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Kim Kardashian: Paris Jackson “Lived in the Moment” at Michael’s Memorial

Hey kids! So, I’m in NYC right now, having a blast and chasing down stories. I attended a party tonight for 3 Olives and the launch of their new bubblegum-flavored vodka. I didn’t try it, but the verdict was that it was “weird but good.” Go figure. Or just go buy a bottle.

Kim Kardashian was hosting the event, so I got a chance to speak with her. We talked about Paris Jackson’s moving speech at her father’s memorial (you can view it here) and Kim weighed in with some of her own experience. “I spoke at my father’s funeral,” she said, referring to the late Robert Kardashian, “and that was the hardest thing I had to do, and I was 22, and she’s only 11. I just thought it was really brave of her. But it was really something she wanted to do. She wasn’t scheduled to talk, but you could very much see that day that she wanted to say something to all the people. She was standing on the side saying she wanted to speak. I was so glad that I spoke at my father’s funeral, even though I was really nervous and thought I couldn’t do it, but that one opportunity to speak your mind is so important, and she lived in the moment.”

So what’s up next for Kim?

“I’m producing my own shows,” she says. “I think that’s the next step for me, getting in the background and producing. I love the whole process of making a show, creating a show and seeing it come to life. There’s a competition-type show, a reality show, there’s a few that I have in the works.”

I really wanted to show you guys what a red carpet looks like from a reporter’s perspective. These things are INSANE. So I took video of Kim & Khloe doing the carpet. The audio is relatively quiet in the video, but in person it’s just deafening screams coming from every direction yelling at every person about everything. It’s a total madhouse. Every time I see one of things things in person it just blows me away. That said, all the reporters and photographers on the carpet got along really well this time, and I met some fantastic folks from People, Star, Life & Style and E!, all of whom were covering the event as well. I made friends! And we all sat there and made fun of the celebs when we weren’t talking to them. I have found my people.

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