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Bruce Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Revealed


Kim Kardashian has been flapping her gums, this time about her step-dad Bruce Jenner.  I’m sure you’ll find this practically unbelievable but twenty-five years ago, Bruce Jenner had a face-lift and nose job.  I just thought he always looked like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, but no.  His perma-shock countenance is the result of surgery gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Anyway, he had corrective surgery to undo the craziness.  Above is a picture of him before….

After the jump is the after pic.  And prepare to be blown away…


Okay, what am I missing?  Bruce showed of his modified mug in June’s issue of Life & Style.  I think Kim Kardashian summed up the change the best:  “You can hardly tell he had anything done.”

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  • Too bad Bruce drank the Hollywood kool-aid and had the plastic surgery in the first place.
    Unbelievable that he had more work done and still looks like that.

    • So true – it’s weird that people with such great good looks think that they have to improve their looks, and then they look worse! He looked so much better with the nose that God and evolution gave him – it was a handsome nose and he was a handsome man.

      All that looks different is that his double chin is gone, and sorry, but no plastic surgeon gave him that! Does he have body dysmorphic disorder, like so many of the people who can’t stop tinkering with themselves? Olympic gold can’t buy you self acceptance, I guess.

      • I agree with you 100%. He had the stereotypical California good looks when he won Olympic gold and probably got talked into having surgery by his family.

        What a shame to wind up looking like that.

        Plus he has to deal with all those idiotic Kardashians. Just more proof he’s a mental midget.

    • I’m from New Zealand and watching the Kardashians is my guilty secret! Bruce is one of my favourites as he brings a well needed touch of conservatism to the show. I agree – he was very good looking before and you wonder what made him have the surgery in the first place. I hope he is happy with the result – I do think he comes across as a nice guy.How DOES he cope with all those women??? I will keep on watching – it’s great entertainment!

  • The only thing I see different is that now is left eye looks smaller, well his right eye to him, but his left when I’m looking at him. Other then that, I can’t see the difference

  • You can all talk all the shit you want but he has achieved more in his lifetime then all of us combined! He also somehow managed to turn his sports abilities into millions upon millions of dollars w/o ever entering the NBA or NFL and has an incredibly beautiful wife! Get over yourselves – I guarantee you, that in your 50’s, you’re gonna get some word done also!

    • by marrying into this FAME WHORE FAMILY, he deserves every bit of smack we talk! it comes with the territory. and F plastic surgery. F it right in the A. as i age, i say GIMMEE DEM WRINKLES…

    • I would love to see his naturally handsome face (before the surgeries) with the normal amount of wrinkles for someone his age. I bet he WOULD HAVE still been drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!! Leave your face alone, people!!!!!!!

    • “I guarantee you, that in your 50’s, you’re gonna get some word done also!”

      What the hell, so everyone in their 50’s eventually has plastic surgery? What planet are you living on?

    • I guess there are a lot of greedy plastic surgeons. Who in the hell would give a good looking 35 year old so many procedures. He had his eyes done, and probably had a chin implant, plus the nose job and the face lifting. There may be more it was so damn drastic. I am sure many of us will have something done, lets just hope it is by the surgeon who takes care of Susan Lucci, she is about 60? and look how good she looks. And for god sakes we should not be getting face lifts at 35, and the noes jobs should be by a reputable surgeon. with tons of referances.

  • I would love to see his naturally beautiful face (before the surgery) with all the wrinkles that come from natural aging. I bet he would have still been a knock-out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gramma?!! Gramma?!! Is that you? Geesh, he looks more and more like my gramma — 76 years young!

  • I think he’s an exceptional man who’s accomplished incredible athletic accomplishments in his lifetime. Personally, he can do whatever he wants in order to allow himself to feel better about his appearance. That’s what is wonderful about living in America-we all have the freedom to choose whatever we want to do to our appearance. There will always be people who complain about something, it merely reflects how they feel about themselves on the inside.

  • I find it scary that no matter how rich you are, there are no guarantees with plastic surgery. Sometimes it looks great, sometimes you turn into a freakshow. Eventually, everyone is Hollywood is going to look the same. I must be getting used to it-even Joan Rivers doesn’t frighten me anymore.

  • I think that if the plastic surgery goes well then no one should be able to tell that you got anything done. Maybe that you just look a little more rested.
    Too often, the surgery looks like this or like that Kenny rogers scariness.

  • ya, um, am I missing something? A doctor was paid to do this? I could’ve put on bandages and charged a cool couple hundred thou for this too.

  • omg!! I just looked up pictures of him from his Olympic days and he was GORGEOUS!! Its so sad that he thought he had to do anything in the first place.

  • He used to be good looking before the first round of plastic surgery. Afterwards, I thought he looked like a pre-op drag queen in men’s clothes. Sometimes you should just leave well enough alone.

  • Bag on Bruce all you want, but you must admit she does look a lot younger with the surgery.

  • Forget the face, that’s done…what about how they posed for that after pic? Does anybody else think she should’ve moved her hand off of his man-boob?

  • He looks like he’s morphing into a freakin’ chick. Seriously, his face now looks feminine to me….oy, so NOT cool!

  • i think that he still is ugly! but without the surgeries i think he would look better for his age

  • Yeah,

    Back when he was an Olympic champion my ex-wife thought he was very handsome and now with the too-thin nose he looks effeminate and strange. Men are supposed to have broader noses than that, he looks like a woman now. I wonder if he ever looks at his old photos from back then and goes “Man, what was I thinking?!”

  • I remember Bruce Jenner as a great looking Olympic champion! He would have aged great if he let nature take its course. Men don’t really need to mess around with plastic surgery…they are lucky that way. In Bruce’s case it is all in the nose, the old one was better.

    He may have body dysmorphic disorder, which is often misunderstood to affect mostly women, however research shows that it affects men as well. If this is true and Mr. Jenner has this disorder it is very difficult for us to judge his decision to have this surgery. Like most people who have unnecessary plastic surgery, we don’t see what they see.

    Research has shown cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to be effective in treating BDD. BDD is a chronic illness and symptoms are likely to persist, or worsen, if left untreated.

    I wish him and is family well.

  • I had such a huge crush on Bruce Jenner back in 1976 and thought he was very handsome – ski nose and all. He looked just fine to me. I think that he was pressured to go under the knife after he moved to Hollywood and got into show biz. And no, he looks about the same to me. I guess they cannot add his nose back.

  • It would be interesting if he talked in more detail why he got the first round of facial surgery in his 30s. That’s the story. He was cute as heck and considered a heartthrob before. This corrective round didn’t change much other than it looks like the eyebrows are more natural.

  • Looks like Plastic Man to me, YIKES! The man was drop dead gorgeous before. I guess when he got together with the bimbos from hell, he couldn’t be happy with aging gracefully amongst all the plastic females he’s surrounded by. Whatta shame.

  • I went to high school with Bruce in Connecticut, he doesn’t look the same since the surgery. Nice guy in school, down to earth, friendly but what were you thinking Bruce ?? . Put the ski jump back on the nose, it was you ! I hear you talk on tv and it reminds me of the times I played touch football with you on saturday mornings in front of the high school. your voice remains the same, only your looks have changed. Dennis L.

  • The Bruce Jenner of long ago was one of the handsomest men, face and body.I don’t know why he had the first surgery done to begin with. We have to realize he’s much older now so he can’t look like that handsome young man. I do think this surgery gave him a softer look. I’ll take him, he’s so nice and I think he looks good for his age.I’m surprised he hasn’t aged more than he has while dealing with his 3 stepdaughters! they are enough to age anybody!!!!

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