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Chris Martin Could Possibly be Having an Affair with Kate Bosworth




Star is reporting that Gwyneth’s husband is having an affair with Kate Bosworth.  This presents some problems because Kate is totally dating Alexander Skarsgard.  How is she finding the time to fuck all these dudes?  No wonder she’s so thin!

This story originated at Star, but now X17 has an “exclusive source” who confirms that Chris Martin has been publicly macking on Kate while playing at a benefit.  That would certainly be a Boldplay.  According to the “source”, Gwyn and Chris’ marriage is over and he’s moved on to Kate.  I don’t buy it.  I’m sure that Chris Martin was making out with some anorexic, pasty, marginally talented blonde — the one he’s married to.

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  • That would certainly be a Boldplay.
    -That is the best thing I have ever read of yours, Wendie. Props!

  • Eh, Kate Bosworth has a habit of throwing herself at men that aren’t hers. Alexander Skarsgard is still dating Evan R Wood even though Bosworth has done nothing but throw herself at him on the movie set and she did the same thing to her costar in 21 even though he had a long-term girlfriend. His name is something Sturgess.

    She needs to end the toxic relationship once and for all with he model BF and start eating.

    • My name is Adum and I repeat everything Lainey says. True, untrue, pulled out of her ass? I trust all her words, even the ones she got wrong when cutting and pasting from TMZ.

      PLEASE. No one thought Skarsgard and Wood were still dating except Lainey who has to desperately defend her ‘scoop,’ ONCE AGAIN. She’s wrong CONSTANTLY.

  • What is with that dudes stupid expression? He looks like a pedophile wiggling his penis at a minor.

  • I feel like Kate Bosworth is never relevant to pop culture unless it involves an affair with someone.

    P.S. Don’t hate on us pasty, marginally talented blondes!

  • Someone who can treat you as a king or who can spoil you like a queen, this is the great place. It’s dedicated for those sugar daddies
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  • This guy needs to go to a optometrist. He could have any poontang he wants, and he picks these two? Gwen doesn’t even shave down south.

  • Marginally talented? I beg to differ. She is an accomplished actress. What’s your talent? Gossiping about people with talent?

  • Ok…If Kate is involved with Alexander Skarsgard Why would she Fuck Chris Martin? She has he own Viking…and she doesn’t want him!? I’ll take him…My man assures me he’ll turn a blind eye :)

    Fame clearly must lower your IQ by a solid 40 points…Or maybe we’re all just too smart to be that famous?