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Custody Settled Regarding Michael Jackson’s Children


According to TMZ, Debbie Rowe has resolved the issues regarding custody of her children with Michael Jackson.  You’ll love this — not a penny passed hands.  *coughbullshitcough*

Rowe will retain her parental rights — good move for later down the road when her bank balance gets a little low — and Katherine Jackson will be the children’s legal guardian.  As part of the agreement, Rowe requested the participation of a psychologist who will help integrate Debbie into the lives of her kids.  She will be on a visitation schedule with them, though no details on how much visitation.

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  • Wasn`t Rebbie Jackson going to be the children`s legal guardian?
    Whatever happened with that? If Katherine is involved, then Joe will inevitably be involved in raising the kids.
    Is the new psychologist going to inform the kids eventually about all the profit her mother has been making of off them?

    so many questions…

  • This is f-cking insane!!! Debbie is the last person in the world who should have anything to do with the raising of these children. She never looked at them with love or devotion – she saw dollar signs, mansions, ranches, and an easy way to make it rich. These were her eggs, but never her children. I find it amusing that everyone thinks Michael is the sick one when he was the one fighting for and loving these kids….not Debbie! She is just about par to the Octo-mom…..undeniably disguisting and opportunistic!!! I wish these children the best and brightest future available and I truly believe that Debbie will crush any chance of that ever happening for them. SAD!!!

    • Michael was a drug addict. He died prematurely because he was a drug addict and left his children orphans. He should have “fought” harder. Any other parent drugging himself up would be considered unfit. Do you think the kids didn’t notice? Why shouldn’t Debbie have any part in their lives? If Michael would have told her he was going to drug himself to death by age 50, she likely would not have had the children for him.

  • What about Blanket? This is a sad outcome for the kids. The family should have just paid Debbie off. They will either a) end up with a woman who is a stranger to them (Debbie) and be separated (because Blanket isn’t her son), or b) end up with a loving grandmother, who is too old to give her grandchildren the kind of mother they need.

    Hopefully they’ll Katherine will keep their old nanny around, to give them some structure and consistency. And what about male role models for the boys? Joe’s in Vegas, so maybe the brothers will step up and be involved in their lives.

  • Debbie knows that Katherine is 80, she’s not going to let all that money go, she will have the kid in a year or two – along with their estate – she doesn’t care about the kids but she can’t go back to the money machine anymore he’s dead and there is a limited amount of money left – hopefully the estate executors take control away from the Jackson’s and find someone who can turn the licensing into a money maker for the kids, ala Priscilla Presley who took over Elvis’ estate which was nearly bankrupt and made millions for her and her daughter. Which is how it should be not a way for Tito and Jermaine to take over and deplete as they did with their own money years ago.

    Hopefully with the death of Katherine the kids will be freed from that family once and for all. Bad juju there.

  • Michael Jackson (In God’s eternal loving care now) loved his children just like any loving father. He loved his family too. And like any family the love is unconditional. Yes, Michael certainly was troubled and imperfect, but he was also a special human being that through his gifts, love and generousity touched a lot of people in a beautiful way. I believe his family will always embrace his children and continue to love and nurtue them. As for Debbie who really knows what she feels now? I know her past behavior looks shady, but who knows what she has felt watching her children from afar. Let’s pray for them all to be able to heal and do what is best for those children.