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I didn’t watch Michael’s memorial service, but I did have it playing on a minimized window on my computer.  So, I heard Mariah Carey sing poorly — was it because of emotion or was she just bad?.  I also heard Al Sharpton with his totally inappropriate “Wasn’t nothing strange about your daddy,” speech and did I hear some politician talking about laws or the Constitution, or something like that?  What the hell was that about?

Well, the funeral is over.  Now things can return to normal and we should only have stories to report about the battle over Michael’s estate and kids for the next eight to ten years, or so.

Above, a clip from really the most heart-rending part of the service.  Michael’s daughter, Paris made a brief statement.

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  • Also: Why is everyone wearing sunglasses? I understand that they may be crying.. But sunglasses in a theatre to make it “inconspicuous”? Geeez…

    • Don’t panic sweetheart, they’re called “tears”. They should go away just as soon as you realize that you’re a fucking cretin.

  • Still don’t know why John Mayer was there – but his performance was beautiful – as was Stevie Wonders’….and Jennifer Hudson sounded and looked fabulous, and she certainly understands loss.

    didn’t see the rest – but Brooke Shields also brought a tear to my dry eyes – damn! And I will admit that Germaine’s rendition of ‘smile’ was quite lovely – guess he can sing. But did catch Michael’s daughter and of course you could NOT keep a dry eye….but the cynical part of me thought that now the family is working overtime to repair any damage to his memory. Not that his daughters comment wasn’t completely heartfelt – I imagine having a man/child as a father might have been really wonderful (did she give him time-outs and tell him what time to go to sleep?)…but you can just see the family working overtime on damage control.

  • I watched it and it was hard to not tear up. But the end, when Paris spoke, was what opened the flood gates for me. Her emotion and words were genuine and not rehearsed. It wasn’t ‘damage control’ as Janet seemed to try and persuade her to not talk at first. Paris also led a standing ovation after Al Sharpton’s eulogy. A long ceremony for any adult, let alone a child, she really was listening and hanging on every word spoken by friends of her dad. The world watched that child’s heart break. If I could have hugged her, I would have.

  • So Michael Jackson kept his children away from the cameras all their lives… and now as soon as he’s dead, they are exposed to millions of people, crying in front of the cameras? Way to go, Jackson family, way to respect Michael’s will.

    • Prince and Paris are old enough now to make their own decisions. Janet was trying to dissuade her from speaking at first, but she obviously wanted to. Being “exposed” to millions of people? It was their father’s public memorial service; I would have thought it strange if the eldest two did not attend with the rest of their family. They can’t be kept under wraps forever — they need to live life, too.

      • Hey kept them out of the public eye because he did not want them to have to go through everything he went through when he was younger. He was a loving parent who wanted the best for his children and wanted to protect them. It took a lot of courage and heart for his little girl to get up on that stage in front of everyone and tell her daddy how much she loves him. It was her final goodbye to him.

      • I’m with mireee and em here. While I didn’t respect the man, I thought keeping his kids out of the spotlight was one of the few good decisions he made. And I thought it was creepy how everyone kept petting her. Show support? Absolutely! But some of it looked like “omg, if I don’t touch her I won’t look right.” I feel sorry for these children because they lost their dad, and because they now belong to the rest of the Jacksons.

      • ‘Old enough to make their own decisions’? They are 12 FFS – still kids. Sometimes we still have to take decisions for kids. I am not saying they shouldn’t attend, I am just saying Paris shouldn’t have spoken in front of gazillions of people through every TV channel in this world. Their relatives were not really sensible IMO.

      • Does anyone else think it was a little weird how all of the older generation Jackson siblings were all over Paris a bit during her speech. Granted, support was needed, but at every moment they were all touching the mike, touching her (not in a weird way). She looks he needed a little space- thats all. peace.

      • uhhh lets see the mike was too high for her to speak???
        gosh people will pick out the tinest things to start something i swear….

