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Kid Rock Sentenced for Waffle House Brawl

Kid Pebble has finally been sentenced for his little ass-kicking at an Atlanta Waffle House last year.

He’ll have 12 months of probation and six hours of anger management counseling. Plus, he’s gotta do 80 hours of community service and was fined a whopping $1000.

Wow, this is sure to fix everything. I’m sure we’ll see no more trouble out of Kid Pebble in the future.

Oh, and this photo where he’s grinning? Is his mug shot. Hey, at least he didn’t have his hair and makeup done for the photo, a la Khloe Kardashian.

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  • And he doesn’t even have to try to get women. I hope he enjoyed a nice shower and shampoo when he got back to the Four Seasons. Bubbas and waffles houses never have a happy ending. I could have told him that.

  • dear kid rock,

    you suck!


    lynyrd skynyrd (the dead ones who aren’t profiting from your shitty song)