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Well, Prince William is completely, totally not attractive anymore. I think we’ve all seen this coming for awhile. His thinning hair and crazier-by-the-day teeth have been creeping up for awhile, but now he’s gone and really done it. Homeboy’s dying his hair. And Hello! is “cheeky” enough to put that mess next to the headline “THE REAL WILLIAM”, because apparently we’re supposed to either be impressed or find this funny. I am neither, Hello! I am neither. There’s nothing cute about a semi-young man dying his hair a shade it has never been nor could it ever be and there is definitely nothing cute about it when the man is royalty. If those Windsors had any damn class they would have sent him away to a foreign country to get some really nice hair plugs.

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  • um, unless this guy dyed his hair in the last few weeks than the photo has been altered. i met this guy a few weeks ago and his hair was the usual sandy blond. and usually magazine covers are shot months before they appear on the newsstands.

  • Does Molls take time-released means pills or something? This is the son of Princess/Lady Diana! He is working with what he has and is trying a new look.
    Most Brits don’t have the best of teeth. You do realize that Prince Charles is his dad? Diana gave that entire family much needed ‘gorgeous’ looks. It’s hard for such a young man to deal with hair loss. Why should he ‘pseudo’ himself just to fit some Hollywood stereo of what makes a man ‘sexy.’ Intelligence, discretion, and common sense are really sexy and HIGHLY underrated these days. He has great eyes, definitely got those from Mum.

    • I’m thinking it’s the time-released pills. Let’s recap PoliteTia’s post (Comments from author):

      He is working with what he has…. (Fog, bad teeth, failed colonialism)

      Most Brits don’t have the best of teeth. (Well, no one saw that coming)

      You do realize that Prince Charles is his dad? (I’m still checking in

      He has great eyes, definitely got those from Mum. (Straight from the tunnel or from some transplant program?)

      Just saying……….

      • FAILED colonialism? I think it was pretty successful actually.
        English is the most spoken language in the world. Chinese is the language spoken by more people as a first language but the british made you speak english, made me speak english and have more people learning their language as a second language than any other. They still have their monarchy in many countries in the world long after other empires have crumbled and colonies have seized their independence. Why exactly are you reiterating all the other posts?

    • Actually the majority of people in Britain have good teeth, because we get free braces as kids. They just don’t glow in the dark like Americans’ do.

  • What, young men can’t dye their hair? Women do it all the time. And what does dying one’s hair have to do with being “real?” I dye my hair–does that mean I’m a fake ho? I happen to have more confidence as a redhead than a blond. Maybe Willy here feels better with dark hair. Lawd knows he can use any ego-boost he can get with people always railing on his wonky teeth and wispy hair.

    • He’s a guy, he probably doesn’t care too much about hair colour. I bet for the photoshoot they were doing his makeup and wanted to give him a different look or go for a “new, real, never seen before” vibe and just talked him into it. Or I don’t know, who cares. It’s hair dye, it’s not like he got breast implants paid for by taxpayers or had a nose job on the NHS. Lots of people dye their hair. Or maybe he had a bad breakup and wanted to wash that girl right out of his hair? I always do that when I move on from a guy.

  • Molls, everyone knows you hysterically HATE everything. You could make your writing so much more interesting if you would lighten the hell up.

    He looks hotter than ever. I can’t imagine what anyone would find wrong with him coloring his hair. Big hairy deal.

  • The dudes actually gonna look pretty good as he goes bald. He’s got a good shaped head. Unlike that balloon shaped monkey head of yours Molls.

  • I actually find hiim hoter with dark hair. And for me it’s normal for a boy to dye his hair, as it’s normal for a girl to do it.

    Don’t know why but in this picture he has somethin who reminds me Marlon Brando!

  • …no, he’s still pretty. And no mocking dyed hair… either you pick on people of both genders for dying their hair, or pick on neither. I think he looks better this way, to be honest.

  • He looks good. I think he will make a hot baldy man, And considering Charles is his dad, he’s a fucking god.

    • He really is the spitting image of his dad. Harry looks NOTHING like poppa. I have always believed Harry’s dad was Di’s personal trainer. But, it is completely sacrilegious to say that to a Brit. I would love for some sleazy tabloid show to collect discarded DNA samples (from saliva on silverware or cups, hair that has fallen out, discarded gum, etc.) from both William and Harry to see if they have the same father. I bet they don’t.

