hard to tell if he’s being hard on hollywood because THEY won’t give her parts or if he’s part of the problem. Text doesn’t convey tone but I picked up on some disgust. Saying someone is the size of a planet while simultaneously drooling over porn stars half the time just gives me that impression. So he might be saying it because HE would never give her a part because he’s grossed out.

    That being said, while she is overweight I think there are plenty of parts that she can play. The funny thing is we have ABNORMALLY THIN (aka sick) women playing “normal” people on TV everyday and no one bats an eyelash. Considering the death rate of anorexic/drugged out women (ummm…Brittany Murphy comes to mind), I don’t think we should bash on obese actors just because they’ll have a shorter life span. Come on.

  • “Howard Stern Will Be Eating His Words Next Monday Morning”

    Along with his morning dose of dick!

  • He will only be eating his words if one of the Saturday Night Live skits has the result of making her attractive.

    • So you have to be attractive in order to work as a successful actress? You must live a sad life.

      • It is a personal quirk of mine (as well as being how the world usually works). I am a writer, and it bothers me deeply when another writer (or director, etc.) deliberately chooses to make a protagonist of a story unattractive. I do not like to read books or watch television shows or movies in which the characters are unattractive. Even if I am not personally attracted to an actor, if his or her features are reasonable aesthetically pleasing or even plain, I do not mind.

        That said, an unattractive person in an occasional, supporting role does not bother me, so long as I am not meant to identify with this character.

  • the entire time i was distracted by her enormous arms…..can’t say if i thought she was funny or not.

    • My arms look like that too when compared to my body. And I have healthy BMI.

      Enough about that…Gabourey is pretty on…I was laughing out loud in the library, and it’s exam week.

  • I laughed out loud at “take off your pants”. She’s great! I would agree though that she’s going to have a difficult time finding roles in Hollywood, which is a shame because she’s so spot-on talented. I hope she takes all the success and money and uses it to start getting healthy and taking control of her body.

  • Gabourey is a very intelligent, witty, talented, really fat woman. When I watch her on television, I can’t get past her humongous distorted arms. I do like her; however, there is chubby and then there is morbidly obese. If her arms are distracting me to the point where I can’t pay attention to what she is saying, it’s a problem.

    If she doesn’t lose any weight at all, she will be typecast as the fat chick-maybe the smart fat chick, the abused fat chick, the lovestruck fat chick-but mainstream ain’t gonna happen. It’s Hollywood. If she was my next door neighbor her huge ass would still be the subject of conversation.

  • Gabourey Sidibe has offered to eat Howard Stern’s words because, well, she’s hopeful that they will be tasty.

  • Howard Stern eat his words?

    He said she was fat? She IS fat. Really, really, really fat.

    He said she will have a hard time getting parts that aren’t bit parts in the background… and we all know that’s true. Hollywood doesn’t have a lot of parts for fat female leads.

    She will work. Stern admits that. His comments out of context make it sound like she will be getting unemployment soon. However, that’s about the end of it. Stern knows how Hollywood works and that girl isn’t going to have some great leading lady career no matter how talented she may or may not be.

    So what words should he eat exactly??

    As for the promos, #3 was only funny one.

  • I wonder if all of you that thought the promos were funny. Were watching the same thing I was? Because they weren’t and neither is she. I believe you think they were funny because you think it’s politically correct to find her funny.