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Mel Gibson is a Tool


At what age will Mel Gibson not be at clubs and getting into fights?  Whatever age that is, he clearly isn’t there yet.

Last night Mel was at a club with his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Gregorieva and a pap tried getting a picture of them.  He was stopped by security, but another photog friend stepped in to try and get the shot.  That’s when — what else? — Mel went batshit and ripped the dude’s shirt open.  No word on if he called the pap “sugar tits”.  Sigh.

You know, this “bad boy” personna — the trashed hotel rooms, the bar room brawls — is a rite of passage for many young thesps.  The problem is that Johnny Depp and Sean Penn did this crap in their twenties.  Mel Gibson is 53.

Expect that some sort of criminal case, not to mention the lawsuit for emotional distress, will be filed.  I wonder if Mel will ever make the connection between his alcohol consumption and the chaotic events of his life.

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  • What’s around his neck? It looks like an owl, a salt and pepper shaker, or an acorn. Whatever it is…I want one!

  • Who the f-ck cares if he ever gets his shit together – let him drink himself to death; then we’ll finally get a break from his stupidity!!!

  • This “assault” hasn’t been corroborated by ANY sources (arguably impartial or otherwise) other than the accuser. What you wrote as fact was merely one man’s allegations… which have since been debunked by both legal authorities and club employees.
    I’m aware that this isn’t a “news” site, but when you report fodder as fact it makes this all less fun, especially when one realizes how easy it is for a celebrity (whose recent dubious history undoubtedly fed into this brouhaha) in the simple act of going out in public with his pregnant girlfriend can get his life pissed on by a bunch of people with a writing mandate and scant details who can’t wait to share the “facts”.

      • I know why this site exists, thanks Mana. I have no issue with Wendie (or anyone else) sharing the story of the “assault” in the news. I just missed the part where Wendie shared that this story was simply some dude’s allegation with nothing corroborated.
        Based on all of the “resources” Wendie had to report this story as fact, she might as well just make up interesting stuff.
        Anyway, I’m looking to permanently join that little Wendie bashing chorus. Overall, I appreciate her stuff.

      • Well Wendie’s source reported it in basically the same terms (as a fact based story). So we can assume she’s going off the story she linked as her source. And the story that it linked. You should be going off on TMZ not Wendie.

    • clearly Skeelo is just another Right-wing, fundamentalist who doesn’t want anything negative said about douchebag Mel Gibson. Get the f-ck over yourself Skeelo….this is a GOSSIP website!!! If you want accurate and up-to-date News, then maybe you should be visiting a different site – cause we don’t want you here mothaf-cka!

      • Hi Reno. Nice to see you. I didn’t realize that the short bus had returned from day camp. I hope you had fun finger painting with your friends. Dubious that you didn’t realize that “accurate and up-to-date” was my main point of contention with Wendie’s post.
        To Abbi: You are correct my dear, thanks. I didn’t follow the blog reporting on a blog reporting on a blog connections fully. My diatribe at Wendie was at least somewhat misguided. My bad. I’m sure that a restless case of the “Thursdays” helped fuel my fire.

      • Skeelo is right. The police are not pursing this and witnesses state Mel did nothing of the sort. No one saw his shirt torn when he left the club. The ‘victim’ is crazy, just look at his eyes.

      • If you’re going to visit this site, you need to get used to this sort of crap. Ran the same sort of “story” about Jude Law on the “sister site”.

      • Hey Skeelo – gossip is gossip. That’s sort of the fun part about it – it may, or may not, be true!! Why, oh why, would anyone waste the energy, time, or mental capacity to do anything on behalf of Mel Gibson (i.e. setting the record straight on a gossip website)? Who cares if the post is true? He is a rotten guy and deserves to have rotten things said and written about him!!!

        P.S. – your come back at me was brilliant – I loved it!!! Thank you…it is way more fun to be called out intelligently and thoughtfully!

      • For gossip to be interesting and entertaining there has to be some semblance of truth to it. There’s no entertainment in lies, because anyone could make it up (thus, there would be no need for gossip sites .. geddit?). Therefore, people will get upset if things are posted which seem to be completely fabricated. Of course sometimes things will be made-up, and that is why people leave comments expressing their opinion. It’s all part of the gossip site, and if you come here SOLELY to read lies, than you may as well start your own site. After all, all you need is an imagination.

  • Agreed, the pap was an asshole looking for a payoff, and he will hopefully be charged with filing a false police report. The paps have turned into predators, many of them are gang members with histories of violent crimes, many of them are not even here legally, or are green carders, they are vultures and dangerous people. As much as I agree that Mel is a hypocritical tool, he’s not guilty of this but you would see how something like this could happen, they are very aggressive and someone will die because of them – it is going to happen.

    They are all scum.

  • To be fair, dude was getting into bar room brawls before he was even famous. He was casted as an extra in mad max because they thought he was just naturally that f-ed up looking–came in in next day (and had healed a bit) and found out he was a total stud. I think it’s just the way he is.

  • Also another funny thing to mention, Mel ripping a dude’s shirt open is hardly comparable to going after them and doing bodily harm with a 2×4 *coughcoughJOHNNYcoughcough*