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Someone’s Got Thick Enough Skin to Marry Naomi Campbell? Say It Ain’t So!

Uber-diva temper-tantrum-phone-thrower Naomi Campbell has some very special news to share:

The model’s engaged! For real this time! Her current boyfriend (and Russian billionaire), Vladimir/Vladislav Doronin, pretty much confirmed what we’ve suspected for a couple years, now: the two actually are engaged. Although Campbell was photographed back in 2008 with an emerald engagement-like ring on her all-important finger, nothing had been set in stone.

Doronin spoke to recently about his relationship with the violent model and stated:

“I can’t say it took us long to decide who will be bridesmaid. We are good friends with (Russian entrepreneur) Dasha Zhukova, she is a wonderful person and talented designer. So she will be next to Naomi at our wedding.”

Doronin must dig the whole crazy-lady-undergoing-amped-up-hormone-treatments type of thing because despite her long history of braining folks with phones and other blunt objects, he’s still marrying her. Campbell’s latest assault was on an unwitting cameraman, who she took a swipe at on a recent ABC interview. After being asked whether or not she had received a “blood diamond,” she walked off the set and knocked the nearest camera over.

Hope your marriage home has unbreakable crap in it, Doronin. But fuck, you’re a billionaire. Consider your shared stuff with Naomi to be a disposable investment or whatever.

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  • Some men like bitchy women. And she’s still a gorgegous super model. A wealthy Russian might be just the guy for a gorgegous super model recovering drug addict who vents her anger from time to time.

    PS…Jacking a camerman is well played…seeing he’s holding the weapon. Hit the camera and it jams his face.

    • I thought this comment was spam for a second with all the talk of gorgeous models and wealthy Russians.

  • that marriage will NEVER happen.
    no man with balls would ever consider sharing his world FOREVER with that. she might be hot as heck in photos. her demeanor in public is abhorrent. one is forced to imagine how she must act in private

    I liked how mia farrow on TV said “my friend naomi” and went on to tell how she BRAGGED how she received a big fat diamond in the middle of the night. mia farrow is like a saint. why would she lie? naomi is a monster. all she can do is try to cover her slimy trail.

  • russian billionaires have a track record of experiencing buyer’s remorse. he’s gonna want his down-payment back.