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Survivor Winner Finally Kinda Free


Richard Hatch, better known as the idiot first season winner of Survivor who didn’t pay taxes on the million bucks he won, has been released from federal prison.

He was sentenced to four years and three months in January 2006 and spent last spring trying to get sprung early.  He didn’t win that motion but ended up surviving (you had to know I couldn’t resist that).  He will now be at a halfway house until October.  Really? A halfway house for tax evasion?

Even in the land of Hollywood, I believe there is some valuable lesson to be taken from all the dramz.  What is the lesson here?  Pay your taxes.  And definitely pay your taxes when you win a heap of cash on a high-profile reality show.

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  • This man has the classic charater of a person who would sell their soul to the Devil to make a buck. He was a great fit for a reality show that displayed people’s greed over their quality of character. I hope he gets his soul back and allows his heart to get a little larger. Compassion would be a new feeling he could experience as well.