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Um, Is There Something Wrong with Katie Price’s Daughter?

Here’s Katie Price (aka Jordan) with her daughter, Princess Tiáamii, and her hubby Peter Andre (holding the baby, although not shown in this pic), leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills. They were supposedly there for a consultation on the breast reduction Jordan’s planning to get done. (It’s her second.)

But, like, is there something wrong with her kid? Look at the face. Either she’s just getting over the chicken pox (in which case, why is she out in public?) or she has the worst case of baby freckles I have ever seen in my whole life. Can someone explain this to me?

[Image via Splash]

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  • i can’t explain it past sometimes babies get weird shit like that on their faces sometimes? and like, maybe it’s me but jordan looks borderline amy winehouse-ish

  • perez reported yesterday(or the day before?) that her daughter has chicken pox. but did that stop jordan for taking her kid out shopping/reducing/whatever..nope.

  • Why would she get surgery if there’s a breast reduction pill called ALEXIA that can reduce her boobs to as small as she wants??

    Yeah, you just order it online, and then take 1 pill 3 times a day w/ water and a meal until you’re as small as you wanna be. It’s super easy. I took it for like 4 mths. and I went from a big full B to a small A. no scars, cheaper, and hellooooo, no scary surgery!! why doesn’t the girl do some research?

    ps. there’s a guy version of this too, if any guy wants to get rid of his man boobs out there. its called GYNEXIN

  • Pretty obscene really – they had that sick baby out shopping in a paparazzi storm…awww. You know she’s all itchy & feeling like total shit. Just crossed the Atlantic. Bless her little heart.

  • Perhaps there is a dubious pill that can reduce natural breasts, but only surgery or unfortunate circumstances can reduce the party balloons that Katie Price (aka Jordan) had added to her measurements.

  • Ummm, is it wrong that after reading the caption i was like “Ooooh, yes, there IS something wrong with that child”

    …and THEN i realized you were talking about chickenpox? haha… i didnt even notice the spots at first glance. oops.

  • Sorry I’m late to the party on this one but WTF is up with that poor child’s name? I just read this on a BBC site:

    “The first name was chosen because the girl was “our princess”.
    And Andre came up with the middle name by combining his mother’s name, Thea, with that of Jordan’s mother, Amy.
    “We’ve put an accent over the first A to make it more exotic and two Is at the end just to make it look a bit different,” Jordan told OK! magazine.
    Jordan also revealed that she had considered calling the girl Tinkerbell, but rejected the idea because too many celebrities had chosen it for their dogs.””

    Good thinking. So instead she chose a name that most people in their right mind wouldn’t even use for a dog. Is this girl still going to be Princess Tiamii in 50 years? Because it won’t be so cute then.

  • Alicia! Dude… I did the same exact thing. I read the caption, looked at the picture and was like, “Yup, fetal alcohol syndrome”. Now I feel like kind of a dickhead. Poor baby.

  • Forget the chicken pox, does anyone else notice that the baby has ‘Old Man Face’? She looks like a tiny 85 year old!

    I laughed about the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome comment until I realized that she does have the wide brow and flat forehead/nose that are the telltale sign of FAS. Oh dear, not so funny anymore… :(

  • All of her children have missing chromosomes, she’s got some real genetic problems with all her kids, and needs to STOP. That is one unattractive child, spots or not. Sweet Jesus.

  • Yeah, tmz was slamming her for taking that kid out shopping and lunching BEFORE her scheduled Dr. appt. for chicken pox. The pix of that poor kid on that day said it all. She felt like crap! I had chicken pox in 1st grade, and I remember feeling like crap. Okay, don’t most people in the “industrialized” world get their kids vaccinated for that now? Man, if nothing else but to ward off shingles later, not to mention all the scars that are now going to be on her face. I feel very SORRY for this girl!

  • Guys, this could be a case of the “Ugly Duckling”. She might be super fit by 18.
    Then again, what are the chances of that when her dad is Peter Andre? Get praying, kid!

