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So Totally Back Together!


A couple of weeks back, Drew Barrymore denied any rekindling of the fire with He’s Just Not That Into You co-star Justin Long.  Please.

No man looks at a woman like that when they are just friends sharing a mutual respect of one another.  Especially when she’s wearing that ridiculous Inspector Gadget get-up.  And it’s sad because he looks totally in love over brunch yesterday and her wayward penis is never going to allow her to settle down with the Mac guy.

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  • Plus there’s that classy hickey decorating his neck. Though maybe it was just a friendly hickey – I totally give my friends hickeys instead of hugs when I see them, maybe Drew does too.

    • a thumb with hair? tehehe don’t really know what he has acted in…anything decent?
      i could totally see him playing some weird version of gumbi…(who would play the horse!)
      as for drew..she might be a great person but is annoying as hell at the same time
      watched grey gardens a few days ago (the remake) and having seen the original kinda have to give her credit for some of her acting….although pretty much everything else she has been in sucked balls
      maybe they are meant for eachother..her and her goofy b/fs but they never seem to last eh…
      off topic saw star trek today and rekindled my love of the series (beet, i understand why you were glowing in your vloggy review!)…interesting how the lost peeps got their time thing in there..but great for non trekkie people also i guess-who could not melt at kirk youngun!)…so where do they go from there? we’ve had the past and future…bloody mysterious writers!

  • My favorite part of this picture is definitely the hickey! Drew is probably all covered up so she doesn’t have to acknowledge that sad fact she is a grown woman in her 30s giving hickies to her boyfriend like a teenager. Way to stay classy!

  • I honestly don’t know what the worst part of that relationship would be for Drew; it’s a toss-up between having to be with Justin Long and having to use shitty Macs.

  • Those Mac commercials are so ridiculously idiotic and nothing more than misinformation. The problem is ignorant Mac users buy into it. After all the reason that 3/4 of them chose a Mac is because they know nothing about computers.

    • /thread

      ^That was all that my post was going to be, but I guess there’s a minimum character limit that it didn’t meet the requirements of.

  • okay, stupid question for sure.. but what happened to Ed Westwick ?
    They were kind of dating right? I missed that..