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Kid Rock Balks At Being Required To Work For Two Weeks Like A Common Person


Kid Rock is whining because community service isn’t going the way he thinks it should.  He was sentenced to eighty hours of community service after his Waffle House melee back in 2007.  Since then, he has done charity events for autism, AIDS and war veterans organizations and feels that those efforts should be applied towards his time.  Instead, he’s been assigned to clerical work and snow removal in his home state of Michigan.

Here’s the thing-community service is punishment.  It isn’t Club Med.  You don’t get to peruse through the services menu and ponder the benefits of giving concerts versus hosting a charity dinner party.  It’s typical celebrity entitlement.  Here’s a message to all law-breaking fame whores:  You.  Don’t.  Get.  To.  Choose.  Mkay?

Evil Beet Gossip isn’t just about fun; it’s about learning.  The lesson today?  Don’t start hurling yourself around poorly lit, roadside breakfast dives unless you’re willing to shovel.

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  • I would LOVE to see him shoveling snow. I’d make a trip to Michigan just to pummel him with snowballs while he’s “working”.

  • His sense of entitlement never ceases to amaze me. I’m so glad he has to do real work. I hope they get good video coverage of him shoveling that snow. Little bitch.

  • I’ve always hated this douchebag. Ever since he use to wear his reynold’s wrap pants with a fur coat and be white trash pimp.. still looks like white trash. what a dickwad

  • They should have put him in jail for six months, so, he could have gotten fucked in the ass every day by some three hundred pound guy named Bubba. Then we would find out how tough and bad-ass he really is.

  • Oh the woes of the upper middle class-turned-celebrity. Their hardships will never cease to tug at my heart strings, (and by ‘tug at my heart strings’, I mean ‘confirm that Kid Rock can go fuck his hat collection’).

  • Even Boy George didn’t whine about it, get over yourself asswipe. Another entitled rich kid faking “ghetto” for $$$$. Yes folks, he grew up MEGA wealthy.

  • Since when does a redneck that fights in Waffle House get too good to shovel snow and file some papers? Just because he has money and we know his name doesn’t make him any better than the drunken scum he was tussling with. The difference between him and PWT? The P.

  • Since when does a redneck that fights in Waffle House get too good to shovel snow and file some papers?


  • This so called “artist” should be put away for good while being rape with large weapons till he squeals like the pig he is. “I am the rock and roll Jesus”. what a clown.

  • Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search. :)