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Peter Andre Separates From Katie Price and Jordan


Three weeks ago, Katie Price talked about how she and husband Peter Andre would be expecting a baby before the end of the year.  As it turns out, the only thing she may be getting is a delivery of divorce papers.

Peter Andre and his wife Katie Price (professionally known as Jordan) are the perfect example of British celebrities where I have no idea why they are famous.  I mean, I see articles about these two all the time but I just can’t figure out what, other than Katie’s fluctuating boob size, they are contributing to the entertainment world.  In the name of research, I read their Wikipedia pages.  It prompted my memory that there was a short-lived reality show on E!, Katie and Peter.  It chronicled all the fascinating bits of their life together.  In other words, their fame still remains a mystery to me.  They are the Mischa Barton of the U.K.

They’ve been married for a bit over four years and have two children together, one of who was spotted for a bit.  Price also has one child from a previous relationship.

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  • Peter Andre, oh I used yo have such a crush on him when I was a little girl, He is a singer who was popular in the 90’s, My favorite is Mysterious Girl.. Katie, well she’s got boobs, I mean Do you Have to do anything special to be famous when you got a rack like that? Like Pamela is Such a great actress…

  • Katie became “famous” as a model and Peter was a singer.. although no one had really heard of them until they starred in ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ a while back (which is where they fell in luurve and pretty much delivered a daily porn movie to the entirety of the UK). c:

  • They’re such famewhores. They moved to Los Angeles in January to continue filming their reality show “Katie & Peter The Next Chapter,” and there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  • Wendie, can you please use your powers to get into contact with him? I want him to ram me for at least four days so I can feel satisfied. He is so fucking hot.

  • I really hope this isn’t true ’cause I love her – I can’t help it, I’ve even read her auto-biography and she’s so damn fierce it puts Tyra to shame.
    Plus they are both SO cute with their kids. =(

  • As talentless and unnecessary as she is (well both are really) I really do feel a slight respect for her. As Squeeziee says, she is a very determined woman has managed to make a successful career from almost nothing.

    However, I did note that in their statement they asked for privacy, which is a bit rich coming from a couple who have lived their entire marriage in reality shows, magazines spreads and the like.

  • Oh my god I am devastated. I truly love Katie Price and Peter Andre, they are absolute legends. Katie is so fierce, she is raising her son Harvey and has worked LOADS. I absolutely loved them as a couple!!

    • Peter was born in London but was raised in Australia. Unfortunately, we seem to have claimed him as ours, but I’m not sure why. I think he has Australian citizenship and everything.

  • He did actually have a failed pop career before the whole Reality TV stuff, but she was just a ‘glamour model’.

  • She started off as a glamour model, made her way up write books, release perfume and beauty accessory range, raise money for charities, had her own show and wrote columns for a few magazines. Peter Andre was a one hit wonder years ago. They met on the british celebrity version of survivor.

    just because they didn’t crack america, everyone hates them. do you hate david beckham? u2? thought not

  • Why is it mostly everyone loves these vacuous entities (in the case of Ms Price, emphasis on the tittie)? And a heads up to those who believe she’s a self made woman: she’s had a great management team behind her from the get go. Everything about her is fake, including her supposed ‘business acumen’. Her books are all ghostwritten, her ‘singing’ is computer manipulated to within an inch if its life, her clothes/ beauty products have no input from her other than her signiture. SELF MADE WOMAN MY ASS!! And how anyone could ever buy into her ‘relationship’ with Pete baffles me. His gayness is visible from outer space for crying out loud.

  • GAY ANDRE kept losing Katie’s dildo up his own ass and she was sick of it. Now he is free to wear his dresses around the house.