  • My heart goes out to Micheal’s three kids. I imagine having him as a father would’ve been something truly out-of-the-ordinary. Oddly, it brought a smile to my face to see the entire Jackson family up on that stage at once. From what the media has showcased, it seems the Jacksons all went their separate ways as time evolved. Weird how one person’s passing can reunite people together. Though I’m not holding my breath for a Jackson variety show anytime soon…wherever Micheal is, I think he’s a little more at peace.

    R.I.P. to every loved one we’ve lost. Love you dad.

  • I felt wrong watching the whole spectacle. After two minutes I just stopped.

    I think it’s kinda sad that a moment like that is now just more digital white noise. Seems wrong somehow. Shouldn’t the children be allowed to grieve in privacy and not splashed all over youtube, CNN, and gossip sites?

    Or is the argument that MJ belonged to the world more important than his family? Some who are applauding this video are the same ones who rail against Jon and Kate. To me the line is nonexistent.

  • Fuck Wendie, if you didn’t watch it then don’t report on it. Reading your posts make me long for more Beet.

    • um…who cares? this ain’t a news site. bloggers can voice opinions about whatever the hell they want, HOWever the hell they want. i don’t understand the people who whine in the comment sections about how much they love beet and how much they’re sick of “the other writers”. get off their fuckin’ nutsacks, man. they’re all just doin’ their jobs.

  • I just came back from the memorial and it was very touching. No matter what he will be remembered for the outstanding entertainer he was and the music he left us. It’s just sad how everyone is critical and he is gone.

      • Oh, the irony. Someone called “Donkey Punch” dogging on someone else’s sexual deviancy?

        (BTW I believe that MJ was innocent)

      • I’ve never been a Michael Jackson fan, and I’m appalled at the overkill with the coverage by the cable “news” networks. (So glad Rachel Maddow is back from vacation today.)

        But I just don’t believe that he was really a pedophile. I think he did things that are outside of the norm – like sleeping in the same bed with children – but that alone doesn’t make him a pedophile. I really don’t believe it went further than that. And the jury members who had to listen to all of the evidence agreed.

  • The saddest part for me was when his beautiful daughter spoke, and I cried like a baby..some people tend to forget that those 3 innocent children just lost thier sad:(

    • umm, their father? not genetically their father. and so sad? nope. those kids get 40% of his estate till the end of time. they just won the freaking lotto.

      • Wow, you are truly one fine example of basic human decency, aren’t you?

        Jackson raised those kids from birth. In my world, the people who care for you and raise you are considered your parents.

        To say such hateful things about three young children whose FATHER (whether biological or not) just DIED is absolutely appalling. I’m glad that, for you, money would compensate for the loss of a parent at a young age. But for people who are actually capable of feeling love, no amount of money can ease such a devastating loss.

        Sometimes you have to look beyond yourself (I know, that’s hard when you’re so self-centered). No matter what you thought about the man personally, or what you think about the spectacle being made of his death…the fact remains that three children lost their father. And when children lose a parent, it’s heartbreaking.

  • I didn’t watch it & didn”t really care too but clicked on the clip anyways & SHIT!!! that was soo sad. I actually teared up. And I would hardly call myself a fan.

  • I hope all the family and friends give a lot of love, care and attention to these three kids
    My dad got sick when I was 8 and died when I was barely 13
    I can relate to all this, without the superstar burden
    I know how lost she feels
    Now I have three kids myself and I think no child should ever feel as lost as these do

  • I seem to be heartless. I wasn’t driven to tears by this, perhaps it’s because I’m dead on the inside. I’m glad Janet seems to be handling the kids. I love Janet and I know she’ll keep them away from Joe.

    Loved your post Wendie! Don’t listen to the haters.

  • Wait, so it was *inappropriate* for Al Sharpton to tell MJ’s kids that their dad wasn’t strange. I mean, I know we all have our opinions about it, but those kids probably have to deal with the nonstop “He was a freak!” chorus about the one and only father they’ve ever had. I thought it was nice to offer them some comfort.

    • I agree. Nothing Al Sharpton said was inappropriate. I respect your opinion Wendie, but I enjoyed his eulogy.