  • “There Something Wrong with Katie Price’s Daughter?” – Yes, and he’s called Peter!

    Only joking Pete, you’re a dude-and-a-half. Whatever happened to Insania? I loved that tune… shit, maybe I have the pox!

  • thank you, CJ, for the explanation of their daughter’s name. I was going to say that was the thing wrong with her… I don’t know what’s worse, Princess Tiaamii or Pilot Inspektor… WTF??? Poor kids… don’t parents realize that they have to live with these f’ed up names for the rest of their lives? And children are pretty cruel because they are brutally honest. I mean, my daughter is 3 and can reduce me to tears sometimes… “Mommy, you have a huuuuuuuuuge butt”… do you know what that does to a person?

  • seriously?? the baby looks fine, it just has chicken pox and although she shouldn’t be locked away till she recovers she could do without going to the states. Jordan looks like she needs to gain some weight, she was so pretty before. Also that hair colour is bad, she should have gone back to brown not black, it’s too gothic.
    Her son junior is fine, this one is fine, i don’t think they have fas – you guys are so cruel!!

  • That poor child either is just getting over chicken pox or was too close to her mother when she was spraying her makeup on.

  • yes there is suten wrong with her daughter its called chocken poxs so leave the baby alone and go and talk about suten else

  • i think yous are all pathetick would you say that if it was ur daughter and yous slag kate of for the way she looks and thats only because us will b ugly cunts get a grip ov ya sell n find something betta 2 do thn dwn talk other people showes what sad lil life uz have look where she is and what she has 2 u aslong as shes happy and has a famiely witch she loves thats all that matters !!! uz are jst jelouse!!!!!!!!!

  • u lot just gora grow up katie and peters baby is stunnin just cos she has the chicken pox ur all omg omg …big woop if she has it every1 gets them. now leav er alone and go nd do something beter with your lives than pick on a picture of a beautiful little baby.
    p.s loves katie and peter the next chapter its awsum:D

  • Well To Be Honest You Can Say Shit About My Baby Because I Know She Is A Little Stunner And Always Will Be so Yous Can Shut Your Mouths And Get A Grip If Your Selfs If You Ever Have Kids You wont Know What They Are Gonna Turn Out Like So Shut Your Mouths Thanks For The Good Comments People.

    • Hahahahahaha!!!!!

      R u REALLY an author Katie Price?????

      Aparently NOT judging by ur grammatical errors in that last post.

      Maybe u should stop slagging people like Chantelle, saying she is an UGLY version of YOU. U already have an ugly version of u, little mini-me Princess, cos that is exactly how u looked before u got surgery.

      Btw is it true that u r a man in drag????

  • i ould Like To Write How Angry Am About You Critisizing This Lady Aout Takeing Her Out With hicken Pox My Mother took Me Out When i Had it ! And So Did Probly Most Of Youre Mus When You Had An illness ! You Would Have Bloody Complained if She Had Left Her At Home! The Lot Of Yo9u Need to Sort Youself Out !

  • erm, i think its time youz lot all got a life and
    how would you like it people publicly made fun of you?
    tbh i fink katie is gorgeous and princess is a pure STUNNER
    You can say what you like back cuz ill be like ‘what evz man’
    friggin ‘ell.
    katie dont listen to em

  • you are disgusting this is an innocent little kid how dare you i mean fair gain if you want to criticise katie price that is fair enough because although i like her she is famous and really therefore open to criticism she is thick skinned and would be able to handle it but this little girl has done nothing wrong you should be ashamed of yourselves
    i mean i would bet everything that i have that you arent any prettyer than her i think you are disgusting for basicly poking fun at a little girl that may someday have to grow up and see that you are absoluteley disgusting why dont you do something better with your time than slag off little kids your pathetic

    and you all smell

  • you are disgusting how dare you post something about an innocent little girl that is the most evil nasty thing you could do katy price may put herself in the spotlight but little princess doesnt you are so mean she has done absoluteley nothing wrong and yet you still continue to slag her off why dont you do something better with your time than poke fun at little girls you are sick there is nothing wrong with her get a life you nasty pigs and stop slagging off other peoples kids i bet if she did it to yours you wouldnt be happy

