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What. A. Bitch.


You know what I’ve noticed about Kim Kardashian?  She has an adept way of saying really bitchy things in that sweet, simply little voice of hers so that you don’t readily realize just what a whorebag she’s being.  If she lived in the south, she’d be the one who follows up every verbal slam with a “bless your heart.”  For example, her most recent statement about her pregnant sister, Kourtney:

“She’s huge. She is huuuuge!  I think she’s in denial of buying maternity clothes, because she just borrows Khloe‘s clothes.”

See what I mean?  She knocked out two sisters with that little gem.  Of course, only seconds later, the backpedal.  When she said that Khloe’s clothes were “huuuuuge!” she really meant “taaaaaaaaal!”

“Khloé is going to kill me for saying that, but it’s really because Khloé is so much taller. Kourtney will take Khloé’s top and wear it as a dress…She will not buy maternity clothes. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

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  • what do you expect from a pea brained person who got so insulted to be named in the same article as a clothing line offering plus sized clothes that she had to issue a statement saying she is not plus sized. or someone who just had to post a video showing she putting on 26 waist jeans.

    i doubt kourtney is as huuggge as kim’s mouth, ego, or ass. dumb twat.

  • Ilove Kim! I really don’t thinkshe meant anything mean t all. Khloe really is a lot bigger than Kourtney and that’s just fact. I’m sure that Khloe’s clothes would be huge on Kourt pregnant or not.

    • Agreed!
      It’s just a simple fact… Khloe is … bigger.
      And I’m sure growing up with such a huge family makes it easy to rag on your sister without malicious intent.

  • Lol, this chick is nuts! How could someone publicly say such mean things about her own sisters? And she does look a lot like Jessica Alba in this picture for some reason.

    • Maybe she’s getting jealous that their show is doing so well….and that they’re getting a lot of attention for being “celebrities” in their own right.

      • Oh yea it is jealousy.

        Didn’t the new show with the sisters in Miami have killer ratings? Like the most watch show ever for E!… with the exception of the old Anna Nicole show?

        I bet that burned Kim’s ass that her lowly sisters… whom she has treated like sh*t… now have the most watched show.

        Dang you know that has to hurt. They don’t need her now… and can earn the money without her. OUCH!

        Tho… I suspect Paris Hilton gets more joy out of it than anyone. Since Paris always claimed Kim used her(Paris) fame to gain her(Kim) own. Now Kim has been kicked to the curb. Paris is over joyed. haha!

  • It’s bitchy to comment on your sister’s size in public, especially when the sister is growing for a reason.. duh. Kim seems way meaner lately and her looks are reflecting it. I used to think she was pretty and lately keep noticing in all the pictures that she’s lost the cutesy look since she split with her man. A single Kim is not attractive? Or has she suddenly lost her young gal prettiness and is growing into her adult ordinariness?

  • It’s Kim. What do you except her to say? I’d rather pick Khloe over her any day, maybe because Khloe almost seems REAL.

    • i agree. on top of that, her dead daddy was a lawyer on team OJ and helped mr. simpson get away with murder. those kids are living off blood money and they love it. SICK. they’re good for nothin’.

  • Help me out here, because I’m honestly at a loss: How did Kim Kardashian get famous?
    I know she fucked and got a golden shower from Brandy’s brother on camera, and that tape got “leaked”, so far I’m with you. But that tape shouldn’t have been more than an amateur video not warranting the attention of a “real” celebrity fuckfest.

    Was she friends with Paris Hilton, is that it? Did she appear on The Simple Life for a second, and now she’s a reality show star and fashion icon? WHAT?!


    p.s. my dad thinks kim kardashian is weird-looking and khloe is the pretty one in that family. he makes me happy.

  • First of all, who is she to be calling anyone else huge? Kourtney is PREGNANT Kim, so unless you are carrying twins around in that huge ass of yours, what’s your excuse? If Kim ever does get pregnant, she should consider herslef lucky if she can look as good as Kourtney.

    What a bitch. I bet she is really, really jealous of Kourtney. And I agree-looks like a tranny most days.