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That ‘Huuuuuuge’ Kardashian Sister is Engaged

Kardashian and Odom at the Premier of Whiteout on Sept. 9th

Kim’s words, not mine.

Khloe Kardashian has gotten engaged to her pro-basketball playing L.A. Lakers boyfriend Lamar Odom. As far as quickie engagements go, this one’s fairly rapid- the two have only been dating for about a month.  As far as rushed wedding plans go, this one ranks right up there on the backwoods, banjo-raping, shotgun marriage level of speed.

“Khloe and Lamar want to get married before Lamar has to go away for training, and the [basketball] season starts up [this fall],” a source tells Us of Kardashian, 25, and Odom, 29, who met at a party in L.A.

“They are hoping to pull together a wedding within the next two weeks so they can get married and have time for a honeymoon,” continues the source. “They haven’t decided where they will say ‘I Do,’ but they are scouting out numerous locations, including Khloe’s family home in Calabasas, [Calif.].”

Earlier this month, Odom gushed to Us that he was “very happy” with the star of Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.

“Khloe is smart and beautiful and that is very hard to find,” he added.

I’d like to offer them my sincerest congratulations on their happy engagement.  Given the speed at which this relationship is traveling, I’ll also go ahead and offer them my sincerest condolences on the divorce.

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  • “Given the speed at which this relationship is traveling,…” should we also congratulate them on their special delivery next summer ???

  • OH MY GOODNESS!! LAMAR?!?!? i love love love love lamar odom. he is a really great basketball player and im so fantastically happy for him! but I’m not excited that it’s Khloe that he’s marrying…oh well..

  • Ohhhhh…. this has to be killing Kim. She couldn’t get Reggie to the alter after years of dating… but Khloe manage to do it in less than 6 weeks with Lamar.

    I see this as Hollywood karma.

    Kim has never been nice to those sisters of hers unless she needed to use them for something. Now both of the sisters have moved on to their own thing… and no longer have to take crap from Kim.

    Next thing you will know… Khloe will be on the cover of People. Without nary of a mention of Kim.

  • PR Scam, if not oh CHRIS (mom) must be so proud, that is if she can finish her wine or Petrone to understand what is going on. Can someone tell me why are the K sister so obsedd with black athletes, poor Kourtney stuck having a baby with that metrosexual a**hole

  • Not to be all racist and shit, but do these girls even date white guys? I am guessing that living with that fruity plastic surgery nightmare, Bruce Jenner, made them all run for the chocolate pudding instead of the vanilla.

  • I dont know about this… I wish them the best but this engagement screams impending failure or publicity stunt. I hope it is real and they go the long mile.

    And @JimmyCarter: Isn’t the oldest sister engaged/having a baby with a white guy?

  • looks like the huge one got sick of all the attention the little one was getting & decided to steal the spotlight. as long as i don’t have to hear about the other one’s pregnancy anymore, i’m happy.

  • wow, doesn’t she have awesome looking legs??!! really, I think she looks quite beautiful on that picture.