      • No, the timing of the Hewitt affair is all wrong for Harry. Besides, please don’t imagine that the Royals don’t know everything that is going on with their family at all times. If Hewitt had knocked up Diana, you can bet they would have nipped it in the bud, STAT.

      • I remember officials from the palace leaking that Harry’s DNA was being tested shortly after Di’s death. The result were never made known– from either official or unofficial sources. That makes me wonder…If Charles was the dad, they would have leaked that info.

        Plus, the nature of an affair ensures that you never really know when the couple in question were diddling. And finally, If Di slept with both her personal trainer and James Hewitt, it is highly likely she slept with other men as well; the other men were obviously more respectful and discreet than the trainer and Hewitt. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

      • Oh, and one more thing. If Harry is not Charles’ biological son, it would not be the first time in history a non-royal (through a princesses or queens affair) has been named and accepted as a prince and heir to the throne.

        Plus, let’s not forget Charles’ affair with horse face. He probably had others as well. The royals are one screwed up lot. they are forced to marry for title and position, not love.

  • Does anyone else see a slight resemblance between the prince and Jared from Subway?

    ….Just saying.

  • Remember people, it’s fine to trash celebs as long as you aren’t doing it because they’re running around covered in dead animal pelts.

  • I dye my hair (although I do try to dye it to look like it used to). I don’t feel I am lying any more than someone who whitens their teeth is lying about the color of their teeth. Or than someone who wears contacts is lying about their visual acuity. If we wanted to be completely natural, no one would cut their hair, brush their teeth, or bathe, much less wear makeup or nail polish or have facials, etc., etc. So he dyed his hair. It’s not like we don’t know it. And even if we didn’t, so what? I’m much more concerned about people lying about their behavior, motivations, and morality than anything about their appearance.

    • “If we wanted to be completely natural, no one would cut their hair, brush their teeth, or bathe, much less wear makeup or nail polish or have facials, etc., etc.”
      ^ Wow! We’re a very ugly “natural looking” species, aren’t we? LoL

      P.S.: I think Willy looks totally hot and always has!



  • You’re crazy, he looks a lot more attractive than I ever remember him looking (but I don’t remember the last time I saw him was, honestly)

  • Molls picking a perfectly nice person apart for no reason, what a surprise. Must be a day ending in “y.” This site is awesome when the good writers write GOSSIP posts. Molls’ “guess what I hate today, guys!” crap is cruel and unusual eye punishment.

  • I think he looks good here. I don’t really follow the royals at all, but I see nothing wrong with a guy dyeing his hair. Although I do think it’s more likely the magazine probably photoshopped it. I don’t think Hello is exactly the pinnacle of integrity. I’m sure it’s better than OK! magazine.

  • OMG, its *hair* people. Everyone’s hair is lighter when they’re a kid. Hair gets drabber and mousier as we age. He’s a grownup now (hard to believe). Maybe he’s been highlighting it all along and decided to go natural. As for thinning hair, you know why men lose their scalp hair? TESTOSTERONE. Thats right, the less hair you have on your head the more *masculine* you are. Bald is extremely sexy. His uncles and grandfather are bald and 100x better looking than his dorky looking father.

    And I’m with Melissa. The only things on this site more annoying than Molls are those ads over the photos. If Molls wanted to be more annoying annoying she could spell her name “MollZ”

  • I was just thinking…….

    LOOK @ the rest of the picture. The contrast…. The lighting…. The odd’s of them changing his hair colour for this picture are almost zero. A little ‘up’ in the contrast section will do that just fine. I”m blonde- and there’s been picture taken in certain lighting that made my hair look dark brown, even blackish. And with some adobe I can up the contrast and other colours and such (without changing my hair colour directly) and my hair can be just about BLACK. ALL IN THE LIGHTING FOLKS!


    Secondly: I cant stand Molls. I swear the only person I like around here is Beat. She rocks my world. But Molls- she’s that annoying little sister, the mean girl in highschool, the gum slapping, taking the beer bottle @ the party for the guys, fake valley girlish, dumb BROAD.

    GET RID OF HER BEAT! There’s only a small bunch who like her- do a POLL! I go back and forth from Perez to here. I started to like here better and skipped him back when BEAT was posting a lot. NOW…… I”m heading back to Perez. The content on here is shitty most the time, with dum dums posting and usually not being clear, and the things written wrong and the attempt at humour is embarassing. BEAT- your loved. where are you?