    • It was inappropriate because it was not the forum to discuss his reputation and just because he said it doesn’t mean it’s so. Those kids lived it. They watched their father self-destruct.

      • I will have to respectfully disagree with you. Any forum is the appropriate one to tell young children “Despite what the world knows him as, YOU know your daddy.” And we can’t assign feelings to those kids. What we read as strange may very well have been their absolutely normal.

  • I was trying to hold it together the whole time and as soon as I heard Paris talk I just started hysterically crying. Soo sad.

  • Now my comment below may sound a little racist but it isn’t meant to be. It really is a comment about how people are mindlessly praising MJ when they should be cheering the death of a sick and evil person.

    Anyone watch the BET coverage? It was pretty offensive as they kept referring to how “we” (and they would pause each time to explain that they meant black people) absolutely loved MJ and that he was an iconic black man that belonged to black people.

    I am sorry but not only was he a pedophile but he hated the fact that he was black. He bleached his skin white, he married 2 white women, and purchased white kids from a laboratory.

    Show me anything that proves MJ was proud of being black. I dare you.

    Once again a prime example of how people are morons and why democracy is a huge failure.

    • That’s the same argument Bill O’Reilly made tonight on his big bad evil show this very night….you know the guy that’s on that “evil” Fox News Channel. You took the words right out of his mouth, and of all people to do so on this very site.

    • Donkey Puntz, you’re the only moron in this forum today. You are a walking contradiction. AND the most predictable prick.

    • Anything that proves MJ was proud of being black:
      1. Millions donated to United Negro College Fund (over 500 people educated on the scholarships his gifts supplied)
      2. Constantly surrounding himself with African-Americans in his artistry, music collaborations, videos (in which, excluding Lisa Marie, ALL the love interests were beautiful black children)
      3. Millions donated to end hunger in Africa
      4. His declaration to Oprah in her exclusive that he was a black man and very proud to be a black man and that it was hurtful to always be accused of hating his blackness.

      But you only asked for one thing. But you know, I find it interesting that it’s a huge chorus of non-black people asking for MJ’s black bonafides and credentials.

      Let me ask you this: Why are white people allowed to deify Elvis even though he was a drug addict, a statutory rapist, and a good ol’ regular rapist? Where is this outpouring of concern for his fans?

      • And by beautiful black children I, of course, meant beautiful black *women*. And, for the record, I don’t believe MJ was a pedophile.

      • Yep. It tells that I’ve given the allegations a lot of thought and considered the possibility. I freely admit that. But, I still find, just as a jury did, that there is also compelling evidence that they are not. After thousands of hours and millions of dollars and 10 YEARS of searching for any shred of evidence to convict him, he was acquitted.

      • I love you ill79. Put very while, why are non-black people so bent on proving MJs “blackness”?

        And don’t forget, Elvis stole his music.

    • Donkey Punch, we are all used to your stupidity. Yes you hate MJ even though you have evidently never looked at the details of the case, he was clearly innocent. Im also used to you feeling so oppressed over the intense racism that white people are subjected to by minorities. Now you can’t stand democracy. WOW. I guess we can only hope that you become our benevolent dictator and rescue us from our ignorance.

      • I second that! It would be great if this site allowed for us to block posts of people because he’d be the first one on my list…

    • I don’t know if MJ hated the fact he was black or not. Just because he married 2 white women is hardly enough proof to say such a thing.

      However, I FULLY agree with Donkey about MJ being a pedophile. Fine fine, people don’t wanna use the term pedophile. Okay, seriously. If a man came up to you and said they were sleeping in the same bed as your child, YOU wouldn’t think there was something wrong with that? A pedophile is someone sexually attracted to children.

      I’m not happy he died…or well, sad. I’m indifferent. I don’t think people should be killing themselves over someone so twisted. He produced great music and that was that. He made good music, yeah, but that shouldn’t negate the fact that he’s a scumbag.

