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A Little R&R

Wills is heading off in a little while for his intense special forces training, but, before he does that, he’s chilling out with Kate Middleton on vacation in the Caribbean.

These two are so unbelievably adorable. They’ve been together SIX YEARS now. Get married already!

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  • Why do they bother with all of this special, dangerous training exercises for William, he’s going to be opening super markets and Hat Day at Ascot, not fighting anywhere. It just seems ridiculous that the expense, and the people who are going to be in combat might just be getting short changed by training the future Kind of England.

  • I think it has a value in allowing the troops to see him as someone worth fighting for. Military culture is very royalist, and given that the monarch is the head of the army, it’s important to instil loyalty in the troops. One way of doing that is to ensure that the monarch has some understanding of what the fighting men and women actually do and what they have to go through.

  • Take your time William and pursue your dreams. If Kate loves you she will wait ten years. Your mom rushed in to marriage with your father and that did not turn out so well for her.
    Camellia waited two decades to get her hooves in your dad and they are still together.

  • Camilla was married and her husband died, then she and Charles went public, as both were free agents, though she is a catholic.

    Middleton and William have not been together for six years, they got it on at their second year [reportly] and seperated for a while last year.

    Middleton is unpopular due to her lazy freeloading ways, and William’s shine is beginning to fade with his special treatment and expensive training in the army.

    There is no way Kate would give up this meal ticket so yes, i see her waiting and waiting till he feels oblidged to marry her and then …. well has his own camilla?

    urghh, you americans and your love of the monachy :( crazy crazy!

  • I believe Camilla’s first husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, is still alive and kicking. He is remarried and while he is Catholic but apparently Camilla was never Catholic.

    Chuck and Cammy had to publically ask Andrew’s forgiveness before they could get hitched. That was the best thing about them getting married – they had to publically admit they had “sinned and hurt others”.

    Wouldn’t it be great if all cheaters had to do that? Imagine Getty/ Sienna: sorry we eff’d in public and humiliated you Rosetta. OR Brad/ Angelina: Sorry Jen, it wasn’t too bad was it?

    We can like the monarchy because we don’t have to pay for it anymore! ;-)

  • Does anyone not see how lucky he is to have her? Eww. Prince William looks more like his father every day. Cute left his ass a long time ago. Harry has always been hotter in my book – but I have this thing for redheads.