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Richard Hatch Wants Outta Prison


Ohhhh, that crazy Richard Hatch. Remember him? He’s the dude who won the first Survivor, then went to jail because he didn’t pay the taxes on his winnings. And then he said he didn’t pay the taxes because he’d caught CBS producers sneaking food to some of the other contestants, and in order to keep him quiet, they offered to pay his income taxes if he won. And then they, of course, didn’t. It’s all such insanity. So Rich is in jail, and now he wants out.

Hatch, who is representing himself, filed the request Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Providence. He is now serving a four-year and three-month sentence at a prison in West Virginia.

The reality TV star argued in a 43-page memo that he should be released because he is innocent, was represented by ineffective lawyers and that a judge improperly calculated his prison sentence.

“Hatch’s portrayal on ‘Survivor’ and his media-concocted caricature as villainous and manipulative continue to unfairly bleed into legal proceedings and wield unjust influence,” Hatch said.

U.S. District Court Judge William Smith has not yet ruled on the request.

Prosecutors will respond to Hatch’s motion in the coming weeks, said Tom Connell, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office.

In October, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider Hatch’s appeal.

This man is crazy, crazy, crazy. The point is, he didn’t pay his taxes. You gotta pay your taxes. You don’t have to like it, but you have to do it. Trust me, I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna pay mine right now, and, frankly, jail sounds like a less stressful route.

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  • Key line: “Hatch, who is representing himself…” As old Honest Abe Lincoln said: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” He just needs to shut up and pretend he’s playing “Survivor – West Virginia” ;-)

  • Hmmm, so now we know what pull a reality star has compared to a movie star…
    Hatch is doing more than 4 years for taxes on 1 million dollars, Snipes MIGHT do a maximum of 3 years on taxes of more than 40 million…

    Hatch went directly to jail that included his plea for a mistrial, Snipes is partying in Dubai, Italy and Africa…

    Hey Hatch, representing yourself doesn’t look so smart now does it????

    • i was just thinking the exact same thing. i dont know if its because of their respective pull, but i do think its interesting how harsh his sentance was in comparison.

  • OK, is it just me or has Beet really been droppin the ball lately? She barely ever posts anymore! This was the only post she did yesterday. The rest were Wendie’s. Whats goin on?

  • yeah…paying taxes DOES suck, and i’m working on mine this weekend. as far as richard hatch goes, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    • The tattoo is a shark…in the All Stars version of Survivor Hatch was bitten by a shark, which he bit back and wrestled with…he brought the shark back to camp and they ate it….the shark was maybe the length of his forearm…he got the tattoo to symbolize that experience in his life….don’t ask me why I know this….I’m a little obsessed with Survivor

  • Hatch got away with smashing his kids face in the cement at 4 am in the morning after he got back from survivor. He claimed the kid lied about the bruises but they were seen by the school nurse that day.

    I mean I thought he lost if he beat up his kid.

    In my opinion Richard Hatch probably thinks he can lie and get away with anything.

  • It probably true, reported, the cameramen gave candy/powerbars to some survivors.

    I don’t see how this would have any effect on the game outcome!

    I don’t see how Rich would ever threaten to quit when he has a chance to make a lot of money! I think since Stacey sued Mark for interfering in the game, In My Opinion, I think Rich got the idea that perhaps he would use the Stacey idea of interfering in the game.

    I estimated that paying Rich’ taxes would mean Mark would have to pay the $1,000,000 winning’s plus the taxes on the money that would be used pay the taxes. Together this would amount to perhaps $1,500,000.

    Would Mark agree to be blackmailed on the island for a half million additional dollars? I would put that at billion to one chance seeing how cheap and evil Mark has been reported to be?

    A another question is why would Rich bring up in a trial that he tried to blackmailed Mark on the island? Its not as if Rich had a lawyer on the island. So I think this is the real reason Rich’s version of cheating did not come up in the trial.

    I found a video at the Paley center that was taped right after Survivor Australia in which Rich complained that he would end up with less than a million because of taxes. So he admitted that taped event after Survivor Australia he had to pay the taxes on his winnings. It right out of his mouth. He only changed his tune when he probaby spent the money.

    In any event a verbal agreement is not worth the paper it is written on. The only thing in witting are a bunch of 1099′s sent to Rich Hatch that he ignored because in his weird way of thinking he thought he deserved the money. Not only did he ignore the 1099 for the a million but a bunch of other one that he has no excuse. He just keeps trying to deflect attention away from them by always talking about the million.

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