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Jude Law Knocked Someone Up And How I Grossed Myself Out


Jude Law got some chick pregnant; she’s due this fall.  Her name hasn’t come out yet and they aren’t in a relationship, so it was probably a typical Jude Law conquest accomplished by a liberal application of Stoli and English charm (though, obviously lacking a liberal application of spermicide).

I started going through the photo agencies’ Jude Law pictures of the past year, looking for this mysterious female that is now impregnated with Law’s kid.  (Obviously, I think I’m Nancy Drew.)  I did find some pictures of him with a woman, and they just had that “look”.  You know the look, the one that says “We’ve swapped body fluids.”  They looked really intimate with their arms wrapped around each other and lots of eye-gazing.  I was pretty much convinced that I’d found her, until I realized that the chick he looked so enamored with was … his sister.

And scene.

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