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Fashion Victim of the Week

Brooke Hogan I have stayed away from making fun of you this year so far but this dress was a disaster. Brooke is known for wearing too little clothing on the red carpet and even though this dress was a bit of an improvement it really did not work.

If you are going to wear a super-tight gown DO NOT make it satin. Satin should never tug and whoever fit this dress to poor Brooke should be forced to wear a pair of satin shorts for the next month. Brooke has a nice figure but this makes her took like she has a tummy.

Also Brooke darling, X-Tina called, she wants her look back.

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  • My buddy and I had been just talking about this article, she actually is always endeavouring to prove me completely wrong! I am about to show her this blog post and rub it in a little!

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