      I’d say it shows that America is a cesspool of a society with horrendous taste in pop culture and no ability to decipher what’s important news and what isn’t, but reality TV has already proven that. People die every fucking day all the time. People died while I was writing this. There won’t be one billion people tuning into their viewing. If it were an impactful world leader or something, that’s different, but it was just some twisted individual.

      Also, $3 million taxpayer dollars went to his public memorial services.

      I thought we were in a recession.

      • I don’t believe he was SEXUALLY attracted to children. I don’t really believe he was SEXUALLY attracted to anyone. I believe he preferred the company of children as, for some reason, he could just not let go of what he considered his lost childhood. Someone that genuinely enjoys sleepovers with kids and enjoys amusement parks so much that they turn their home into one, not to mention spends time hanging out with a monkey – I don’t know, I really feel he just felt like he WAS a kid. Now, if they recover his computer and find a load of kiddy porn on there, I’ll eat my hat but I really doubt it.

  • @Al Sharpton: There was a lot strange about their “daddy”. Perhaps CPS should be making a welfare check at the Sharpton’s if he thinks anything that went on with MJ wasn’t strange.

    God he was just musician that went out due to drug abuse. All this gnashing of teeth and renting of garments is just plain creepy, especially when you consider he was pretty much a white woman by the time he was put to sleep.

    • Yes, yes, GAWD yes.

      I’m mean I get it, he was a legacy, musical genius, yada yada.
      But the world has gone mad with this overkill….perhaps a little drunk on Jesus Juice?

      What-ever, he sang, he wrote songs, and he danced…now he’s dead. There has been several other celebrities that died recently that have no allegations of being a pedophile or inappropriate relationships w/ young boys.
      Where the heck are their stadium memorials held worldwide??

      I do feel sorry for those poor white children he bought…what chance do they have at becoming well-adjusted normal adults who are able to interact w/ humans and contribute to society?

      • Yes… neglect to mention the fact that he donated to more charities than any other musical artist PERIOD… neglect to mention that he broke MANY race barriers especially the one present on MTV in the 80s (they didnt play black artists until MJ). Neglect to mention that he was LOVED by MILLIONS, maybe billions of people WORLDWIDE! No other celebrity will ever measure up to what Michael Jackson was and still is.

        Michael Jackson was NEVER convicted for molesting a child… so please drop it. False accusations shouldn’t constantly be mentioned when it comes to a person’s legacy. If you dont like Michael Jackson, fine but dont continue to bash him with something that was never proven to be true.

  • MJ was an extremely troubled person. Let us memorialize him, yes, but put on a pedestal, absolutely not. He was NOT a good father. Good fathers have jobs, don’t do drugs, go bankrupt, move from rental to rental, etc.. ( or at least not all at once). His kids were not biologically his or possibly even the mother we think. How is this fair to them? He was a mess… and basically many people enabled him for too long, and too late…

  • That was brutal. It was mean. Oh my God. That girl must be going through hell right now, it was obvious that she couldn’t speak. Putting her on stage was something brutal. She just kept looking down, but the family kept putting the mic closer and closer to her. It’s horrible.

    • Actually, just before the clip starts, someone says, “Paris wants to say something.” Janet asks if she’s sure and she takes the mic. I spoke at my dad’s funeral. I was a little older than Paris, but I’ve always been grateful for the opportunity, even though it was SUPER hard to do.

  • Totally OTT the whole thing. Let’s move on people, there’s more important things in life.

  • I was never a big Michael Jackson fan, altho I did like a lot of his music..I also don’t believe he was a pedifile. I think he had lots of demons, and handled them the best way he could. I believe he was a very giving, and loving person..I don’t think he cared much for his father, but loved his mother. I think those 3 kids meant the world to him. Im not sure if it was Paris idea to speak or not, if it wasn’t, then shame on the family for putting her in that position.

  • I watched the whole show and I can tell these last 15 something seconds made me cry! MJ’s kids are gorgeous and deserve a good life!

  • That was sad, I hope those beautiful, beautiful children are well taken care of by whoever they end up living with..