    • EB is such a better than site than Perez. I still go to Perez as well because he has much more volume in terms of new posts, but I prefer EB. Plus Perez readers as such dumb idiots (me and you excluded of course!)– the whole “first” stupid commentors, plus have you ever read the comments sections? Dumb ass idiots. Beet has a great forum that allows commentors to respond to each other and dialog. I really enjoy that aspect, even though Beet has her share of idiot commentors as well. Even when people argue it is still pretty much constructive (I know I haven’t always been :-)) and intelligent. Perez could never boast that about his readers.

      • I meant to say Perez readers ARE such dumb ass idiots. After 20 years of typing, I still use 2 fingers on each hand and totally suck!

      • I am in 100% agreement about the majority of Perez’s followers. The comments are insanely awful. A LOT of hate. I like here the debate and actual conversation. The different view points of commentors instead of them all just saying rude things towards the host.

        I am still kicking myself over writing BEET wrong. A thousand appologies. And I also agree that I LOVE beets posts, at least the majority and I’m sick of these other people. Half of them dont even know what they’re posting about- like the time … someone help me out, was it Wendy??? who wrote about someone and it was the wrong person? I remember opening the page and GROANING! People make mistakes… but YOUR here to give us the view on celebs etc., DONT EFF UP! And I also think that stealing news from other sites ( aka taking the tweet session off of perez and copying it here then proceeding to call him..what was it?? some kind of roast….and hating him, but stealing what he posted… HMMMMMMMMM inneresting) is just annoying. He does it too. But he never claims to be anything but scummy to an extent (when he’s in work mode). I do enjoy that MARIO is a real person and that he is only a jerky ‘mc jerk for work….something tells me it leaks into his every day life OFTEN.

        k- nuff said. BEET….. I come here because sometimes you have news that no one else seems to have. Please come back to us.

      • Beet’s posts
        but you’re here

        Anyone know how to get rid of those obnoxious gum gum ads?

  • I’m so for the poll even though I know it won’t happen, I only check back here once a week if that because Molls is just fucking irritating. Nothing personal.

    • It’s the inconsistency that drags down the site. Molls’ position on almost anything changes schizophrenically from one post to the next. For one person she oozes sympathy, for another she spews venom, what she hated yesterday she’s all “understanding” about the next day, with no rhyme or reason as far as I can tell. I love Beet posts, she has style, flair and her beliefs come through but they stay the same. Molls is all over the place, you never know what’s going to come out. I check back a lot hoping the site has gone back to the way it was when Beet did most of the writing and the posts were fun to read. Today is not that day.

  • PLEASE get rid of the stupid Jack-n-the-box ads on every photo. It is so annoying that I’m thinking of not even bothering with this site anymore.
    Oh, and I think this photo of William is fake. I doubt he did any interviews for “Hello”!

  • MissRachael – I am all for that poll.
    Lee – GREAT POST

    “I started to like here better and skipped him back when BEAT was posting a lot. NOW…… I”m heading back to Perez.”

    ^YES! I miss the days when Beet posted a ton of random shit that only she came come up with and you couldn’t find anywhere else. After Molls, this site is watered down Perez. SHE DOES STEAL ALL HER POSTS FROM HIM!!!!! And she does go back and forth between being a bitchy brat and fakely sympathetic.

    argh. I’m sorry Molls. You just suck at life.

    • Now, now Kat, that’s a bit extreme. Just because Molls doesn’t write about shit you like doesn’t mean she ‘sucks at life’. That would be like me telling you that you ‘eat shit at life’ due to your reply. Which you do.

  • i’m would love the poll.
    I think the majority of us would agree that TEB has changed, the writing and tone sucks, the ads are out of control and the content is really weak.

    I liked coming here b/c it was funny and not near as gross and mean spirited as some of the others.

    I think Molls is probably a really fun person and that her character and identity should not be attacked just because of her posts.

    That said Sasha does not seem to care that we the readers, the ones who have been here a long time think that Molls is not the best writer and and that the site is going downhill because of it.

    Either more writers should be hired or Sasha should just be honest with us if she is done with this site is handing it over to someone else.

    It would be nice to at least have an acknowledgment from her about the continual complaints.

    We could try to form some sort of plan for making her tell us what the hell is going on, like commenting on every freakin post “Save The Evil Beet!”