  • stupid american twats im sorry but i still hate you al for putting on these disgusting comments how dare you i bet you lot make michael jackson look like mariah carey get a life you sad bastards

  • My name is shaniqua, I was just looking though now magazine this mornining.
    I think its discusting that adults to be commenting rudely on peoples children. If you want to slew katie price, then do so, she is an adult shes able to defend herself. but attacking a child is really pathetic and cowardly. acctually is a form of child abuse. If you saw a child in the street you wouldnt shout out remarks about that child,so what gives you the right to do so with katie’s child. I have kids my self and if anyone insulted mine it would be more than words.
    Trust me! I love to see what your kids look like??? seriously, get a grip!
    shout out 2 kate and peter!!!! x

  • I am sorry but what is the world coming to?
    if you look back in history on how we treat people ie slavery, constentration camps, killing someone because of a religion, 9/11 ect
    your now slating the way a baby looks? and sharing these stupid comments on the net? an innocent baby? who is absoloutly gorgous!
    it makes me feel ill, that I live in a world with so many cruel people.
    What you should do is take all that hatrid and effort and turn it into something good that helps people and try and make this world a better place for our children or future children and future grandchildren and so on!
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder were not all going to have the same opionion, but there is not need to be nasty!

  • How low can you get? Slagging off a 1 year old baby. That’s pathetic. You lot all need to grow up and start a hobby. Losers.

  • Beet, I’m pretty sure the recent posts on this entry are due to the fact that you were mentioned in a UK glossy gossip mag, I can’t remember which one as I work in a newsagents and read them all that day :p
    The website wasn’t named but the title of this post was, these people have obviously done a bit of google searching!

  • typical fucking redneck yanks talking through their arse’s as usual,personally i think the child is a beauty and i think its well out of order for these immature little pricks to pass comment on a 1yr old who has nothing wrong with her,love to know how these people would feel if they had a child with a disability or a deformity remember what goes around comes around

  • owwww my god u people are sad the little princess is gorjus u people are evil and cruel i cant believe u guys are slatting a 1 year old get a life use are all jelous thats all, havent use got nothink better to do than slag a child off u sick twats.

  • just like to say emmaluva ur comment is discusting these are babys u are talking about u are sick in the head that was just low u sad bitch

  • What a surprise — Jordan’s “fans” are a bunch of illiterate cunts. And did Jordan really write that comment above, or was it ghostwritten like her books?

  • Uhhhh. Exsqueeze me??? But are we to believe that Jordan’s “fans” leaving all the comments above are the folks who supposedly SPEAK ENGLISH AS A FIRST LANGUAGE???

  • Jordan may well have written the above comment because the syntax and punctuation is awful. A professional writer would proof read. Then again, it could be one of her admirers masquerading as her!

  • why do the americans love critiscising the english i mean for fuck sake has anyone even bothered to tell these boneheaded cunts that if it wasnt for us the dickheads wouldnt even be here
    alright america is larger than england but lets be honest they wouldnt need half the land if they werent all such fat bastards in the first place ok i maybe just a little tiny incy wincy bit should stop stereotyping them but it really pisses me off when they start lourding it over us like they are so much better and now they are taking the piss out of our chldren look please leave this innocent little girl alone

  • leave that poor child alone you cruel and sick people she’s just a child i think she’s adorable jordan dnt listen to these sick cruel people get a life all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • she just a baby that looks a bit like jordan and bit like peter theres nothing wrong with her she just a human like all of us leave her alone shes georgous !!!!!!!!!!

