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Are We Sure Fergie Is Off The Meth?


What do you think of Fergie’s look?  She looks like a wealthy socialite.  A ninety-year-old wealthy socialite. A ninety-year-old-wealthy socialite who doesn’t know better than to wear black Spanx under a white dress.

Fergie and her cute husband Josh Duhamel attended the Vanity Fair and Krug dinner last night in West Hollywood.  Paris was there.  Can someone please stage an intervention for her spine?  The girl can hardly stand at this point .  Kim Kardashian looked unrecognizable and Keyshia Cole let everyone know that her stylist was absent on the day the “less is more” class happened.

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  • Can Keyshia Cole have her own category? I HEART HER! Have you ever watched her show “The Way it Is”? It is so good. The fact that she is a celeb and she hasnt disowned her family shows that she is a good person. I think she looks good. Better than everyone else at least.

  • Fergie looks a bit like Courtney Love on those pictures… I think she is so hot. Clove is hot, too. Maybe I should get some help

  • Err, Fergie isnt wearing her ring.

    And second, has anyone looked at her hands? They look soooo old.


  • Take a look at Paris Hilton’s man hands and feet compared to Fergie’s when they’re standing next to each other.

  • What’s with the belly-to-belly, maybe-we’re-conjoined-twins pose? God, but that looks stupid, especially when one of them is Paris looking bony and awkward in an ill-fitting ’60’s boudoir lampshade.

  • I think fergie looks adorable. And I am not a fergie fan – the best thing she ever did was inspire Alanis Morrissette to cover ‘My Humps’ in probably the most hillarious cover clip ever.

    You tube it – It is madness.