  • LMFAO.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.#she aint attrractive, but shes kidna cuten in a way. ^^

  • hi Katie
    ur the best ive nearly got all ur books all about u i love ur books and everything u made out. i don’t hate u. i like u i would love to meet u. i think it was last year when u was signing books in Liverpool in whsmith and i didnt know u was there but the next day my mum told me that u was there. and i went what mum why didnt u tell me and my mum said she 4got i went so mad at her cos i wanted to meet u so much.. all my love amanda xxxxx

  • ohh my god do yous want to listen to yerselfs .. who in there right mind would even slag a baby .. get a grip fuck sake wouldnt even like to see what your babies would look like .. katie price is my best person in the whole world would love to meet her shes crazzzzy ..

  • Please get a life!!! As for Amanda who loves Jordan!! she couldnt care less if you love her or not, life to her is just one big magazine shoot/reality tv show so she can suck up more money!!

  • WOW!
    Another Michaela!
    I’ve only ever met 2 Michaela’s in my life (I’m in early teens though….)
    I’m only posting because of that. No other reason. :)
    P.S. Be happy! Life is SO much better…..
    Pass the Happy Bug on!

  • shes so cute , grow up how can people comment on a one year old, shes not ugly for a baby! just think about how shes going to change as she gets older, shes gonna turn out stunning!

  • She has beautiful blond curly hair but a squashed face. I bet she’s a spoiled brat, we’ve yet to see her smile. Always has a dummy, her mum’s probably preparing her how to hook a man, in the same way she hooked Pete. Her mum’s the ugly one, on the inside and now on the outside too. Looks like the witch she really is with that long black hair.

  • Ha, yeah the ugly brat sucks a dummy cos thats how her mum hooked a husband, by sucking him. Shes so ugly she couldn’t get a man any other way, ha.

  • Well she’s not a baby any more, just turned two years old. Has her ugliness passed with time? Hell no, her face is more screwed up, her looks have got worse not better.

  • good play on words annie, ‘retarted’ lol…yes i agree the little one has an unfortunate face but my blossom into a beauty!

  • She has a squashed nose which gives her the ugly look but hey, so what, with a mother whose main claim to fame is plastic surgery why all the fuss? Which brother had a temper tantrum and stamped his foot on her face? Quasimodo, all is forgiven.

  • Money CAN’T buy good looking kids!!! Sad but true! I’m sooo very blessed that all my kids are good looking AND look like me AND that I ain’t changed my features so much that I’m unrecognisable from my younger years!!!!!

    I’m sure her kids are all loved but knowing Katie’s reputation, a nose job and chin job r on the agenda for Princess’s Sweet 16!!!!

    How sad to have a mother that puts surgery before a happy, loving home environment. Hopefully Peter will remain a steadying influence on little Princess’s life with plenty of hugs and kisses when she’s feeling down years from now after reading all these hurtful posts about her.

  • Yoouhh Lot Soooo Sadd Essh Princess iss GAWJUSZ!!! Shesz Only One Yearsz Oldd Peoplee Groww Up Soo Imaturee Wuud u Hadd Liekdd it If SumWun Saw a Baby Pictuahh Ovv Youuh Annd Sed Eww Thisz Baby Ishh Buntageee Blah Blah Blah No Soo Aloow Beiingg Sadd !!

    Dunnt Startt a Strop Juszt Sayiinng! x

  • ok i agree that its a sick thing to make fun of an innocent baby or child, i have a 11 month old, and she is gorgeous, i dont only think that bc she is mine, but everywhere we go everyone tells me. But all children are beautiful, and they should never be made fun of.

    I would like to know who this person is though, im pretty tuned into the celebrity world and ive never heard of her. And for all the bickering of english vs americans, i resent the fact you keep calling us cunts and fat and all that shit, ya’ll have nasty teeth
    ( yeah great come back i know, but thats what you all sound like)
    i would appreciate you all not trashing anything to do with america, my husband is in the military and we are very proud to be lucky enough to be americans…thank god! Sooo piss off england..i thought all stick together.

  • I would jus like to say leave the baby alone she’s not the best luckin but she’s human 2nd I’m english but y uz beefin over BS really its dumb me personally I love americans wanna go ther (not to live ) due to the way ur government restricts medical treatment to people who have insurance I like free health care but I think its time usa n uk stop hatin on each other STANDARD

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